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NovusMED NEMT Software

Momentm's (formally called TripSpark) NovusMED is a web-based non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) solution designed for NEMT providers, brokers and healthcare organizations. The platform offers tools for managing trip re...Read more about NovusMED NEMT Software

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eSchedule is a web-based solution designed to help emergency medical services, fire departments, nurses, law enforcement agencies and emergency communication centers manage timesheets, payroll, training, certifications, vehicle ma...Read more about eSchedule

First Due

First Due is a fire department management solution designed to help firefighters and first responders collect critical information regarding various structures and pre-plan inspection and incident response events. It offers virtua...Read more about First Due


PSTrax is an EMS management platform that can obtain immediate, real-time information on all your resources such as logistics, vehicles, inventory, and more. With customization to your specific needs, the platform is the only solu...Read more about PSTrax


PowerDMS is a cloud-based solution designed to help public and private sector organizations manage the entire policy lifecycle through electronic signature capture, revision tracking and more. Key features include audit trails, po...Read more about PowerDMS


AngelTrack is EMS and fire software in the cloud, for ambulances, wheelchair vans, fire stations, air, and telemedicine. It features perfect vertical integration between its dispatch, PCR, QA, billing, timeclock, checklist, fleet,...Read more about AngelTrack

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Falkondata Interoperability

Falkondata Interoperability connects EHR or LIMs to billing systems and results as well as the order flow. The platform automates reporting to state regulatory agencies for vaccinations and test results. The software also offers t...Read more about Falkondata Interoperability

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VCS is a workforce management platform designed to help small to large organizations prepare work schedules in real-time and analyze the productivity and engagement of employees. Features include monitoring, workflow management, r...Read more about VCS


PhaRmLogs is designed to help ambulance companies, fire departments, law enforcement and other EMS-based organizations manage and track their assets, checkouts and logs. Customers can select specific modules for processes such a...Read more about TraxWorx

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Aladtec, powered by TCP Software, is a cloud-based employee scheduling system created specifically for Public Safety agencies. It’s ideal for the 24/7 scheduling challenges and staffing requirements found in Law Enforcement, EMS, ...Read more about Aladtec

First Response

Adashi FirstResponse MDT is a fire department management solution that helps the department of public safety and first responders access moving vehicles, navigation and other mission-critical data to manage incidents. Businesses c...Read more about First Response

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respond+ is an incident management software that helps businesses view and collaborate with volunteers on incidents, vehicles and other geo objects via audio, video and text messages in real-time. The platform enables managers to ...Read more about respond+

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IQ Mobile Software

IQ Mobile Software is a mobile response application for fire and EMS agencies. It provides real-time incident dispatching, mapping, navigation, vehicle locations, status updates, and mobile messaging between responders. The softwa...Read more about IQ Mobile Software

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Accruent’s EMS software helps higher education facilities and businesses in every industry optimize their physical spaces. Our room booking, desk reservation, and event scheduling software simplifies space management to create a s...Read more about EMS

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FirstResponse911 is a cloud-based emergency medical service (EMS) solution that helps track and manage emergency calls for 911 call centers, ambulance providers and other response agencies. The software automatically transfers eme...Read more about FirstResponse911


iPCR is a cloud-based software that helps EMS professionals generate clear, accurate patient care reports. With customizable templates, integrated analytics and real-time notifications you'll be able to manage recurring tasks. Me...Read more about iPCR

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Fire Rescue Systems

Fire Rescue Systems offers a full suite of software for the fire service. The software is modular, meaning you only need to buy the applications that best suits your department. Some of the applications include... - Dispatch - ...Read more about Fire Rescue Systems

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Operative IQ

Operative IQ is an operations management platform that helps law enforcement, EMS, fire services, hospitals, educational programs, and veterinary clinics with inventory management, RFID, reporting, narcotics tracking, service desk...Read more about Operative IQ


Redox is an API for healthcare data integration and interoperability. The first paragraph talks about how Redox connects healthcare technologies like EHRs, HIEs, healthcare products, providers, and payers to exchange data. Redox s...Read more about Redox

