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Qminder is a cloud-based queue management platform that helps businesses deliver memorable waiting experiences. Manage customer queues via onsite check-in kiosks and real-time status updates. Qminder lets customers queue up remot...Read more about Qminder


TablesReady is an SMS-powered waitlist, reservations, and queue management system to help you streamline your customer flow. TablesReady offers contactless check-in, online bookings, and customizable messaging to help meet the nee...Read more about TablesReady


Waitwhile is a waitlist and scheduling software that helps businesses streamline the entire queuing process, from guest check-ins to notifications via SMS and email. It also offers a powerful API to facilitate integration with thi...Read more about Waitwhile


QaTable is a restaurant management app designed to help restaurants that primarily operate as walk-in/first come first served. The system allows you to take customers as they come in real-time, based on your staffing and situatio...Read more about QaTable

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DoctorConnect is a cloud-based medical solution that helps health care professionals manage their daily operations and interactions with patients. Key features include automated appointment reminders, surveys, reputation managemen...Read more about DoctorConnect


NOQ is a mobile application that streamlines digital ordering for events and venues. Customers can order food and drinks from anywhere, for collection or on-site delivery according to requirements. Vendors can manage their orders...Read more about NOQ

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OfficeFLO Sign Up & Notify

OfficeFLO Sign Up & Notify is a HIPPA compliant notification and waitlist management solution for organizations in healthcare and other industries. The software provides features such as email and phone number validation, waitlis...Read more about OfficeFLO Sign Up & Notify

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Now Book It

Now Book It is an online reservation platform that allows businesses in the hospitality industry to seamlessly manage reservations, create personalized guest experiences, streamline processes, boost revenue, and drive repeat visit...Read more about Now Book It

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Qmatic is a cloud-based customer journey management solution that assists with appointment booking for customers and offers a user-friendly interface for staff and business Intelligence from gathered data to help improve customers...Read more about Qmatic

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Kiddo is a web-based waitlist management software designed to help large and small child care centers automate waitlist scheduling and parent communication. Features include online payments, automated parent emails, online tour bo...Read more about Kiddo

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FlexBooker is a cloud-based appointment management solution that enables users to manage appointments, facilities, classes and service delivery for their customers. The software allows users to make online reservations, schedule s...Read more about FlexBooker

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Digital Wait List

Digital Wait List is a restaurant reservation management solution that helps businesses streamline processes related to customer check-ins, communication, seating, and more from within a unified platform. It allows team members to...Read more about Digital Wait List

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Waitly is a cloud-based waitlist software designed for various businesses such as restaurants, retail stores, medical offices and barbershops. This platform enables customers to join a virtual waitlist either online or in person a...Read more about Waitly

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Q Waits Business

Q Waits Business is a cloud-based waitlist management solution designed to help businesses manage virtual queues using artificial intelligence (AI) technology. Professionals can manage multiple queues simultaneously and redirect c...Read more about Q Waits Business

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Digital Token

Digital Token is an innovative solution offered by Cybersoft North America that replaces physical tokens with a digital alternative. This solution enables customers to generate tokens for any services of the enterprise from anywhe...Read more about Digital Token

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Queue-it Virtual Waiting Room

Deliver fairness and enhance your abuse and bad bot protection. Queue-it's virtual waiting room gives full control over traffic inflow to site and app, acting as a security checkpoint where bots and abuse are blocked. Customers ca...Read more about Queue-it Virtual Waiting Room

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SignInSafe provides digital, no-contact, visitor, and guest sign-in. SignInSafe gives you a QR code that can be used anywhere sign-in/out is required. Visitors, customers, or attendees can simply scan the QR code with their device...Read more about SignInSafe

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WaitWell replaces lineups with a virtual queue to optimize visitor experience. Improve overall efficiency and reduce stress levels for front line staff so they can serve customers better. WaitWell allows customers to join a virt...Read more about WaitWell

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Ombori Grid

Ombori Grid powers Omnichannel retail, Visitor Management and Customer Experience in physical locations. It includes a marketplace of ready-to-use, no-code apps such as Appointment Booking, Queue Management, Occupancy Control and ...Read more about Ombori Grid

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2cool 2q

2Cool2Q is the easiest way to book an appointment, a table, or virtual queues for businesses in multiple industry segments with waiting rooms or lines. It allows customers to wait in a comfortable safe place to be called and get t...Read more about 2cool 2q

