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Trovata is an intelligent cash-management tool on an open banking platform that aggregates your cash data across all your bank accounts, consolidating & normalizing your transaction data into one unified view. Trovata helps you ...Read more about Trovata

Credit Decision Platform

ACTICO Credit Decision Platform - designed for real-time credit decisioning and full auditability.The platform is a robust and highly scalable platform for automating credit origination and decisioning processes. Based on a powerf...Read more about Credit Decision Platform

No reviews yet is a cloud-based risk management platform that offers a suite of fraud prevention tools. This solution uses AI/machine learning, real-time analytics, data mining, identity proofing, rules management, and other technology...Read more about

Credit Risk Platform

Credit Risk Platform is a banking systems software that helps businesses streamline financial spreading, credit analysis and credit approval workflows to make faster, well-informed credit decisions in commercial and SME lending. T...Read more about Credit Risk Platform

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Aravo is an industry leader that enables global brands to accelerate their third-party risk management programs to respond to business disruptions, meet sustainability goals, and comply with regulations. Aravo’s platform and its b...Read more about Aravo

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Certent Equity Management

•Transmit information seamlessly between existing data sources. •Your choice of broker and payroll providers •Access to insightsoftware’s expert support team of CEPs and CPAs to help users through complex equity challenges and ...Read more about Certent Equity Management

KYC Portal

KYC PORTAL is a fully configurable Client Lifecycle Management solution that provides a single, centralized, secure repository with fully customizable parameters, fields, rules, and user rights. The platform ensures that all data ...Read more about KYC Portal


ClusterSeven is an information governance solution used to discover and manage “shadow IT” such as hidden, sensitive applications, spreadsheets, links, data assets, and more. It is designed to help enterprises evaluate and mitigat...Read more about ClusterSeven

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Continuity is an AI-driven technology that enables financial institutions to fully automate their risk and compliance processes. With Continuity, financial institutions can leverage new tools and methods to continuously optimize t...Read more about Continuity

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eFront is a cloud-based solution that helps businesses manage investment operations through reporting, accounting, fund administration and asset servicing. Key features include risk management, benchmarking, investments tracking, ...Read more about eFront

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Accelerate your Audit and Finance teams’ productivity. DataSnipper helps to reduce time spent on manual operations, improve collaboration within teams, and boost productivity with standardization. Reduce risk, boost productivit...Read more about DataSnipper

Rivial Data Security

Rivial Data Security enables organizations to accurately measure their risk, automate compliance, and mature their cybersecurity program. Our six-module platform, which includes Governance, Risk, Compliance, Vulnerabilities, Vend...Read more about Rivial Data Security

5.0 (4 reviews)

SAS Risk Management

SAS Risk Management provides a suite of software solutions designed to help financial institutions prioritize risk and meet regulatory compliance requirements. This software provides intelligent analytics that enable risk professi...Read more about SAS Risk Management


The software is suitable for investment companies, wealth managers, traders, banks, and hedge funds. It aims to help accounting firms enhance their stock trading experience using third-party integration interfaces. Using the accou...Read more about Vestio

5.0 (1 reviews)


NEMESIS is an artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled data analysis platform, which enables businesses in financial services, healthcare, insurance and other industries to visualize data. Professionals can monitor billing inaccuracie...Read more about NEMESIS

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VestServe is a cloud-based and on-premise investment management solution that helps banks, insurance companies and foundations of all sizes manage funds and credit risk. Key features include portfolio modeling, investment planning...Read more about VestServe

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Agiblocks is a cloud-based commodity trade and risk management (CTRM) solution that helps businesses streamline operations related to risk management, trading, finances, taxes, contracts management and more. The platform includes ...Read more about Agiblocks

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Windham Portfolio Advisor

Windham Portfolio Advisor is an on-premise solution that assists businesses with portfolio creation optimization and risk management. Key features include asset allocation, capital market forecasting, factor analysis, stress testi...Read more about Windham Portfolio Advisor

4.8 (6 reviews)


Xcellerator is a Windows-based spreadsheet management platform designed to help financial services providers and other corporate businesses analyze spreadsheets for possible errors and risks using Microsoft Excel integration. Key...Read more about Xcellerator

4.8 (4 reviews)


buguroo is a cloud-based fraud prevention platform for online banking that helps businesses meet PSD2 and GDPR compliance. This solution provides customer enrollment protection, session protection, real-time detection, and fraudst...Read more about Revelock

4.7 (3 reviews)


Validis is a cloud-based financial reporting and risk management solution designed for accountants and lenders. It offers auditing, dashboard and risk assessment within a suite. Validis features automated data extraction, whi...Read more about Validis

4.3 (3 reviews)


RISKTURN is a cloud-based accounting tool for businesses of all sizes and industries. It offers budgeting and forecasting features that integrate financial and time variables in cash­-flow planning. Various versions of ea...Read more about RISKTURN

AccessPay Platform

AccessPay is leading the way in driving digital transformation within finance and treasury teams, by modernising processes across banking operations, minimising the risk of fraud and error, enhancing efficiency and optimising cash...Read more about AccessPay Platform

5.0 (4 reviews)

Diligent One Platform

The HighBond by Diligent (formerly Galvanize) Platform is modernizing governance by providing companies with a holistic view of governance, risk and compliance initiatives that helps them achieve their strategic objectives while c...Read more about Diligent One Platform

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MX.3 is a cloud-based solution that enables public agencies, banks, clearing brokers and other businesses to handle operations related to trading, costs, funding and risk management, compliance tracking, and more. The platform inc...Read more about MX.3

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Wolfram Mathematica

Wolfram Mathematica is a technical computing solution that provides businesses of all sizes with tools for image processing, data visualization and theoretic experiments. The notebook interface enables users to organize documents ...Read more about Wolfram Mathematica

