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OneSignal is the market-leading customer engagement platform offering mobile push, web push, email, SMS, and in-app messages for developers and marketers, all on one platform. OneSignal offers tools such as customer journeys, A/B ...Read more about OneSignal


AlertMedia helps organizations protect their people and business through all phases of an emergency. Our award-winning threat intelligence, emergency communication, and travel risk management solutions help companies of all sizes ...Read more about AlertMedia


DeskAlerts is a cloud-based and on-premise solution designed to help small to large enterprises send critical notifications to employees and clients across all corporate devices. It assists users with delivering predefined message...Read more about DeskAlerts


Personyze is a website personalization solution that helps businesses streamline marketing operations. It utilizes machine learning algorithms to create personalized content, website messages and emails based on multiple criteria ...Read more about Personyze is a leading customer engagement platform designed for tech-savvy organizations to create personalized customer journeys that engage, convert, and scale. Use first-party data to send meaningful messages across all chan...Read more about

Stratics Networks

Stratics Networks is a web-based customer communication solution designed to help businesses manage non-profit or political voice broadcasting, IVR surveys, and polling. It enables teams to create SMS marketing campaigns to genera...Read more about Stratics Networks


WebEngage is a customer data platform and marketing automation suite that makes user engagement and retention simplified and highly effective for consumer tech enterprises and SMBs. The platform helps brands drive more revenue fro...Read more about WebEngage

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AWeber provides online marketing services for small businesses. They provide marketing solutions to help you - Grow your email list - Increase website traffic - Monetize your content - Sell your products or services - Automate yo...Read more about AWeber

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Mixpanel is a product analytics solution that helps businesses gain insights into audience behavior and track customer journeys. It enables managers to convert leads into customers, generate custom reports, build funnels, view top...Read more about Mixpanel

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Scal-e is a digital marketing platform allows brands to set up personalized devices via product or content recommendations across email, SMS, mobile wallets, WhatsApp, Telegram, Messenger, Facebook, and Instagram. Teams can launch...Read more about Scal-e


Pushnami is a cloud-based email marketing solution that helps small to large businesses manage and automate re-target subscriber engagement, sales conversions and cross-platform messaging. It allows users to identify targets and c...Read more about PushNami

4.8 (9 reviews)


MoEngage helps businesses grow their customer lifetime value (LTV) by engaging them in a timely, relevant, and personalized way. It caters to various industries, including e-commerce and retail, telco, banking and finance, travel ...Read more about MoEngage

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SnapComms is an Everbridge Company - The only end-to-end critical event management and employee communication solution in the world. Designed with all workplaces in mind, our software bypasses email to inform and engage every empl...Read more about SnapComms

4.8 (9 reviews)


SendPulse is an all-in-one marketing automation platform designed to help you streamline your sales and marketing efforts from start to finish and scale your business. SendPulse features include: - bulk email and SMS service; - s...Read more about SendPulse

Learn More is a full-stack marketing automation platform that converts visitors into satisfied and loyal customers. The application allows you to gather information about prospects and communicate with them via live chat through cha...Read more about

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Vero Cloud

Vero is a customer messaging platform that helps marketing, engineering and product teams manage customer experience. The solution enables users to Primary features of Vero include real-time event stream, customer segmentation, p...Read more about Vero Cloud

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SuperProof provides notification widgets for score feedback, random review, conversions counter, live counter, engagement links, modal two collector, coupon bar, informational bar, image, button bar, call to action, informational,...Read more about SuperProof

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Crises Control

Crises Control is a cloud-based solution that enables businesses of all sizes to notify staff members about crisis events and incidents via multiple communication channels. It comes with a task manager, which allows users to creat...Read more about Crises Control

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Leanplum is a mobile marketing platform, which is available to enhance customer engagement. It helps businesses to understand customer needs as well as runs campaigns to build continuous experiences across all brand touchpoints fo...Read more about Leanplum

4.1 (9 reviews)

One Call Now

OnSolve One Call Now's software and mobile app help small businesses and non-profit organizations coordinate two-way messaging for routine or emergency communications. Users can send secure messages via text, phone call, email, so...Read more about One Call Now

