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Resolver’s risk management software is a cloud-based solution for midsize to larger enterprises that serves customers across a variety of industries and business needs. These industries include banking and financial services, heal...Read more about Resolver

4.33 (45 reviews)

Patrol Points

Patrol Points is a real-time security guard tour system designed to help guards complete their security patrol efficiently from a smartphone using NFC technology. While on the mobile app, your guard can securely scan any tagged it...Read more about Patrol Points

4.80 (10 reviews)

Brivo Access

Looking for access control and proptech solutions to improve security and add technology to the building? Add cloud-based access control and make spaces smart with a platform that brings keyless entry, mobile credentials, remote s...Read more about Brivo Access

4.30 (46 reviews)


Corporate investigation management is complex. Today, every incident presents a greater risk to your organization than ever before. Recording incidents, responding consistently, and collecting data means messy spreadsheets, infor...Read more about i-Sight

4.70 (10 reviews)


Dataminr is a cloud-based event detection and mass notification solution that helps businesses predict, analyse and mitigate operational, reputational or cyber risks. It allows users to attach images and videos to alert messages, ...Read more about Dataminr

5.00 (2 reviews)


Camlytics is a surveillance solution that helps businesses record events and manage recordings using webcams, closed-circuit televisions (CCTVs), network video recorders (NVR) and other devices. It enables managers to track report...Read more about Camlytics

4.16 (31 reviews)

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DICE Central Station

DICE is a safety management solution that helps businesses in retail, education, banking, utilities, healthcare and other industries create service tickets, handle alarms, record screens and manage tasks, among other operations. I...Read more about DICE Central Station

5.00 (3 reviews)


Kisi is a cloud-based physical security application that helps businesses control user access and exchange communications across organizational devices. Administrators can utilize a centralized dashboard configure door security ac...Read more about Kisi

4.66 (47 reviews)

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Solink is a physical security solution that enables restaurants and businesses in the financial and retail industries to streamline processes related to loss prevention, remote monitoring, video surveillance and more. Administrato...Read more about Solink

4.71 (7 reviews)


CASH is a physical security solution designed to help businesses streamline processes related to field service management, invoicing, sales tracking and more. Administrators can maintain an audit trail of changes and use the high-...Read more about CASH

4.30 (10 reviews)


mobohubb is a cloud-based workforce management platform designed to help organizations across security, janitorial, construction, housing authority, hospitals and various other industries manage remote workers and generate operati...Read more about mobohubb

5.00 (7 reviews)


QR-Patrol is a cloud-based guard tour management solution designed to help businesses monitor incidents in real-time, schedule predefined patrols for security gurads and scan checkpoints using QR-codes and NFC tags. Features inclu...Read more about QR-Patrol

4.57 (7 reviews)


Coredinate is a cloud-based workforce management solution designed to help businesses of all sizes streamline security operations, track guards and patrols and generate incident reports. Features include key log, GPS tracking, bui...Read more about Coredinate

4.92 (13 reviews)

Bold Gemini

Bold Gemini is a cloud-based safety and security monitoring platform designed to help organizations detect threats and set alarms in event of emergencies. Features include alarm queues, keyholder lists, customer records, open/clos...Read more about Bold Gemini

2.50 (2 reviews)

Hirsch Velocity Software

Hirsch Velocity Software is a security management platform designed to help government institutions and businesses in the aviation, education and healthcare industries enforce and streamline access control across multi-location fa...Read more about Hirsch Velocity Software

5.00 (1 reviews)

Easy Guard Tour

Easy Guard Tour is a web-based security management solution, which helps businesses across security and guarding, janitorial and cleaning and field service industries monitor employee activities, record attendance and scan checkpo...Read more about Easy Guard Tour

5.00 (1 reviews)

Blue Iris

Blue Iris is a video security and webcam solution that helps businesses automate security operations through live cameras and remote access functionality. It enables organizations to view action lists, capture screenshots and stor...Read more about Blue Iris

3.00 (1 reviews)


Celayix Software is a time & attendance and employee scheduling solution designed to assist organizations manage their labor workforce. This business solution is suitable for businesses scaling from a small, single store retailer ...Read more about Celayix

4.67 (21 reviews)

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Trackforce Valiant

Valiant HCM is a cloud-based human resource management (HRM) solution designed for businesses across various industries such as security, hospitality and more. Key features include applicant tracking, benefits management, performa...Read more about Trackforce Valiant

3.94 (33 reviews)

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ITRAK 365 is a cloud-based, ISO-compliant environmental, health and safety (EHS) solution catering to industries such as mining, forestry, oil and gas, waste management and manufacturing. Key include custom workflow creation, inci...Read more about ITRAK 365

4.64 (11 reviews)


RiskWatch is a risk management and compliance solution provider, offering user-friendly platforms that focus on physical security, cyber security, compliance, and third-party assessments. Utilize automated functions to perform ass...Read more about RiskWatch