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Carta is a cloud-based solution that helps organizations in the finance industry streamline and manage portfolios, valuations, holdings and more. It provides enterprises with a fund administrative module, which enables venture cap...Read more about Carta

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Designed specifically for financial institutions such as banks and lenders, Ondato provides identity verification and authentication tools, as well as compliance management features. The cloud-based platform is based on the KYC (K...Read more about Ondato


GiniMachine is a no-code SaaS solution, which helps businesses combine machine learning technologies with their historical data. GiniMachine can be used for multiple purposes: credit and collection scoring, the discovery of upsell...Read more about GiniMachine

4.5 (4 reviews)


Designed for businesses in health care, pharmaceuticals, energy, consulting and other industries, Analytica is a predictive analytics tool that makes it easy for users to build models the way they think. This software enables user...Read more about Analytica

5.0 (4 reviews)


Many financial institutions manage risk and compliance with manual process. Departments suffer from lack of communication and collaboration, incurring massive fines and penalties if efforts fall short. Ncontracts offers integrate...Read more about Ncontracts

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CRISAM is a cloud-based solution that helps businesses identify potential corporate risks, secure confidential data and ensure regulatory compliance across processes. Professionals can conduct impact assessments and store informat...Read more about CRISAM

4.8 (6 reviews)


AlternativeSoft is a financial risk management software designed to help allocators, consultants, fund managers, and third-party fund marketers create portfolios and manage asset selection processes. Administrators can import fund...Read more about AlternativeSoft


Designed for businesses of all sizes, eftsure is a cloud-based financial risk management platform that helps manage payment frauds, supplier databases, financial investigations and more. The application offers various features suc...Read more about eftsure

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Sterling Trader Pro

Sterling Trader Pro is an advanced trading platform designed for active traders and broker-dealers. Sterling Trader Pro serves active traders who need robust trading tools as well as broker-dealers who require an end-to-end soluti...Read more about Sterling Trader Pro

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Beroe LiVE.Ai

Beroe LiVE.Ai is an artificial intelligence-enabled procurement platform that allows businesses to get information, data, and insights, for making smarter sourcing decisions. Beroe LiVE.Ai includes various modules for category int...Read more about Beroe LiVE.Ai

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Treasury Intelligence Solutions

TIS helps CFOs, Treasurers, and Finance teams transform their global cash flow, liquidity, and payment functions. Since 2010, our award-winning cloud platform and best-in-class service model have empowered the entire office of t...Read more about Treasury Intelligence Solutions


Inpensa’s Connected Capital Planning platform helps businesses streamline operations and costs related to short and long-term capital investment programs by enabling users to define, plan, and track all financial activities. It of...Read more about Inpensa

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Kashoo is a cloud-based accounting solution for small business owners who want the control and simplicity of doing their own books. It’s time-saving, fully customizable, and easy-to-use. It’s a great alternative to complicated acc...Read more about Kashoo

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SwissMetrics is a financial solution that helps streamline counterparty onboarding, credit risk monitoring and compliance review. Designed and developed for decision-makers being CFOs, treasurers, credit risk and procurement manag...Read more about SwissMetrics

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Pulley is a cap table platform taking a new approach to equity management. We give founders and employees the tools and insights to make smarter decisions about their equity. Equity is your company’s most important asset. Make s...Read more about Pulley

Jocata GRID

Jocata's GRID is an advanced enterprise ecosystem technology platform that helps financial institutions in their digital transformation. Jocata GRID provides an integrated real-time view of business, risk, operations, and complian...Read more about Jocata GRID

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ProLinkAIM is a financial risk management solution that enables businesses to streamline processes related to deal origination, tax credit syndication, construction monitoring, asset management, and investor reporting on a central...Read more about ProLinkAIM

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Alviere Hive

Embed Financial Products Into Your Business with our platform. Banking With a single, seamless integration, offer FDIC insured banking services to your customers. Process Payments Moving money is simple with easy to deploy cre...Read more about Alviere Hive

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XLRISK, developed by Vose Software and distributed by Addinsoft, is a powerful and simple tool that allows you to build, audit and precisely test your risk models to enable you to make better decisions. XLRISK is integrated with M...Read more about XLRISK

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MindBridge is a financial risk management platform designed to help enterprises, government organizations, financial institutions and audit or advisory firms strengthen compliance, discover fraud and anomalies, improve audit effec...Read more about MindBridge

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CovenantPulse offers an automated solution that can give in depth understanding of covenant performance. This SaaS product is available in a self service model in addition to a managed service with the help of subject matter exper...Read more about CovenantPulse

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CECL FIT is a web-based financial management solution, which enables businesses to maintain compliance with current expected credit loss (CECL) standards. Executives can use the centralized dashboard to gain visibility into unfund...Read more about CECL FIT

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Feedzai is a cloud-based solution that helps businesses identify, remediate and prevent financial frauds using artificial intelligence (AI) technology and machine learning capabilities. Professionals can use the dashboard to estab...Read more about Feedzai

4.7 (6 reviews)


Resolver’s risk management software is a cloud-based solution for midsize to larger enterprises that serves customers across a variety of industries and business needs. These industries include banking and financial services, heal...Read more about Resolver

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AM-DIS is a cloud-based investment management solution that helps users calculate risk indicators, track portfolio errors, and generate compliance reports. The integrated information module allows users to leverage all financial a...Read more about AM-DIS

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Agicap delivers a robust cash management solution tailored for SMBs and mid-market firms. As a leading European SaaS provider, we aim to transform how financial professionals manage their most challenging aspect - cash flows - ena...Read more about Agicap

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Ignimission Platform

Ignimission Platform is a customizable no-code solution that allows you to create business applications integrated with your information system and covering the entire data collection, entry, distribution, and reporting process. I...Read more about Ignimission Platform