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CleverTap is a mobile marketing solution that helps marketers create differentiated customer engagement strategies at scale. The platform provides features such as flows, pivots, A/B testing, user segmentation, funnels, cross-chan...Read more about CleverTap

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Klaxon is a cloud-based emergency notification solution designed to keep employees safe, informed, and productive. It provides major incident, mass notification, and planned maintenance communication services to help clients commu...Read more about Klaxon

4.7 (6 reviews)


Browser Push Notifications is a cloud-based platform that helps users to manage push notifications in web browsers. The product features customer segmentation, which allows users to group and target visitors for marketing cam...Read more about Engage360

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Maximize your conversions and customer loyalty using Pushwoosh's customer engagement software! Utilize data, behavior, and RFM criteria to focus on specific user segments. Deliver customized automated messages to every user of you...Read more about Pushwoosh


Phrasee is a cloud-based solution designed to help businesses automate processes for email marketing through multivariate testing, social media advertising and push notifications. Key features include dynamic content, predictive a...Read more about Phrasee

4.0 (1 reviews)


InformaCast is a web-based emergency notification solution designed to help organizations such as schools, healthcare facilities, manufacturing plants and government agencies broadcast audio and text alerts across mobile or on-pre...Read more about InformaCast


Bouncezap is a cloud-based lead generation solution designed for businesses across industries such as marketing, real estate, e-commerce, fashion, travel and more. Key features include campaign segmentation, contextual targeting, ...Read more about Bouncezap


Routee is a cloud-based platform designed to help businesses of all sizes manage the entire workflow of SMS marketing, from creating campaigns to generating leads. Key features include bulk messaging, two-factor authentication, pu...Read more about ROUTEE

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Indigitall is a cloud-based push notification solution designed to help businesses create segmented and personalized messages with photos and animated GIFs and send them across mobile or websites. Features include A/B testing, web...Read more about Indigitall

4.6 (7 reviews)


Courier is a notification management solution, which helps businesses design notifications once and deliver them through push notifications, direct messages like Slack and Facebook Messenger, SMS, and email with the Courier API. ...Read more about Courier

5.0 (1 reviews)


ADA is an AI Conversational Marketing Platform. In these competitive times, the consumer is increasingly demanding and active. That is why, faced with the need to acquire tools that are more affordable and adaptable to different ...Read more about ADA

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Notificare is a cloud-based customer engagement software designed to help businesses communicate with customers via personalized messages. The platform enables organizations to connect with the target audience via mobile, web, ema...Read more about Notificare

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NetSupport Notify

NetSupport Notify is designed to help organizations send mass notifications to update employees about announcements, reminders and emergency alerts. It allows businesses to send routine notifications or critical one-way alerts to ...Read more about NetSupport Notify


Notify.Events enable businesses and individuals to receive and send messages and alerts from multiple sources to 50+ recipients Get notifications from 40+ sources, such as Zabbix, WordPress, Google Home, Home Assisatnt, via chatti...Read more about Notify.Events

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Social Proofy

Designed for businesses in real estate, marketing, healthcare, hospitality, retail, and other industries, Social Proofy is a cloud-based software that helps manage website visitors, engage with customers, and collect leads from a ...Read more about Social Proofy


Workstories is a solution for internal communication. With this tool, you can easily create corporate stories and spread important information to your target audience. Moreover, you can run surveys, create engaging content, so you...Read more about Workstories

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UXgrowth is a push notification software that helps businesses engage users and instill trust in website visitors. These widgets can showcase a variety of content, including informative messages, real-time conversions, exclusive c...Read more about UXgrowth

4.5 (2 reviews)


MightyText is a push notification and communication management solution that helps users store messages, create labels, restore data, manage contact lists, and more on a centralized platform. It enables users to synchronize SMS to...Read more about MightyText

5.0 (1 reviews)


Notifications and popups starting at €1/month for Web and Mobile. WonderPush works with mobile devices running iOS and Android and several common web browsers like Chrome and Firefox. The software automates marketing and custome...Read more about WonderPush

