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DataSnipper is an audit management solution that helps users automate tasks and optimize the overall auditing operations within Excel. It allows employees to easily follow a single transaction step by step throughout a process and...Read more about DataSnipper

4.61 (33 reviews)

Reoon Email Verifier

One of the most accurate email validation services that cleans invalid, temporary & unsafe email addresses. Reoon can verify the most difficult email domains, including Gmail, Yahoo, Microsoft, AOL and Custom Domains with 99% accu...Read more about Reoon Email Verifier

4.94 (31 reviews)


Rivery is a cloud-based solution that provides small to large enterprises with business intelligence tools to manage and automate data pipelines. It comes with a centralized dashboard, which enables users to gain insights into bus...Read more about Rivery

5.00 (11 reviews)

DemandScience Intelligence

DemandScience Intelligence is a data intelligence platform for B2B sales and marketing teams. It is designed to help businesses identify prospects, acquire new customers, and increase revenue opportunities. DemandScience Intellige...Read more about DemandScience Intelligence

3.84 (19 reviews)


Hexomatic is a no-code, work automation platform that enables businesses to harness the internet as their own data source and leverage ready-made automations to scale time-consuming tasks. This platform allows users to scrape the ...Read more about Hexomatic

4.67 (42 reviews)


Apify offers custom end-to-end web scraping, data extraction, and web automation solutions with a tailor-made NDA and service level agreement to guarantee maximum data quality and satisfaction. Apify is trusted by more than 15,000...Read more about Apify

4.79 (97 reviews)

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Easily collect content from any website with a simple call. ZenRows handles rotating proxies, headless browsers and CAPTCHAs for you. ZenRows will bypass any anti-bot or blocking system to help you obtain the info you are looking...Read more about ZenRows

4.96 (25 reviews)

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Klippa DocHorizon

Are you ready to take your business to the next level with digital transformation? Look no further than Klippa DocHorizon - the ultimate cloud-based Intelligent Document Processing solution. Our advanced technology uses Optical Ch...Read more about Klippa DocHorizon

4.67 (18 reviews)


SyncSpider is an application-to-application integration tool designed to help eCommerce businesses grow revenue using multichannel sales automation. It helps manage stock in a centralized place, connect with eCommerce tools to syn...Read more about SyncSpider

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Nintex RPA

Foxtrot by EnableSoft is a cloud-based data entry solution developed for businesses of all sizes. It allows users to automate manual processes and data tasks. It primarily caters to users in banking, insurance, manufacturing, heal...Read more about Nintex RPA

4.68 (38 reviews)

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Autocene is a cloud-based no-code development platform that lets businesses of all sizes create and deploy applications to automate any business process, collecting data at each step of the process and providing the tools to integ...Read more about Autocene

4.86 (43 reviews)

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ElectroNeek Platform

ElectroNeek is the RPA platform made for IT Service Providers and MSPs. Build your automation business and easily with our Automation, Business and Service Hubs. Build, sell and support your client's automation projects quickly wi...Read more about ElectroNeek Platform

4.76 (21 reviews)

Learn More enables businesses from SMB to enterprise to automate website data extraction from any web page. The solution provides teams like IT, market research, data scientists, marketing, and business intelligence/competitive int...Read more about

3.63 (16 reviews)


Price2Spy is an online price monitoring and comparison tool for small to large online retailers, manufacturers, brands, and distributors from a variety of industries. The solution offers tools to monitor, track, and analyze compet...Read more about Price2Spy

4.67 (94 reviews)

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AIDA is the most advanced intelligent document process solution on the market, it makes your tasks with documents easy and affordable. It's able to learn, with a simple point and click UI, how to extract any field from any documen...Read more about AIDA

4.82 (11 reviews)