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D&B Finance Analytics

D&B Finance Analytics is a cloud-based risk management solution designed to help businesses analyze credit applications and identify growth opportunities using predictive analytics. The platform enables organizations to establish ...Read more about D&B Finance Analytics

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Sayari Graph

Sayari Graph is an intelligence platform that provides instant access to public records, financial intelligence, and structured business information on over 455 million companies worldwide. Sayari Graph illuminates commercial and ...Read more about Sayari Graph

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Everysk is an analysis platform that enables financial institutions to perform stress testing, risk attribution, factor modeling and other advanced analyses on their portfolios. Using the application, managers can generate reports...Read more about Everysk

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At ComplySci, we believe advanced compliance technology empowers compliance professionals to transform their business. More than 7,000 customers, including some of the world’s largest financial institutions, rely on ComplySci’s sc...Read more about ComplySci


Kantox is a fintech company creating Currency Management Automation solutions designed to help businesses overcome complex foreign exchange (FX) challenges and leverage foreign currencies for growth. Kantox’s solutions and experti...Read more about Kantox

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ERFcheck is a bank reconciliation software that reconciles large volumes of information from balance sheets and transactions. The software offers an automated bank reconciliation process meaning that the management and finance co...Read more about ERFcheck

3.0 (1 reviews)


RightCapital is a financial planning software that helps advisors and advisors networks with budget planning and financial strategies. The cloud-based software can be deployed on-premise by installing the application on iOS and An...Read more about RightCapital

4.7 (3 reviews)


Take control of your website security with Reflectiz. Our proprietary website security sandbox creates a complete digital application inventory in minutes — the first of its kind. This inventory displays all the external applicati...Read more about Reflectiz

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Visyond is an intelligent cloud-based spreadsheet platform designed for collaborative business modeling and analysis. It serves finance teams, business analysts, and executives across various industries. Visyond offers a range ...Read more about Visyond

4.9 (7 reviews)


Finding out the probabilities of staying within budget or needing a contingency on your next project can be difficult to calculate. Armed with that information, users could take the guesswork out of big decisions. With @RISK, thes...Read more about @RISK


Allvue helps investment professionals enable deeper relationships with their investors and prospects and improve access to information. The solutions are integrated across the full end-to-end fund lifecycle, ultimately empowering ...Read more about Allvue

5.0 (1 reviews)

Mission Control

Mission Control is a leading Project Management and PSA Solution that allows you to connect all your work in one place and bring teams together, anywhere. From lists to boards, to calendars and Gantt charts, organize work your way...Read more about Mission Control

4.8 (9 reviews)


Socure is the leading platform for digital identity verification and trust. Its predictive analytics platform applies artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques with trusted online/offline data intelligence from email...Read more about Socure

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Linkurious Enterprise Watchtower

Linkurious Enterprise Watchtower provides novices and advanced users alike with a next generation of enterprise-ready detection and investigation software powered by graph technology. Linkurious Enterprise helps more than 5000 dat...Read more about Linkurious Enterprise Watchtower

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NARIS GRC software incorporates many years of expertise in the field of risk management to streamline governance, risk and compliance (GRC) processes. ...Read more about NARIS GRC

5.0 (1 reviews)


Bectran is an all-in-one credit, collections, and accounts receivable management platform for B2B finance departments. With its digital task management and process automation features, Bectran helps businesses streamline credit op...Read more about Bectran

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Designed for financial markets businesses, Calypso is a cloud-based software that helps businesses with investment management, risk management, and central banking. The cloud-based platform provides solutions for the financial ind...Read more about Calypso

4.3 (3 reviews)

Northstar Risk/Performance Software

Northstar Risk and Performance Analysis Platform helps hedge funds achieve greater transparency, balance sheet management and risk reporting capabilities. With real-time visibility into trading positions and daily P&L fluctuations...Read more about Northstar Risk/Performance Software

5.0 (9 reviews)


HiddenLevers is a stock portfolio and financial risk management software that helps organizations generate stress test portfolios, monitor assets, analyze mutual funds, and more from within a unified platform. With the advisory pl...Read more about HiddenLevers

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The Novus Platform

SEI Novus is a portfolio intelligence company that solves the unique data and analytics challenges of today, offering best-in-class solutions for investors. It serves endowments, foundations, sovereign wealth funds, outsourced CIO...Read more about The Novus Platform

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Designed for businesses of all sizes, DigiFi is a cloud-based loan origination software that helps request information from borrowers, assign value to variables, and process lending decisions. Key features include compliance manag...Read more about DigiFi

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TreasuryView is an all-in-one platform designed to simplify financial risk management for companies. With its intuitive interface and powerful automation tools, TreasuryView streamlines treasury functions, providing real-time data...Read more about TreasuryView

4.8 (4 reviews)


Bilendo is an AR automation platform that helps companies reduce costs, reduce DSO, increase liquidity, and ensure scalable processes in accounts receivable. Bilendo's customer portfolio includes hundreds of enterprise companies ...Read more about Bilendo

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Signifyd is a cloud-based eCommerce protection platform designed to help businesses of all sizes prevent fraud and maximize conversions. The Signifyd Commerce Network houses behavioral and transactional data for over 10,000 mercha...Read more about Signifyd

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The Closing Docs is an online income verification tool that helps property managers and lenders make the best applicant approval decisions. Ideal for rental applications, home loans and employment agreements, The Closing Docs prov...Read more about Payscore

Piteco Evo 5

Piteco Evo 5 is a cloud-based and on-premise treasury management solution that helps businesses handle cash processes, analyze financial and asset planning, and more. Key features include real-time reporting, audit trail, and aler...Read more about Piteco Evo 5