4.40 (5 reviews)


Proxyclick is a cloud-based visitor management solution suitable for small, midsize and large enterprises. Key features of Proxyclick include visitor registration, instant pictures, badge printing, instant notifications and report...Read more about Proxyclick

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Presynct_OnDemand is a cloud-based reporting solution that lets users log activities, create reports, track incidents and analyze data. The solution is suitable for a range of organizations and businesses such as police department...Read more about Presynct_OnDemand

4.57 (7 reviews)


Omnigo is a public safety, incident and security management solution. The software is suitable for law enforcement, education and health care organizations. Key features include tools to help users manage Clery Act investigations,...Read more about Omnigo

4.36 (85 reviews)

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Workhub provides a complete health and safety compliance software that allows easy management of training, procedures, policies, inspections, and more, centralized in one easy-to-use hub. Workhub is the most comprehensive and a...Read more about Workhub

4.49 (70 reviews)

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Sign In Enterprise

Sign In Enterprise, formerly Traction Guest, is a cloud-based visitor management solution for businesses of all sizes and industries. It enables users to manage visitor information, administration processes and on-premise security...Read more about Sign In Enterprise

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TrackTik is a cloud-based security workforce management solution that provides users with data and monitoring tools for field operations and back office tasks. Key features include guard tour, reporting and tracking and client por...Read more about TrackTik

4.14 (79 reviews)

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WhosOnLocation is a cloud-based visitor management solution suitable for small, midsize and large enterprises. It's suitable for a variety of industries including schools, offices, government, manufacturing and construction. Key f...Read more about WhosOnLocation

4.73 (62 reviews)

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Greetly is a cloud-based visitor management solution that helps users automate the data collection process for offices. It allows visitors to input the reason for their visit using a moble or desktop device, as well as photos, dig...Read more about Greetly

4.94 (64 reviews)

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WebEOC is an incident management solution that helps local, state, and federal agencies prepare emergency plans and promote situational awareness for unexpected events. It includes a resource request module, which allows emergency...Read more about WebEOC

4.00 (1 reviews)


SMS by Keytech is an on-premise security management system suitable for all industries. It can be deployed across multiple sites and offers features such as digital visitor screening logs, a key registry, time and attendance featu...Read more about SMS

5.00 (5 reviews)

Genea Access Control

Genea Access Control is a cloud-based access control software designed to help small businesses to large enterprises ensure the security of access across building facilities. Key features include attendance reports, credential man...Read more about Genea Access Control

4.85 (20 reviews)


goTracker is a cloud-based guard management system designed to help businesses manage scheduling, reporting, and security operations via a unified portal. The platform enables security organizations to define locations, create and...Read more about goTracker

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SIACONTROLROO is a white label subscription-based operations and performance management software platform designed for security service providers. These include security companies, facilities management businesses that provide con...Read more about SIACONTROLROOM

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Ontic is a risk management and physical security solution that provides protective intelligence, allowing businesses to manage and investigate physical threats against employees, customers and assets. It is SaaS software that enab...Read more about Ontic

5.00 (2 reviews)


Samsara is a cloud-based fleet management solution that offers features such as GPS tracking, trailer tracking, dashboard camera, routing and dispatch, reefer monitoring and more. It is designed to help small and midsize fleet bus...Read more about Samsara

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IncMan SOAR is a cloud-based and on-premise solution, designed to helps MSSPs and organizations across finance, energy, healthcare or retail industries manage, measure, and orchestrate various security tasks such as threat hunting...Read more about IncMan SOAR

4.85 (13 reviews)

Silvertrac Software

Silvertrac is a web-based guard management and security incident reporting solution that helps security organizations monitor and respond to issues, tasks and events efficiently. The solution is built for private contract security...Read more about Silvertrac Software

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D3 SOAR is a cybersecurity and incident response solution that helps businesses streamline operations related to security automation, compliance management, auditing and more from within a unified platform. With the built-in visua...Read more about D3 SOAR

5.00 (1 reviews)


WatchKeeper is a critical event management platform for managing physical security threats at scale. It enables organisations to monitor natural disasters, violent incidents and public health emergencies, alongside their own ass...Read more about WatchKeeper

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People usually don’t call 911 or alert on-site security during an emergency until they feel safe, often severely delaying emergency response and sometimes resulting in otherwise preventable loss of life. Protect your people smar...Read more about Defendry

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Access Control Manager

Access Control Manager is a network access control solution that helps businesses in retail, healthcare, oil & gas, banking, utilities and other industries secure properties, assets and personnel. It lets supervisors monitor intru...Read more about Access Control Manager

4.17 (12 reviews)


Openpath is a cloud-based keyless door access control solution that helps small to large businesses across real estate, education, retail and various other sectors manage permissions and implement site-specific restrictions across...Read more about Openpath

5.00 (2 reviews)