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The Blueshift SmartHub CDP is a single, flexible, easy-to-use platform that unifies customer data from any source, unlocks intelligence with customizable AI, and activates data in real-time with automated decisioning. Multi-chann...Read more about Blueshift

4.5 (6 reviews)


Hibox is a complete team collaboration platform that supports the workflows of business teams with a private, online communication platform. Get secured, internal instant chat capabilities where streams can be created for specific...Read more about Hibox

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The 360° Customer Engagement Platform for CRM Teams With an average 600% ROI, Batch powers personalized user experiences at scale between brands and consumers using push notifications, in-app messaging, web push and email. Unlea...Read more about Batch


WiserNotify enhances the power of FOMO marketing strategy on the website through live social proofs, which entail dynamic & interactive notifications and widgets and convert browsers into buyers. This not only builds incredible tr...Read more about WiserNotify

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Braze is a leading customer engagement platform that powers lasting connections between consumers and brands they love. Braze allows any marketer to collect and take action on any amount of data from any source, so they can creati...Read more about Braze

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Konexus provides organizations with a critical event management platform which alerts and polls employees as well as allows for precise communication through geo-tagging, SMS, email and social media. The platform allows for both t...Read more about Konexus

4.9 (9 reviews)


NOTIX is a cross-device push notification service platform designed for companies that need to send notifications to customers across multiple devices. NOTIX allows businesses to send push notifications to audiences segmented by ...Read more about NOTIX

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NotifyVisitors is an AI powered marketing automation and CDP solution. It provides an omnichannel experience that helps you reach your desired audience through email, SMS, push, popups, and much more. With NotifyVisitors, you can ...Read more about NotifyVisitors

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360NRS is an email marketing management software designed to help businesses in the eCommerce, education, healthcare and other sectors send text messages and push notifications to target audiences. The platform enables managers to...Read more about 360NRS

4.8 (4 reviews)

Mobile Marketing Cloud

Mobile Marketing Cloud is an all-in-one marketing software solution that empowers marketers to create superior customer journeys that increase engagement and conversion. The solution includes an in-built Customer Data Platform, an...Read more about Mobile Marketing Cloud

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Oriel Push

60% of your website visitors never return, and 30% of your current subscribers dismiss your notifications because they are not relevant to them. OrielPush helps businesses enhance visitor engagement with targeted messages. Its ke...Read more about Oriel Push

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Pushly is a push notifications software designed for businesses across a variety of industries automate notifications deployment. Key features include expiry notifications, campaign management, notification scheduling, multi-chann...Read more about Pushly

4.9 (8 reviews)

Rave Alert

The Rave Alert mass notification system gets the right message to the right user at the right time from any internet-connected device. Send your message from anywhere to anywhere in a matter of seconds. It only takes three clicks ...Read more about Rave Alert

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Agile CRM

Agile CRM is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) solution designed for small and midsize businesses. It offers contact management, telephony tools, appointment scheduling, marketing automation, project management,...Read more about Agile CRM

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Airship is a customer engagement solution, which enables businesses in media, retail, finance, airline, telecom and other industries to create and distribute personalized messages across multiple communication channels and improv...Read more about Airship

3.8 (4 reviews)


Cronberry is a cloud-based marketing automation solution that helps businesses in retail, eCommerce, healthcare, banking, insurance, education and other industries manage marketing, performance evaluation, team activities and more...Read more about Cronberry

EngageBay CRM

EngageBay is an integrated marketing, sales, support and CRM solution designed to help small to midsize enterprises acquire, engage and convert website visitors into customers. The cloud-based platform lets businesses use marketin...Read more about EngageBay CRM

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Aimtell is a cloud-based customer experience solution, which lets businesses enhance visitor engagement by sending push notifications. Its key features include customer segmentation, A/B testing, custom branding, conversion tracki...Read more about Aimtell

VWO Engage

VWO Engage is a push notification solution, which helps businesses engage with website visitors using automated marketing campaigns to promote sales, new arrivals and other offers. Key features of VWO Engage include data import/...Read more about VWO Engage

4.0 (1 reviews)


PushNinja is a notification software that helps improve customer engagement and increase sales. Features of PushNinja: Customization: PushNinja Software enables users to send personalized notifications when visitors land on the...Read more about PushNinja

