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NationBuilder is a cloud-based website, database and fundraising solution designed for nonprofits to connect with their communities and scale their organizations. It includes features to identify key supporters, turn them into don...Read more about NationBuilder


Anedot is a cloud-based solution that helps non-profit organizations manage fundraising campaigns and collect donations. The centralized platform enables users to create customizable forms and embed them into websites. Furthermore...Read more about Anedot


Qomon is a Mobilization software & mobile app for nonprofits, campaigns, political movements, unions, advocacy groups, elected officials and business-to-public organizations. Qomon is made for all organizations and every size an...Read more about Qomon

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Campaign Nucleus

Campaign Nucleus is a SaaS platform designed to be a one-stop command center for any campaign or organization. It's a comprehensive platform that provides solutions tailored specifically for political campaigns and organizations. ...Read more about Campaign Nucleus

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CiviCRM is the leading open source constituent relationship management solution built exclusively for the nonprofit / civic sector and association-based organizations. Because CiviCRM is open-source, it’s highly customizable, fre...Read more about CiviCRM

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Outbrain Amplify is a content discovery platform designed to connect marketers, publishers and consumers around the globe. It works by drawing data-driven connections between interests and actions. This native advertising platform...Read more about Outbrain

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New/Mode is a cloud-based software designed to help advocacy managers plan and organize outreach campaigns through various communication channels including emails, fax, calls, SMS and social media applications. Administrators can ...Read more about New/Mode

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PhoneBurner is an outbound dialer and call center solution that empowers agents to conduct wildly efficient yet highly personalized outreach, and engage up to 4x more contacts in live conversations. The system offers functionalit...Read more about PhoneBurner

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Tatango - Political SMS Marketing Software Political SMS marketing is the fastest & most reliable way to raise donations for political campaigns. With over 10 billion mass text messages sent, Tatango’s SMS marketing software powe...Read more about Tatango

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WildApricot is a cloud-based membership management system used by business and trade associations, chambers of commerce, nonprofits, charities, clubs and community organizations. It supports organizations from a few members to 15,...Read more about WildApricot

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Click & Pledge

Designed to offer nonprofits in any segment an affordable, effective online fundraising solution, Click & Pledge delivers online fundraising capabilities, as well as donor and event management through world leader a...Read more about Click & Pledge

Phone2Action Grassroots

Capitol Canary provides a suite of solutions for advocacy and government affairs teams. The software supports nonprofits, large associations, and Fortune 500 corporations. Capitol Canary products, including KnowWho and GovPredict,...Read more about Phone2Action Grassroots

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Trusted by grassroots organizations, ActBlue is a free online fundraising solution that utilizes a single-click payment system and customizable branded forms to create online donation pages. With ActBlue's payment system, ActBlue ...Read more about ActBlue

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i360 is a data management software designed to help political organizations, consulting agencies and commercial enterprises leverage artificial intelligence (AI) technology and machine learning capabilities to analyze and structur...Read more about i360

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Six Lambda

Six Lambda is a structured data solution that ensures monitoring and testing of pay-to-play policies for compliance professionals. It scrapes federal, state and local public data sources on a daily basis and creates a comprehensiv...Read more about Six Lambda

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FundHero is one of the most streamlined, user-friendly, and affordable donor management tools on the market. The app provides a mobile and desktop-friendly CRM, simple automation and reminders to facilitate fundraising best practi...Read more about FundHero


ISPolitical is the most advanced political campaign finance management platform for first-time campaigners to savvy political treasurers that need the best software NOW. Automate your workflow with an A.I. - assisted suite of tool...Read more about ISPolitical

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Blitzfile is a campaign finance management software for political candidates and political action committees (PACS). It is fully integrated with NationBuilder, a company that develops software for political campaigns. By working...Read more about Blitzfile

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Trail Blazer Campaign Manager

Trail Blazer is an all-in-one software solution for campaigns of all sizes. Every tool that we've built over 20+ years is included, as are future upgrades, unlimited user accounts, and top-notch live tech support and training. Y...Read more about Trail Blazer Campaign Manager

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SmartiElection is a political campaign management tool that helps organizations manage strategic planning operations across multiple levels, such as state, country, constituency, and ward. It enables staff members to centrally man...Read more about SmartiElection

