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Sage X3 is an enterprise business management software suite that includes integrated functionality for financial management, sales, customer service, distribution, inventory, and manufacturing, and business intelligence.

Sage X3 is web-based and browser agnostic and responsive on mobile devices. It is also configurable to company requirements, user roles, and preferences. Visual processes, automated workflows and alerts, document management, and communication tools are features available in the system.

Sage X3 is available to be deployed on-premises and as a service in the AWS cloud managed by Sage or a partner-provisioned cloud. It is designed to support global organizations with multiple companies, sites, languages, currencies, and legislations. Customizable add-on tools extend software capabilities, and it interfaces with third-party software including CRM, WMS, and e-commerce.


Supported Operating System(s):
Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Linux, AIX, Web browser (OS agnostic), Windows 2000

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from Roland Corporation Australia Pty Ltd
Specialty: Consumer packaged goods
Number of employees: 21 to 50 employees Employees number: 21 to 50 employees

Sage Sux Big Time.



Product Quality

Customer Support

Product Quality
Likes Best

Not much. I find it slow, cumbersome and time wasting. It is without doubt the most non-intuitive system I have encountered in over 30 years of working with computers.

Likes Least

I find the necessity of having to view three or more screens to ascertain simple information regarding an order, delivery and invoice very annoying and am tired of constantly having to apologise to customers for the delay in trying to answer simple queries.


Never trust a flashy presentation. We were told that Sage X3 could do everything we required, especially in the area of reporting.
It does not.

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