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Maple is a cloud-based math software that combines a math engine with an interface that makes it easier and more efficient for the user to analyze, visualize, explore, and solve mathematical problems. The software allows users t...Read more about Maple

5.0 (2 reviews)

Maple Flow

By providing a flexible, whiteboard-style environment, Maple Flow allows design engineers to easily sketch out and formalize technical ideas, revising and reordering content with simple drag-and-drop behavior. Users can add math, ...Read more about Maple Flow

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Kyriba is a cloud-based treasury management software that helps businesses gain an overview of asset liquidity and monitor financial risks on a centralized platform. Professionals can generate cash forecasts based on specific days...Read more about Kyriba

4.3 (7 reviews)


Unique 100% designed on and for salesforce KYC solution Benchmarked on of the best solution on the market for KYC processes with the following facts: 1) Most flexible 2) Automatised using flows 3) 1/2 the price of big 5 solutions ...Read more about FlexiKYC

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CCOSTAT is a method for generating multi-variable and non-linear models from existing data. The mathematical formulas created allow to statistically frame the results provided. Data collection by the user is empirical: the parame...Read more about CCOSTAT

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LeanPay is a customer reminder software that helps users accelerate their collections. Plan and automate their customer reminders, manage their receivables and offer their customers reliable and secure online payment methods. Off...Read more about LeanPay

4.9 (7 reviews)


With an integrated system that includes ERP, financials, commerce, inventory management, HR, PSA, supply chain management, CRM and more – NetSuite enables fast-growing businesses across all industries to work more effectively by a...Read more about NetSuite

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SEON. Fraud Fighters

SEON is a modern fraud prevention SaaS that can be implemented into your website or app. Use our modular APIs to enrich customer data (IP addresses, emails and phone numbers) and our device fingerprinting to accurately track your ...Read more about SEON. Fraud Fighters

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GTreasury is a treasury management platform that offers a comprehensive view of your company’s cash position and control across the business. It seamlessly connects cash positioning, forecasting and in-house banking for a comprehe...Read more about GTreasury

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CertifID protects people, companies, and customers from wire fraud by guaranteeing the safe transfer of money. This easy-to-use solution allows you to validate customer identities and securely share wiring information. By leveragi...Read more about CertifID

4.8 (5 reviews)


Briq is a financial automation platform that enables construction companies to be more efficient and profitable. Briq automates financial workflows by connecting the people, processes, and systems that contractors use to run their...Read more about Briq


RiskRator is an entity-wide AML and sanctions risk assessment solution for financial institutions. The software aims to help companies manage their risk exposure and compliance obligations 50% faster and more accurately than tradi...Read more about RiskRator

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Alessa is an anti-money laundering (AML) compliance software that helps businesses in banking, finance, insurance, retail and other industries streamline operations related to due diligence, sanctions screening and transaction mon...Read more about Alessa

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Network analysis is a powerful way to understand the webs of connections that make up the modern world. Social Network Analysis (SNA) is a set of mathematical tools to assemble and analyze webs of connections. But until recently...Read more about NodeXL

5.0 (1 reviews)

ETNA Broker Back Office

Broker Back Office is an online financial risk management platform designed to help brokers, trading firms, and digital advisers manage and automate back-office trading operations. The system provides tools for setting automated w...Read more about ETNA Broker Back Office

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JUMP Front-to-Back

JUMP Front-to-Back is a comprehensive and modular asset management platform covering front-to-back office functions. It streamlines operations for asset managers, wealth managers, insurers, and other financial services firms. The...Read more about JUMP Front-to-Back

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qashqade is an enterprise software suite for fund managers (GPs), fund administrators, and investors (LPs) in private markets. It is designed to handle key processes for calculation, allocation, tracking, and reporting. qashqade p...Read more about qashqade

5.0 (3 reviews)


SAP S/4HANA Cloud is a cloud-based and on-premise enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution. It is suitable for small, midsize and large businesses in industries such as automotive, engineering, construction, mining, research an...Read more about SAP S/4HANA Cloud

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Lucinity is a global anti-money laundering (AML) software developer on a mission to Make Money Good, serving customers from Tier-1 banks to FinTechs. Lucinity solves productivity issues through augmented intelligence, combining ne...Read more about Lucinity

5.0 (2 reviews)

Nethone Guard

Nethone provides an advanced SaaS fraud detection and prevention solution backed up by machine learning (ML) models. Our primary product, Nethone Guard, includes our proprietary 'Know Your Users (KYU)' profiling technology that al...Read more about Nethone Guard

5.0 (6 reviews)

Titan Treasury

Titan Treasury is a multi-user, multi-currency solution covering corporate companies' treasury valuation and financial risks analysis. Some features include transaction insertion and management, fees calculations, valuations, paym...Read more about Titan Treasury

4.0 (1 reviews)


Quantivate is a web-based solution, which assists banks, credit unions, insurance, manufacturing and retail businesses with risk assessment and compliance management. Key features include data sharing, vulnerability scanning, KPI ...Read more about Quantivate

5.0 (1 reviews)


Accountable is a cloud-based compliance and risk management software designed for healthcare practices of all sizes. It helps users manage HIPAA compliance, policies and procedures, HIPAA training, risk assessment and business ass...Read more about Accountable

4.8 (5 reviews)


PayPal is a digital payment platform that enables businesses and individuals to pay and accept payments through an online portal without revealing any financial details. The solution is suitable for businesses of all sizes. P...Read more about PayPal

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Universally, financial verification require all applicants to answer basic questions, consent to a credit and background check, provide references, and supply documents to help “prove” their stated income. At a very high level, th...Read more about VeriFast

Nectarine Credit

Nectarine Credit has solved the recurring headaches of business owners and accountants that previously sent out PDF and Word credit applications. Those "paper" applications have been replaced by Nectarine Credit's digital credit...Read more about Nectarine Credit

