Chromium Alternatives




Top 15 Alternatives


Your power browser. Shift is the first browser to merge all your web apps into one powerful window. Streamline everything you do online when you install Shift and access thousands of apps without leaving your browser. Connect all...Read more about Shift


Firefox is a secure browser that puts user privacy first. With built-in privacy controls such as cookie blocking, cryptomining blocking, and fingerprint blocking, Firefox ensures lightning-fast browsing speeds and secure browsing ...Read more about Firefox

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Rambox is a digital workspace organizer that boosts productivity for professionals who use web apps frequently. It centralizes all your apps, making it easy to organize and access frequently used applications in one place. With o...Read more about Rambox

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Avast Secure Browser

Avast Secure Browser is a secure web browser that brings a high level of privacy and protection to any browsing experience. With Avast Secure Browser, users can browse online without being interrupted by ads or malicious attacks f...Read more about Avast Secure Browser

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Safari is the default web browser for Apple devices. With fast loading speeds, improved power efficiency, and built-in privacy protection, Safari is a leading web browser when it comes to efficient and secure browsing. Safari puts...Read more about Safari

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Focos is a centralized browser that keeps individual organization’s applications and data on one page. By curating everything in one space, time is saved from jumping around the desktop to cloud apps and keeps your team focused an...Read more about Focos


Designed to supercharge personal/team productivity, Wavebox is a browser that manages and centralizes all daily web SaaS apps and websites in one focused workplace. Wavebox replaces the disorganized tab structure with an easy-to-u...Read more about Wavebox

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Vivaldi Browser

Built on Chromium, Vivaldi is a user-friendly browser designed to provide customizable browsing experiences. With built-in navigation and UI customization tools, users can customize Vivaldi any way they want. Vivaldi's unique tab ...Read more about Vivaldi Browser

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Browse the web faster and block data-grabbing ads and trackers with Brave. Brave's secure web browser utilizes IPFS integration, a peer-to-peer hypermedia protocol, to prevent online tracking and load content faster. Users are not...Read more about Brave

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Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a secure browser that is built for Google users by Google. Built on Chromium, Google Chrome provide users the power of Google Apps such as Google Pay, and Google Assistant, and Gmail, to stay productive and work m...Read more about Google Chrome

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Secure online privacy and reduce trackers with Opera's secure web browser. Opera's free, unlimited VPN allows users to browse privately with a virtual IP address that helps users hide their location. Opera's built-in Ad blocker al...Read more about Opera

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Tor Browser

Tor Browser is a private browsing software designed to help teams and individuals ensure protection against digital surveillance. It helps users protect their internet browsing records, the text of performed searches, user ID and ...Read more about Tor Browser

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With Polypane, developers get the perfect overview of their pages as they build them. Show a page in many different viewports, in light and dark mode and on different devices like iPhones and Android devices. Polypane shows site...Read more about Polypane

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GoLogin is a secure browser that offers top-notch data protection technology. Our browser fingerprint management engine successfully protects user data from tracking on even the most sophisticated websites - Google, Facebook, Amaz...Read more about GoLogin

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Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is a browser built for Mircosoft users. Microsoft Edge makes browsing the web effortless by providing users controls over performance, compatibility, and speed. ...Read more about Microsoft Edge

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