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Finding software can be overwhelming. Software Advice has helped hundreds of camps and campsites choose the right camp management software to book their patrons and maintain their facilities.

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Sawyer is a cloud-based camp management solution that offers booking and scheduling services for children's after-school class providers, camps and events. The solution also offers an online marketplace, where parents can register... Read more

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CampSite is a cloud-based camp management software solution that serves day camps, residential camps, school and specialty programs. Primary features include online camp registration, a parent dashboard, financial management, bill... Read more

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Amilia is an online registration and client membership management solution designed primarily for small and midsize businesses. It helps businesses collaborate with members through registration management, billing and fundraising ... Read more

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Cogran is a cloud-based camp and recreation management solution that is suitable for parks, sports leagues, educational groups, facilities, museums, camps and adult leagues. Primary features include registration management, reserv... Read more

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CampDoc is a cloud-based electronic health record system for camps which also offers tools for online registration, payment processing, travel and emergency medical protection, and more. The system is used in over 1,250 organizati... Read more

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Playbook is a cloud-based club management solution that helps businesses manage processes for registrations, memberships, events marketing and more. Key features include online registration, scheduling, parent portal, registration... Read more

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Cobalt Silver

Cobalt Silver is a cloud-based campground management software that offers online registration, payments and reporting functionalities within a suite. The product caters to campgrounds, RV parks, boat and cabin rentals. Cobalt... Read more


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CampMinder is a cloud-based camp management platform that caters to businesses of all sizes across various industries. It offers solutions for online camp registration, camp staffing, integrated health care facilities, transportat... Read more

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RMS Cloud

RMS is an all-inclusive hotel management system that provides dynamic pricing, as well as a number of other unique features fully integrated into the system. This robust solution is a great fit for properties of all sizes.... Read more


Regpack is a comprehensive online registration platform trusted by more than 7,000 organizations worldwide. Regpack gives you the tools you need to manage every aspect of your event or program including flexible form building, rea... Read more


MyStudio enables businesses to manage and sell memberships, events, trials, classes and retail products and services through a customized member app, custom website or social media channels. The platform enables organizations to m... Read more


Bookeo is a cloud-based booking and reservation solution that caters to tour operators, travel agencies, schools, therapists, photographers and event organizers. The solution offers Bookeo Appointments, Bookeo Classes and Bookeo T... Read more


Bookinglayer is a cloud-based hotel and reservation management solution. It is designed for small to midsize businesses in the tourism industry that provide accommodations and activities. Bookinglayer features a real-time int... Read more


Jumbula is a cloud-based registration tool suitable for businesses of all sizes in a variety of industries. Features include online registration and payment options, marketing and communications tools and admin dashboards. Us... Read more


ACTIVE Camps is a cloud-based camp management solution designed for camps of all sizes. It offers online registration, marketing and class registration functionalities within a suite. ACTIVE Camps features online registration... Read more


ProClass is a cloud-based registration solution that helps in online registration, membership management and payment collection. It is suitable for designing learning programs and training business associations within nonprofits a... Read more

Activity Messenger

Activity Messenger offers an all-in-one solution for the Sports and Leisure industry. From marketing to operational needs we help streamline your bookings and take care of all your communication needs. ... Read more


NewBook is a cloud-based solution that enables businesses in the hospitality industry to streamline hotel management processes. Professionals can utilize the property management system to communicate with guests or staff using the... Read more


Redefine parent communication and start amplifying word of mouth.... Read more


CampiumDB is a cloud-based camp management solution for camps of all sizes across the US. Key features include online registration, a parent portal, profile information, mass mail, announcements, photo hosting and reporting. The s... Read more

Buyers guide

Last Updated: November 18, 2021

Summer is the time for many things—ice cream, swimming holes, work-inappropriate short shorts and more—but camp and camping are usually among the most popular seasonal activities.

Although campgrounds and summer camps are very different businesses with extremely different business models, they can both benefit from software specifically designed to address the challenges of running them. Looking for that software, though, can be time-consuming and burdensome. Ultimately, you need a system that meets your specific needs while not costing too much.

This buyer's guide will explain the ways in which camp management software can help your camp or campground run more smoothly and attract more patrons.

Everything you need to know about what you should look for in your camp management software is covered in the following sections:

What Is Camp Management Software?
Common Features of Campaign Management Software
What Type of Buyer Are You?
Key Considerations
Market Trends to Understand

What Is Camp Management Software?

You can't successfully manage a business these days without dedicated software, and camps/campgrounds are no exception. Using software can make it easier for you to organize bookings and registration, manage day-to-day tasks and upkeep, track payments and streamline operations.

Robust camp management systems will combine all of these different functions, while smaller vendors may offer systems that focus specifically on individual aspects of camp management, like registration, reservations or health records. Some systems will be equally applicable to both camps and campsites (focusing on facilities management), while others are specifically geared for one or the other (focusing on booking campsites or registering for camps).