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Founded in 2015, is an industry leader in analytic solutions for energy, commodity, and financial services companies. cQuant is a cloud-native SaaS analytics company, providing robust solutions to meet today’s energy mar...Read more about cQuant

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Complinity Compliance Software

Complinity is India’s leading compliance software enabling tracking of compliances, contracts, audits, secretarial, litigation, legal updates, documents, and tasks and much more. It is a comprehensive Governance, Risk and Compli...Read more about Complinity Compliance Software


Comcore is a CTRM (commodity trading and risk management) solution that helps small to large businesses streamline processes related to Value-at-Risk (VaR) analysis, freight cost calculation, credit risk monitoring, and more on a ...Read more about Comcore

4.0 (2 reviews)


CashAnalytics is a provider of cash forecasting and liquidity planning software that allows companies to put intelligent cash flow analysis at the center of their most important business decisions. Our web based solutions enable...Read more about CashAnalytics

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Eleven helps small and medium-sized accounting firms to streamline their practice and scale. With this cloud accounting app, you can finally do books for all your clients without falling back on Excel. Eleven is tailored for acco...Read more about Eleven

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Tipalti is the world's leading finance automation solution for managing accounts payable, procurement, expenses, card, and global payments. Eliminating 80% of manual work and accelerating financial close by 25%. Tipalti allows yo...Read more about Tipalti

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Itbid is a collaborative supplier management platform to digitize and optimize the management of suppliers and purchases with technological solutions adapted to the needs of our clients. Our platform allows you to manage the docum...Read more about itbid


QFD by Quavo is an automated cloud-based fraud, dispute, and chargeback management application for card issuers, banks, payment processors, and FinTech companies. This web-based SaaS tool is available in English and geared toward ...Read more about QFD

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finway is an accounts payable software that helps businesses manage invoice processing, accounting, payments, expenses, budget control and liquidity. The platform enables managers to track the status of all invoices, send reminder...Read more about finway

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BIC GRC enables you to digitalize your GRC processes – professionally, sustainably and cost-effectively. Depending on your business model, you can choose from an out-of-the-box, ready-to-use solution or an individually tailored BI...Read more about BIC GRC

4.8 (6 reviews)

Seeking Alpha

Using Seeking Alpha, businesses can link their portfolio to get customized stock screeners, alerts and updates. Professionals can view stock prices, charts, news and more from within a unified platform....Read more about Seeking Alpha

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Fraud Prevention, Chargeback Guarantee, KYC, Working month-to-month - 0 risk, no commitments. Working month-to-month - 0 risk, no commitments. FUGU offers a 360° self-learning fraud prevention strategy fighting fraud at various ...Read more about FUGU

Vidrio Financial

Built to meet the changing needs of today’s multi-asset class allocators, for more than a decade Vidrio has been delivering asset allocation technology and data management solutions to cut through the complexity of the investment ...Read more about Vidrio Financial

2.0 (1 reviews)

Athena Systems

Athena Systems is a financial risk management system that extracts data from any technology, normalizes source data, checks for exposure rules, and presents the results in real-time - with embedded alerts too. It aggregates dispa...Read more about Athena Systems

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Trustpair is a cloud-based business software solution that provides tools for risk management and compliance. Trustpair serves financial institutions, insurance companies, and other highly regulated industries. Trustpair Global E...Read more about Trustpair

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LogicManager is a cloud-based solution that helps businesses implement and integrate all risk management processes in a customizable platform. The tool enables users to identify and assess high-impact risks and allocate the right ...Read more about LogicManager

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The only solution that proactively prevents fraud. PaymentKnox scans and analyzes all transactions so any payment that does not meet validation requirements is blocked. PaymentKnox utilizes an automated and highly secure verificat...Read more about PaymentKnox

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Managing the margin on your products or services requires a realistic model of to calculate their total cost. Valoptia.ABC is a powerful and simple solution to calculate and analyze the total cost of products and services, with a...Read more about Valoptia.ABC


Arctick is a cloud-based solution that helps small to large businesses streamline governance, risk and compliance management operations. Organizations can create and configure policies and assign responsibilities to team members. ...Read more about Arctick

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Sift is a Digtial Trust & Safety Suite that enables businesses to prevent all types of online fraud and abuse with a single integrated solution. With all of Sift’s products, you’ll have access to our machine learning with custom m...Read more about Sift

Risk Shell

Risk Shell is an application hosted on a private dedicated server network, presents an all-in-one platform that includes all components of a sophisticated investment process: asset screening, portfolio construction and optimizatio...Read more about Risk Shell

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Minerva serves as a risk assessment platform specifically created for anti-money laundering operations on a large scale. It caters to various sectors including financial services, cryptocurrency, fintech, payments, and gaming. Th...Read more about MinervaAI

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Introducing Pi, our best-in-class fraud detection software. Pi is an ML-driven decision-making engine that dynamically personalizes and manages risk for individual users throughout their lifecycle so that businesses can shoulder t...Read more about Pi.