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Allgood Waitlist

Allgood Waitlist is a restaurant waitlist management and text message notification system. The software allows restaurants to keep customers informed and prepared with text message updates while they wait to be seated or for takeo...Read more about Allgood Waitlist

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CAKE Guest Manager

CAKE Guest Manager, previously known as Mad Mobile Guest Manager, is a powerful solution that streamlines table management for restaurants. With Guest Manager, you can easily build a floor map that you and your staff can view, org...Read more about CAKE Guest Manager


Carbonara App is a free digital waitlist and restaurant reservation system that allows you to seamlessly handle both walk-in customers and guests who have reserved tables. Make smart use of your time and greet diners with a free ...Read more about Carbonara

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Petal Care Coordination

The Petal platform delivers a better understanding of the need for care by collecting and analyzing data from various existing clinical systems, including appointment scheduling, patient management, and drug inventory management. ...Read more about Petal Care Coordination

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Blismo enables a smooth flow between walk-ins and appointments. If an appointment is a no-show then send in a walk-in via SMS without the customer having to wait from the waiting room. Blismo sends SMS messages letting a customer ...Read more about Blismo

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DocClocker is a waiting room management platform that puts you in control of your patients' experience. Start managing patient flow, ease congestion in your office and improve revenue. Patients can watch the doctor in real-time, g...Read more about DocClocker

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iVision Mobile

iVision Mobile provides businesses with industry-leading mobile communications software. Combining cutting-edge technology and superior customer support, iVision Mobile helps businesses execute effective mobile marketing and effic...Read more about iVision Mobile

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Retail Choreography

Verint's Retail Choreography solutions are designed specifically to help enterprise retailers and banks to create better customer experiences that convert. Software solutions include Appointment Booking for in-store and online se...Read more about Retail Choreography


HIPAA Link is a web-based telehealth platform that helps providers set up their virtual waiting room link. With HIPAA Link, users can brand waiting room and manage their clients from an online queue. The connections are always pri...Read more about HIPAA Link

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accesso LoQueue

accesso LoQueue is designed for theme parks and attractions looking to enhance the guest experience by eliminating physical queues. The innovative virtual queuing platform allows guests to enjoy all the rides and attractions witho...Read more about accesso LoQueue

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Cliniconex's healthcare collaboration platform triggers over 800,000 HIPAA-compliant engagements for senior care providers and medical clinics each month. Our interoperable solutions integrate into EHR/EMRs enabling workflow autom...Read more about Cliniconex


Designed for businesses in the hospitality industry, CoverManager is a white label booking engine, customizable by CSS. It allows restaurant managers to personalize their websites through custom colors, buttons and fonts. The mai...Read more about CoverManager

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ER Express

ER Express is a cloud-based patient registration and check-in system intended for healthcare facilities such as EDs and Urgent cares as well as veterinary clinics. ER Express offers a virtual waiting room where patients can wait c...Read more about ER Express

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Koncierz is a visitor management tool that helps clients experience frictionless and intuitive interactions. With the user-friendly platform, individuals can effortlessly check in, add themselves to a waitlist, electronically comp...Read more about Koncierz

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SevenRooms is a cloud-based reservation and guest management platform designed to help restaurants, hotels, clubs and enterprises acquire, engage and manage clients. Features include request management, payment processing, tagging...Read more about SevenRooms

Pomelo Health

Pomelo Health is a healthcare management system that helps organizations streamline operations, remove frictions and go further to provide better experiences for patients. The solution integrates seamlessly with leading EMR system...Read more about Pomelo Health

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Ready Text

Ready Text is a text messaging platform that helps businesses manage waitlists and engage with customers. The platform allows teams to merge the convenience of text-based customer communication with customer service capabilities, ...Read more about Ready Text

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Qanty is a waitlist software that helps businesses with appointment scheduling for in-branch or virtual calls. The platform enables managers to gain real-time insights into operational changes and manage queues....Read more about Qanty

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Heartland Restaurant

Heartland Restaurant is a cloud-based point-of-sale solution designed to help small to large businesses streamline orders, process payments and manage deliveries. It facilitates order placements through the tableside, kiosk and ...Read more about Heartland Restaurant

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OpenTable helps restaurants do what they do best—better. Whether restaurant owners want to fill more seats, run smoother shifts, build guest relationships, or earn more revenue, OpenTable has easy-to-use solutions. Customers conne...Read more about OpenTable

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