You want to be sure that you're getting the functionality that is right for your specific business. Overdoing it by purchasing a system that offers tools you're never going to use will ultimately cost you more money than it saves. Really consider what you will actually use the software for, then seek out the vendor and system that will meet your specific needs.

The best way to figure out what kind of software will work for you is to review the features table, below, and then find the vendor that provides the best combination of the features you think will serve your business. Some vendors will find obvious options to pursue, while others may be unnecessary.

Common Features of Vacation Rental Software

  • Registration. A large number of camp management software vendors are actually registration software providers who have particular modules geared towards registering for camps. These systems will help you streamline the registration process for both yourself and your campers, integrating with your website and helping you to create easy, intuitive registration pages.
  • Booking. Campsites need to know who's actually going to be camping on their land and for how long, and booking functionality will help you keep track of that. Similar to registration software, the system will streamline the booking process and integrate with your website to make it simpler for patrons to book a spot at your campground and for you to keep track of who's there at any given time.
  • Facilities maintenance. Part of what makes camps and campgrounds attractive is their scenery, which you'll want to keep as pristine as possible while also making sure that campers have access to all the necessary modern amenities. Facilities management tools play a crucial dual role for camp management software, allowing you to track the maintenance of cabins, bathrooms, kitchens and so on, as well as making sure that the natural beauty of the camp is maintained through regular cleanups of the site.
  • Payment processing and accounting. Larger systems may provide some basic accounting functionality to help you keep track of the financial aspects of your business. The most popular function for camp management software is payment processing, which will allow you to track and process payments made by parents on behalf of their child campers.
  • Record keeping. Some software vendors will take the data from registration forms and create a database of camper (and parent) information. Others will allow you to enter important data about campers (and their families) into the systems, including medical records, so that you can easily access it when needed.
  • Marketing. More robust camp management systems will help you plan and implement marketing campaigns for your camp, campground or campsite, from email blasts sent to existing customers to advertising meant to capture new business.
Amilia's registration form management page
Amilia's registration form management page.

What Type of Buyer Are You?

Because camp management software can be used for managing both commercial campgrounds and summer camps, potential buyers fall into a variety of different categories representing an assortment of businesses and markets.

The most prominent of these buyers, though, will fall into one of the following four categories, based on industry and size:

  • Small-to-midsize (SMB) campground. These buyers may run one individual campground, or perhaps a small, local chain of campgrounds, and are looking for software that makes managing each individual property smoother and easier. Major concerns will probably include booking and facilities management.
  • Large campground. These are buyers operating multiple campgrounds across a wide geographic area. They will need the same functions as small campground buyers, but will likely want a more robust system that also allows them to track finances across properties and engage in marketing activities.
  • SMB camp. As with the SMB campground buyer, this is a buyer who only runs one camp, or at most a few, who wants to focus on the management of that individual camp. Registration functionality will likely be the most useful tool for this buyer, along with tools for facilities maintenance and record-keeping.
  • Large camp. This is a buyer operating a series of camps on multiple sites. As a result, they require a robust system that will allow them to link management across those sites, track finances, engage in marketing, and track compliance for all local health and safety standards.

Key Considerations

Given that camp management software applies to several types of businesses, your own business' particular market is the key consideration when you are looking for a system. But that's just the first of many factors to keep in mind:

  • Your market. If you are a desert campground that attracts vacationing families in their RVs, chances are that you'll have different software requirements than a surf camp for teenagers. Thus, your primary consideration for software needs to be the business segment that the software is targeted towards. Some platforms are better for one type of business than others, while some can be equally helpful to both.
  • Your needs. Camp management software can help you manage everything from registration to medical records, so you need to consider how you're actually going to use the software. If you expect to utilize it solely to register campers and process payments, then look for a system that is specific to those needs rather than a larger, more expensive system that offers functions and tools you'll never use.
  • Integration with other systems. If you are already using another type of software that you're happy with, such as customer relationship management (CRM) software or accounting software, then you may not want to lose that when you purchase new camp management-specific software. Some camp management systems will allow you to integrate with those other software platforms for a seamless experience, while others may not have that capability.

Market Trends to Understand

Cloud-based software. Cloud-based software solutions are increasingly popular with most businesses thanks to the advantages they tend to offer modern companies, as compared to on-premise systems. On-premise software will require you to have the space for physical hardware and the IT knowledge and resources to implement the software, which may be difficult at a camp or campsite.

On the other hand, cloud-based systems are more easily and quickly implemented, with fewer up-front costs and less of a need for IT assets. Thus, cloud-based systems are particularly suited for smaller businesses that lack those IT resources. However, if your camp is located in a remote area that lacks reliable internet access, you may need to go with an on-premise system to avoid possible software down time.