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Finchecker is a simple-to-use anti-money laundering (AML) and compliance solution that can be easily tailored to fit all your specific business processes. We offer a highly adjustable web-based version or API for full automation. ...Read more about Finchecker

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Alloy solves the identity risk problem for companies that offer financial products. Today, nearly 500 banks and fintechs turn to Alloy to outpace fraud and grow with confidence. Alloy provides banks and fintechs with a scalable, f...Read more about Alloy

5.0 (4 reviews)


Embat is a cloud-based treasury management solution that enables finance teams to get an overview of debt and cash positions in real time. It allows them to automate their cash flows, accounting, reconciliation, reporting, cash fl...Read more about Embat

5.0 (3 reviews)


Fluenccy enables your business with advanced foreign currency reporting and insights. See how your business performed on foreign currency exchange over the last 12 months with our simple Currency Score tool. Detailed reports provi...Read more about Fluenccy

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ActiveViam's Atoti+ fit-for-purpose data analytics platform enables users to comb through terabytes of data in real-time, check for outliers, and inform better decision-making, faster. ActiveViam enables users to access their own...Read more about Atoti

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Forter is a fraud prevention and protection solution for digital commerce. Forter provides real-time decisions to help online retailers stop fraud, reduce chargebacks, and approve more transactions from genuine customers. The plat...Read more about Forter


Having a credit management solution in place in your finance department ensures an efficient and effective cash flow in your company. This is especially important when dealing with high volumes of debtors and invoices. CreditManag...Read more about CreditManager

4.0 (1 reviews)


Octopus has won the Editor‘s Pick at Fundmanagertools by Opalesque: Supports Crypto Portfolio/Funds! Crypto version video: The Portfolio manag...Read more about Octopus

4.0 (1 reviews)

Lendisoft LMS

Lendisoft LMS is a loan management solution that helps businesses to streamline processes related to risk grading, work queue generation, customer communication management, and more on a centralized platform. It allows staff membe...Read more about Lendisoft LMS

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iRely i21

iRely’s commitment to customer success has made the company a global leader in digital transformation, providing best-in-class software for commodity management, petroleum distribution, retail, grain operations, and agribusinesses...Read more about iRely i21

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Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP

Continuous change requires continuous innovation Tomorrow’s leaders are those most capable of adapting to change today. Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP is a complete, modern, cloud ERP suite that provides your teams with advanced capabil...Read more about Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP

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Synergee helps companies improve their point of sales performance and their brands as a whole. Specifically designed to customize to clients' businesses (development, legal, technical, finance, trade and purchasing), Synergee enab...Read more about Synergee


Solidgate allows users to access a complete payments platform with simple, pay-as-you-go pricing. Given that Affise operates with large volumes and we have expertise in providing services to businesses with subscription model - I...Read more about Solidgate

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Serrala Suite

Serrala offers a unique portfolio of automated end-to-end solutions that take the finance office into the digital age. It offers: - Seamlessly integrated solutions to manage all in and outbound payments, treasury processes as wel...Read more about Serrala Suite

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MaxMind minFraud

MaxMind’s online fraud detection tool, the minFraud® service, screens over 4.5 billion online transactions annually, and protects businesses by identifying those that are high risk. The minFraud service has cutting-edge machine le...Read more about MaxMind minFraud

5.0 (1 reviews)


HedgeFlows is a cloud-based financial risk management platform that allows businesses to handle foreign payments, cashflows and invoices. It offers a multi-currency account, enabling users to plan foreign collections. Finance tea...Read more about HedgeFlows

5.0 (4 reviews)

Hoopiz Credit Management

Hoopiz is a SaaS risk management and cash collect software that is connected to accounting software and your financial services in order to centralize all the data that is always up to date. Using dashboards and targeted alerts, i...Read more about Hoopiz Credit Management

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Effectiv is a financial risk management software that aims to empower financial institutions’ genuine needs for effective fraud prevention solutions that are adaptable for the future and use human-centered technology with the perf...Read more about Effectiv

5.0 (3 reviews)

Corporater Business Management Platform

Corporater Business Management Platform can digitally model the customer’s business management system to provide a holistic, central point of governance, management, and assurance of the corporation’s performance, risk, and compli...Read more about Corporater Business Management Platform


DMS (decision-making software) is Paas environment, implementing end-to-end decision automation process. DMS key features are segmentation, scoring, value setter, instant API publishing, version control and more. It is a low-code...Read more about DMS

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eloficash ONE

Multi-language, multi-company, multi-currency, multi-entity, eloficash ONE can be integrated into any information system in order to exploit and take advantage of the data required for collection and analysis of customer risk. In ...Read more about eloficash ONE

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Cloudsquare BankLink

Cloudsquare BankLink is a risk analysis tool that integrates Salesforce with the safest and most customer-friendly financial account verification platform, Plaid. It enables businesses to run effortless cash flow analysis, facilit...Read more about Cloudsquare BankLink

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condignum is a SaaS solution, which enables businesses to manage compliance, risks and security requirements from within a unified platform. Supervisors can add widgets and track the status of iterations using a centralized dashbo...Read more about condignum

5.0 (3 reviews)


Monitr is a personalized finance and cash flow solution that provides a range of powerful tools to help you manage your finances effectively and make informed decisions about your business. With Monitr, you can easily report your...Read more about Monitr

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Sanction Scanner

Sanction Scanner is an anti-money laundering solution that helps small to midsize businesses manage financial fraud. Key features include transaction monitoring, risk assessment, name screening and dashboards. Sanction Scanner al...Read more about Sanction Scanner

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PayGate KYC

PayGate KYC, offered by Fineksus, is a comprehensive and highly advanced Know Your Customer (KYC) solution that is designed to meet the needs of midsize and larger companies in their fight against financial crimes. With its cuttin...Read more about PayGate KYC

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Iziago is a modular and evolving software that allows small and medium-sized business owners to keep track of their company's financial health. With features including treasury budget, cash forecasting, bank synchronization, and p...Read more about Iziago

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NameScan is a provider of Pay-As-You-Go Risk Management solutions that offers businesses a comprehensive range of AML, KYB, and KYC screening solutions. Their suite of solutions is designed to simplify the risk compliance process ...Read more about NameScan

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MemberCheck provides risk management solutions, including anti-money laundering (AML), know your customer (KYC), and know your business (KYB) for businesses. The suite of solutions is designed to streamline the customer onboarding...Read more about MemberCheck