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Argenta is a cloud-based nonprofit solution for nonprofit managers and directors. Features include fundraising management, dues management, volunteer management, member database, accounting capabilities and more. Argenta provide...Read more about Argenta


Ecanvasser is a user-friendly software that lets you efficiently plan and manage all aspects of your canvassing – saving hours of time and increasing supporter engagement. Streamline campaign management through a centralized dash...Read more about Ecanvasser

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RumbleUp is a peer-to-peer (P2P) texting platform that has worked with 2,500+ clients since 2018. Clients include all the major Republican national committees (NRCC, NRSC, RGA, and the RSLC), and clients with use cases such as pol...Read more about RumbleUp

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eFund Connect

eFund Connect is an online political contribution platform. It is a payment processing platform that helps users of political campaigns raise funds online. The software allows users to collect donations, drack donor contact detail...Read more about eFund Connect

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With VoterTrack, election candidates will be more organized than ever. It's easy to use design and low cost, it will be a game changer for your campaign. No need for extensive spreadsheets - just one program that does it all. Vote...Read more about VoterTrack

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Campaign Deputy

Campaign Deputy is a Political CRM that empowers Progressives to easily manage their fundraising, digital, and compliance needs allowing them to focus on the important work of building movements, changing the conversation, and tur...Read more about Campaign Deputy

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CamBuildr is a cloud-based solution that allows organizations to manage political campaigns, raise awareness, and more. It provides a drag-and-drop interface for users to create customized campaign pages, as well as personalize th...Read more about Cambuildr

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Partyline is a cloud-based political advocacy tool that helps government organizations and legislators manage projects, fundraising operations and political campaigns on a centralized platform. Professionals can use the dashboard ...Read more about Partyline

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Zelos Team Management

A very simple and free app for managing teams. Post tasks and shifts, and message your team members live. Zelos is great for managing contingent workforce, event staff, volunteers, etc. Desktop and mobile apps. Customizable fiel...Read more about Zelos Team Management

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Assembly Voting

Assembly Conference Voting is a secure and user-friendly all-in-one system designed to help private companies, professional associations, government bodies or NGOs to run digital or hybrid general meetings. It enables you to mana...Read more about Assembly Voting


BigPulse is an online voting solution that helps organizations such as homeowner associations, universities and unions design and run multiple election campaigns. The application comes with an election manager, which lets team mem...Read more about BigPulse

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Donorbox is a cloud-based fundraising and relationship management solution that caters to non-profit organizations and helps them to manage their fundraising activities and interactions with donors. Donorbox allows users to e...Read more about Donorbox

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Socialítica is a political and electoral campaign management software. It caters to political parties and candidates running for office in regional and national elections. The software allows campaigns to easily register support...Read more about Socialítica

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Campane is a cloud-based political campaign management software that helps users keep strict control of supporters, leaders, coordinators, and the entire structure of their campaign. Users can locate their supporters on a map and ...Read more about Campane

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CallHub is a trusted, all-in-one campaigning platform that will revolutionize your outreach, canvassing, mobilizing, and marketing campaigns. We offer inbound an outbound calling, text broadcasting, peer to peer texting, relatio...Read more about CallHub

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Trail Blazer Non-Profit Manager

Trail Blazer's non-profit manager offers nonprofit organizations a complete cloud-based solution to manage every aspect of fundraising and donor management. From collecting and centralizing donor information to targeted outreach t...Read more about Trail Blazer Non-Profit Manager

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Mobilize is a comprehensive event management and volunteer recruitment platform. It is specifically designed for nonprofits, labor unions, campaigns, committees, advocacy groups, and other mission-driven organizations. Mobilize is...Read more about Mobilize


NGP VAN is a political campaign management software designed to help labor unions and democratic committees create websites to organize fundraising campaigns. The platform enables administrators to build customizable call sheets a...Read more about NGP VAN

Learn More is a website building solution, which enables municipal and government organizations to create websites for political campaigns. The platform helps political parties choose custom domain names and publish online forms ...Read more about


LogiVote VRM serves as the driving force for voter management, whether in the realm of politics or non-political movements. The platform facilitates voter motivation, surveys, voter list management, mailings and landing pages, a c...Read more about LogiVote

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