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GeoSafe is tracking solution designed for first responders such as law enforcement officers, firefighters, and EMS personnel. It helps them navigate via GPS tracking and CAD integration. With its Query module, law enforcement of...Read more about GeoSafe

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CatapultEMS is the school emergency management system that empowers you to take control of your school's safety in minutes. Whether you're a principal or a teacher, CatapultEMS will help you manage your facility's response to eme...Read more about CatapultEMS

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MediFusion is a fully integrated suite of software designed to offer innovative FREE Electronic Health Record (EHR) and medical billing solutions to healthcare practices to elevate their clinical, administrative as well as financi...Read more about MediFusion

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StreetEagle is part of InSight Mobile Data’s cloud-based suite of mobile resource management tools. It offers dispatch and scheduling, GPS tracking, route planning and compliance tools, and the application is compatible with Andro...Read more about StreetEagle

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Rides To Health

Transportation is a critical part of the healthcare ecosystem. GetRides is a flexible medical transportation platform that helps healthcare organizations centralize patient communication, funding and more. Our mobile app allows pr...Read more about Rides To Health

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Rescue Hub

Rescue Hub is a training management solution that helps fire departments manage training operations via a unified portal. The platform allows users to create custom fire service training programs, track progress, share documents a...Read more about Rescue Hub

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Rave 911 Suite

Providing 9-1-1 telecommunicators and first responders powerful capabilities for handling, dispatching, and responding to emergency calls more efficiently and effectively with location data, Smart911, live video streaming, georefe...Read more about Rave 911 Suite

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Tobi software is cloud-based robust dispatch management software for NEMT brokers, providers, and organizations. Tobi Cloud NEMT solution automates billing and invoicing, routing, scheduling with mileage tracking, delivers real-ti...Read more about Tobi

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Emergency Reporting

Emergency Reporting is a cloud-based fire department and emergency medical service (EMS) solution that helps businesses manage records, budgets, audit trails and fire incident reports in compliance with national fire incident repo...Read more about Emergency Reporting

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MidexPRO is one of the UK's leading providers of private practice management software. The intuitive system enables individuals, practitioners and consultant groups to run busy practices easily and efficiently. Appropriate for ...Read more about MidexPRO

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IntelliView for Fire & EMS

The Silent Partner Technologies IntelliView is a comprehensive solution designed for enterprises seeking to track their assets from end to end, in real-time or batch. When we talk about this application the first and foremost thin...Read more about IntelliView for Fire & EMS

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ESO Scheduling

ePro Scheduler Plus is an employee scheduling solution that helps EMS operators, fire departments, emergency dispatchers and other sectors, streamline operations related to time tracking, online scheduling, certification managemen...Read more about ESO Scheduling

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InTime is a cloud-based scheduling and workforce management software designed specifically for public safety professionals. It is suitable for police, fire and sheriff departments as well as corrections agencies, 911 dispatchers, ...Read more about InTime

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For the most demanding agencies, all-in-one EMS software. Finding the most effective way to cover a day in the lives of an EMS organization served as the motivation behind Paramediq. Remove anything that is not necessary. Make rou...Read more about Paramediq

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D4H is the cloud platform for emergency response; proudly supporting emergency operations in government, public safety, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, aviation, corporate, and healthcare organizations since 2008. ☁️ Cloud-based eme...Read more about D4H

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CyberStockroom is a cloud-based inventory management solution targeting small, growing businesses. Key features include applications for inventory management, demand forecasting/replenishment, inventory planning, lot traceability ...Read more about CyberStockroom


Unblur is an agile solution designed to help businesses manage incidents and events. Aimed at enhancing situational awareness, the platform is dedicated to supporting the public safety sector by streamlining coordination efforts, ...Read more about Unblur

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Emissions Calculator

SAP Sustainability Footprint Management, also known as EC by BearingPoint, is a powerful solution that empowers businesses to navigate the intricate realm of sustainability reporting. This cutting-edge tool seamlessly integrates w...Read more about Emissions Calculator

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i3 Public Sector

i3 Public Sector is a cloud-based solution that enables government organizations to manage transportation, collections, utilities, court cases, and other operations. With a unified portal, users can easily monitor projects, track ...Read more about i3 Public Sector

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