NXG Forensics

The FISCAL Technologies cloud-based software is designed to help organisations prevent fraud, errors, and financial risks in their accounts payable processes. With advanced algorithms and machine learning, the software can analyse...Read more about NXG Forensics

Chrome River EXPENSE

Emburse Chrome River Expense is a cloud-based expense management solution for mid-sized and large businesses. Key features include automated approval routing, mobile access, split expense allocation, optical character recognition ...Read more about Chrome River EXPENSE

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Emburse Chrome River

Emburse Chromeriver is a spend management software designed to help businesses track, submit and manage travel expenses. The platform enables managers to gain real-time visibility into finance reports and utilize AI-enabled tools ...Read more about Emburse Chrome River

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When you are a broker or a bank finding a trading platform for your clients may become a great deal. Growing costs, low level of security, various professional infrastructure may disperse you from your main focus - earning profits...Read more about Unity

5.0 (3 reviews)


KYC Scoring is an online platform that facilitates lending companies, from small-scale lenders to banks, in assessing the financial risk associated with potential clients. Essentially, we act as an intermediary between lenders, al...Read more about KYCScoring

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PayGate Inspector

PayGate Inspector is a cloud-based and on-premise blacklist filtering tool that is easy to use and can be customized to meet the unique needs of each financial institution. The software provides detailed reports and analytics that...Read more about PayGate Inspector

5.0 (1 reviews)

PayGate Analyzer

PayGate Analyzer is an anti-money laundering software that is powered by AI and assists financial institutions in meeting their AML compliance requirements. The software uses a risk-based approach to ensure transactions made by cu...Read more about PayGate Analyzer

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AMLYZE is a cloud-based AML or anti-financial crime solution designed for fintech, neo-banks, virtual asset service providers and all other companies (directly or indirectly) subjected to AML/CFT. The platform provides a variety o...Read more about AMLYZE

4.3 (3 reviews)

SAS Anti-Money Laundering

SAS Anti-Money Laundering helps organizations detect, investigate and mitigate the risk of money laundering. Combining analytics-driven investigation and simplified business insight in a single solution, SAS AML enables you to ide...Read more about SAS Anti-Money Laundering

4.7 (9 reviews)


GOST provides users with confidence in coverage with bulk screening and continuous monitoring capabilities (current client populations of 30M+) Full coverage data components include: - GOSTVigil for CSL (and addition sanctions l...Read more about GOST

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Aprenet offers the full range of AML and KYC that your business needs to meet the requirements and protect itself from risk. - Fastcheck - detect clients included in black lists, PRPs and more. - RIAS - calculate the initial ri...Read more about Fastcheck


uFlow is a cloud-based Decision Engine that aids fintechs and financial service providers in managing credit decisions. It offers a highly intuitive UI in addition to autonomously, simply, and agilely coordinating, developing, ad...Read more about uFlow

5.0 (3 reviews)


Simility is a cloud-based fraud detection software platform, designed to incorporate advanced machine learning techniques that are also used for spam detection and malware analysis. It's purpose is to reduce risk of chargebacks an...Read more about Simility

5.0 (6 reviews)


eTHIC is a software that helps businesses manage their ethics and compliance. It provides an easy-to-use platform for managing all of your company's compliance requirements, including government regulations, industry standards, an...Read more about eTHIC

4.5 (4 reviews)


The main functionalities offered by our platform are: - Financial Scorecard - Online Banking Integration with permanently updated Banking Pool. - Financial, economic and equity analysis of the company, incorporating conclusions. ...Read more about FINERGIA

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Helu is a financial reporting, controlling, planning and analysis tool that automates accounting and business KPIs using a DATEV interface and app integration options. Reports are automatically updated after each data upload. Thro...Read more about Helu

4.8 (4 reviews)


Clarity is a project portfolio management software designed to help businesses manage products, services, customers and finances. The platform enables administrators to gain insights into multiple projects on a centralized dashboa...Read more about Clarity


ThirdLine is a no-code analytics software that allows government auditors and financial management teams to mitigate risk, combat fraud, generate audit reports, reduce waste, and identify cost savings options. The solution integra...Read more about ThirdLine

4.7 (7 reviews)


IPQS is a leading fraud prevention solution tailored for businesses like yours. Powered by the most up-to-date and comprehensive data, our advanced APIs and datasets specialize in real-time fraud prevention with unparalleled accur...Read more about IPQS


Perfio is a cloud-based financial management system designed to be used by various financial institutions (FIs) with the most stringent SLAs and with no incidence of any security/privacy issues. Perfios has grown to serve 1000+ FI...Read more about Perfios

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VoPay makes payment processing and financial management a breeze for Canadian businesses, giving them complete control of the whole payment process. Control everything from onboarding new clients and setting up recurring payments...Read more about VoPay

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Ideagen Risk Management

Pentana Risk is a cloud-based enterprise risk management solution that helps businesses in food and beverage, manufacturing, transport, pharmaceuticals, aviation, energy, finance, healthcare, and other industries identify threats,...Read more about Ideagen Risk Management

4.4 (5 reviews)

Commodity XL

Commodity XL is a web-based CTRM software designed to help businesses in commodity trading and energy sectors optimize position management and end-to-end commodity value chain. Key features include accounting management, financial...Read more about Commodity XL

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Backstop, a service of ION Analytics is a cloud-based, investment management software designed to help growth and enterprise businesses in the institutional investment industry. The platform provides various solutions to manage mu...Read more about Backstop

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myDiapason Treasury

myDiapason Treasury is a treasury management tool designed for mid-sized and large corporations. It provides a centralized system for managing all financial flows from start to finish. This tool is particularly beneficial for trea...Read more about myDiapason Treasury