Verkada is a physical security management software designed to help businesses in the healthcare, education, retail, manufacturing and other sectors manage access control and gain visibility across events in real-time via video fo...Read more about Verkada

5.00 (1 reviews)

Axxon One

Axxon One enables enterprises to perform a systems integrity check, helping them prevent unauthorized interference with their video management system (VMS). It checks the digital signature for all executable files when individuals...Read more about Axxon One

4.58 (12 reviews)

Wobot VMS

Cloud-based Video Management Software Improve your workplace safety and security with real-time insights of our AI-Powered video analytics engine. The one-stop platform allows you to view all your cameras, events, and incidents w...Read more about Wobot VMS

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Lighthouse is a mobile-first solution to capture field data and streamline operations through live tracking and mobile forms to capture tasks, incidents and audits. Lighthouse is designed for commercial cleaning and security compa...Read more about

4.44 (27 reviews)

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SentiVeillance Server

SentiVeillance Server is an advanced biometric identification system that uses multiple sensors, such as fingerprint readers, retinal scanners and facial recognition cameras, to securely identify employees or students, as well as ...Read more about SentiVeillance Server

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DoorFlow is a Cloud based Access Control platform used to monitor and manage physical security for spaces such as offices, hotels, co-working spaces, sports clubs, schools and universities Using the intuitive UI, admins can set g...Read more about DoorFlow

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iLobby is a cloud-based visitor management solution that is suitable for businesses of all sizes in manufacturing, education and government sectors. The key features of the solution include visitor registration, notifications, leg...Read more about iLobby

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Cloud or Local deployment for Portal with Real-Time Logs, Compliance Reports & Dashboards. IntelliPass provides early detection of High-risk individuals with automated temperature measurement and mask detection, audio/visual ale...Read more about IntelliPass

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Guardhouse is a cloud-based workforce management system developed exclusively for security companies. If you have an employee roster and need to manage scheduling, attendance and payroll, Guardhouse offers a fully automated soluti...Read more about Guardhouse

5.00 (8 reviews)


Guardso is a stress-free security guard management tool that allows you to streamline your patrol operations. Features include in-app check-in/check-out, online reporting, site tours, tasks, post orders, pass-down logs and more. G...Read more about Guardso

4.70 (10 reviews)


Novagems is a workforce management solution that helps organizations schedule, manage and track security guards across multiple sites from a centralized platform. It enables managers to use the built-in calendar and red, yellow, g...Read more about Novagems

4.44 (9 reviews)


Swiftlane is an access control and video intercom system that provides secure resident access, visitor and guest temporary passes, and package management solutions to ensure you never miss a delivery again. Swiftlane's unified se...Read more about Swiftlane

4.62 (42 reviews)

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Walk Through Metal Detector that allows users to come through your entryway without stopping. Taking your cell phone and other personal items out of your bags or pockets is a thing of the past....Read more about Athena

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Noggin is a software that allows you to create and manage your content. It can be used by both small businesses and large corporations with multiple departments, each of which has their own needs. The software offers a suite of t...Read more about Noggin

4.67 (3 reviews)


Falcony is a cloud-based application fit for mobile and tablet use. It can be used by businesses of all sizes. This tool is made to improve facilities/property management. It allows users to customise audit templates and score ran...Read more about Falcony

4.73 (33 reviews)

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CSA360 is the leading all-in-one security operation management software for crime prevention, incident and alert monitoring, mobile field operations, and investigative support. CSA360’s web-based software platform is easy to insta...Read more about CSA360

5.00 (1 reviews)

Verint Fraud and Security

Verint Fraud and Security is a physical security solution that helps businesses in banking and retail industry streamline processes related to video recording, location monitoring, alert generation, event response, and more on a c...Read more about Verint Fraud and Security

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Sima is a cloud-based authentication platform that provides highly secure, seamless access control for companies and organizations. Sima helps users establish schedules for visitors' access to their sites, allowing them to grant p...Read more about Sima

5.00 (1 reviews)


Cerely is a SaaS platform tailored for security, cleaning, and labour hire businesses. The software was developed to support these industries whose operations revolve around staff rostering and customer service. With Cerely, you'...Read more about Cerely

5.00 (1 reviews)


No other company but RemoteLock offers universal access control. Unlike the competition, we are hardware-agnostic and software-focused. Property managers in multifamily, vacation rental and commercial sectors can choose from leadi...Read more about RemoteLock

5.00 (1 reviews)


Facilt is a cloud-based software that gives users the convenience of accessing all the important data, services, and modules from any device. The app works on all platforms and gives staff members a dashboard to access important u...Read more about Facilt

5.00 (1 reviews)


What is OLOID? OLOID Inc is a SaaS company that provides a cloud-based platform that connects and manages workplace identity and access by integrating with HR, IT and various systems of records, thereby enabling a unified digital ...Read more about OLOID

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