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LogicGate Risk Cloud

LogicGate Risk Cloud® is a no-code governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) platform that scales and adapts to your changing business needs and regulatory requirements. It combines a suite of purpose-built Applications with intuitiv...Read more about LogicGate Risk Cloud

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Workday Financial Management

Workday Financial Management is a single cloud-based solution that assists global businesses of all sizes in a variety of industry verticals with financial planning, accounting, and transactions. Workday delivers user and administ...Read more about Workday Financial Management

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Hermes is a commodity trade and risk management (CTRM) software designed to simplify commodity trading operations and improve efficiency. The platform streamlines the entire trading lifecycle, providing real-time trade capture, po...Read more about Hermes

Workday Enterprise Management Cloud

Designed for businesses in technology, healthcare, retail and other industries, Workday Enterprise Management Cloud is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that helps streamline business operations through an integrated ...Read more about Workday Enterprise Management Cloud

4.5 (6 reviews)


Tidely is a cash flow management software that helps businesses gain real-time visibility into cash flow positions and handle liquidity. Tidely provides a dashboard that enables users to gain an overview of account balances, inco...Read more about Tidely

4.6 (5 reviews)

Company Watch

Company Watch is a financial risk solutions and business intelligence platform. It provides comprehensive financial risk management solutions to help users identify, assess, and manage financial risk. The platform offers features ...Read more about Company Watch

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XREC Reconciliation

XREC Reconciliation Solution is a cloud-based, robust, and scalable reconciliation management solution for all industries and sizes. The feature-rich XREC Reconciliation Solution allows F&A teams to reconcile and rationalize the...Read more about XREC Reconciliation

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XCERT Accounting Close

XCERT Accounting Close Solution helps users with their monthly, quarterly or yearly internal audit and accounting control. Its approach allows companies to automate period end close of accounts, ready for auditing and validation. ...Read more about XCERT Accounting Close

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SAS Fraud, AML & Security Intelligence

SAS Fraud, Anti-Money Laundering & Security Intelligence is a comprehensive solution designed to proactively protect businesses from fraud, compliance breaches, and security threats. SAS combines advanced analytics, AI, and machin...Read more about SAS Fraud, AML & Security Intelligence

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REDA is a cloud-based software that streamlines operations for real estate businesses. It caters to property managers, general contractors, and developers. It offers a customer relationship management tool to manage leads, contact...Read more about REDA

4.0 (1 reviews)

Cash & Credit

Cash & Credit is a collection automation and credit management software package. It improves the performance of 3 processes in the order-to-cash chain: preventive dunning and collection, dispute management and credit policy. The ...Read more about Cash & Credit

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CorpHedge is a foreign exchange risk management software. It provides techniques and solutions that allow companies to manage their exposure to the foreign exchange market. This tool is particularly useful for small- and mid-sized...Read more about CorpHedge

5.0 (1 reviews)

Sage Intacct

Sage Intacct is a provider of cloud-based financial management and accounting software. Sage Intacct's software solution is suitable for small to midsize accounting firms and can provide financial reporting and operational insight...Read more about Sage Intacct

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Trapets is a technology provider of solutions that detect and prevent financial crime, including anti-money laundering (AML), know-your-customer (KYC), and market abuse. Since 2000, Trapets has worked with more than 500 customers,...Read more about Trapets

4.3 (3 reviews)

Credit Risk Management

Credit Risk Management Software by RNDpoint focuses on developing tailored cross-sell and up-sell offers to low-risk customers, aiming to increase cash flows while avoiding the risks associated with bad debt. It also provides the ...Read more about Credit Risk Management

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Trayport - Joule

Trayport offers a range of solutions for the global energy markets. Trayport's advanced analytics, trading platforms, and algorithms enable energy traders to gain enhanced market views and insights for efficient trading. Trayport'...Read more about Trayport - Joule

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Genesis Global Platform offers a low-code framework for developing full-stack applications specifically for the financial markets. The framework is designed to help professional developers build and customize applications more eff...Read more about Genesis

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By positioning itself between an organization's Payroll and ERP systems and their banking platform, VigilantPay can analyze proposed payments before the bank is instructed to execute the transaction. VigilantPay's integration in t...Read more about VigilantPay

4.5 (8 reviews)


Protect360 is at the forefront of cybersecurity education, offering a gamified platform that transforms training into an engaging and effective experience. By integrating gamification elements such as leaderboards, badges, and rew...Read more about Protect360

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RiskSeal provides a SaaS API solution designed for online lenders and assists with user scoring and decision-making. Using a customer's email, phone number, and IP address data, RiskSeal analyzes digital footprint and delivers a d...Read more about RiskSeal

5.0 (1 reviews)

Prevent, Combat, and Analyze Chargebacks Efficiently At, they offer smart chargeback management solutions to streamline your payment dispute processes. Their technology is customized for startups and large financial en...Read more about

5.0 (1 reviews)


Optimo is a decision engine that empowers lenders to make faster, well-informed decisions, optimize product offerings, and enhance time-to-market for new pricing strategies. With its powerful combination of Intelligent Pricing, Sc...Read more about Optimo

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A1 Tracker

A1 Tracker Contract Management Software is a cloud-based contract management & lifecycle platform. A1 Tracker's features include contract approval workflow, documents, vendors, audits, reminder notifications, templates, certi...Read more about A1 Tracker

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RapidRatings® is a global supply chain and third-party risk management solution provider. Our risk management solution uses financial health to accurately measure and drive excellence in supply chain and vendor resiliency. Rapid...Read more about RapidRatings

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Unleash financial prowess with Nomentia: Empower, Grow, Thrive! Our comprehensive platform offers a suite of cutting-edge tools and solutions designed to streamline every aspect of financial management, from cash flow optimizatio...Read more about Nomentia

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