4.7 (6 reviews)


WebsitesToolz is a social proof marketing tool for every online business to turn your online visitors into customers. With Websitestoolz, users won't have to do any coding. Just paste a one-line pixel code on your website. Choose...Read more about WebsitesToolz

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Everlytic is a marketing automation solution designed to help businesses send personalized emails, text messages, and web push notifications to customers. The system assists managers with the building of customer journeys that t...Read more about Everlytic

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Arena provides tools for companies and institutions to increase their audience engagement, allowing them to offer excellent digital experiences on a proprietary platform. Arena Live Chat is a product that allows you to create live...Read more about Arena

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Appgain is a Customer Engagement solution that helps businesses with marketing in an All-in-One tool. The software can be deployed via Apple SDK, Android SDK, iOnic SDK, Web SDK, ReactNative SDK, Shopify, Flutter, or Unity. The ma...Read more about Appgain

5.0 (1 reviews)


At Kumulos, we want to empower brands to send the right message, to the right person at precisely the right time – this is what today’s privacy conscious consumers expect and all brands now require. We set your marketing teams fre...Read more about Kumulos

4.6 (5 reviews)

Proof Pulse

Proof Pulse is a marketing solution that helps businesses improve visitor conversions into leads, sales and demos across websites using real-time alerts. It includes hot streaks, which display pop-up notifications for various acti...Read more about Proof Pulse

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Fomo is a cloud-based no-code social proof marketing automation software for websites that allow users to improve the conversion rate by displaying recent customer activities to website visitors. It supports integrations with vari...Read more about Fomo

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Voyent Alert!

Voyent Alert! is an emergency mass notification solution that allows businesses to utilize the alerting application to rapidly send enriched and personalized alerts for both critical emergencies and day-to-day notifications. Voye...Read more about Voyent Alert!

4.8 (9 reviews)


Dataroid is a digital analytics and customer engagement solution, which helps businesses gain insights into customer behavior across their channels and grow their customer lifetime value (LTV) by engaging them in a relevant and pe...Read more about Dataroid

4.0 (2 reviews)

Netcore Customer Engagement

Netcore is a customer engagement and experience platform designed to help businesses in education, hospitality, travel, media, entertainment, eCommerce and other industries streamline marketing automation processes using machine l...Read more about Netcore Customer Engagement

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Rave Guardian

Rave Guardian, the leading personal safety app, can help you build positive community relationships by engaging directly with your people through texting, confidential tips, location sharing, a call directory and a content portal....Read more about Rave Guardian

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Rave Panic Button

Rave Panic Button is a mobile communication tool that allows individuals to quickly and easily communicate any type of emergency to 9-1-1. Upon activation, the users phone will immediately dial 9-1-1 and at the same time, a preset...Read more about Rave Panic Button

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Active Defender

Active Defender is an emergency notification platform that helps entertainment and sport venues, senior care institutions, churches, schools, retail spaces, and healthcare institutions with identifying emergencies, alerting help, ...Read more about Active Defender

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Rocketmailer solves the challenges of digital marketing messaging at scale for your business. The platform makes it easy to create and run email newsletters, SMS and voice broadcasting campaigns. Its personalisation, segmentatio...Read more about Rocketmailer


GetResponse is a comprehensive email marketing platform that provides small businesses, solopreneurs, coaches, and marketers with powerful and affordable tools to grow their audience, engage with their subscribers, and turn subscr...Read more about GetResponse

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eBanqo is a customer engagement/communications platform that helps SMBs across all industries to extend their services and offer support on popular messaging channels like WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, Google's Business Messages, ...Read more about eBanqo

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JUNE - Online Marketing Cloud

JUNE - Online Marketing Cloud delivers a powerful solution for creating rich, unique content. This web-based editor features intuitive tools for creating landing pages, websites, webshops or e-commerce content such as email campai...Read more about JUNE - Online Marketing Cloud

4.6 (8 reviews)

JUNE - Email Marketing

JUNE - Email Marketing is a cloud solution for email marketing content creation. You are able to create newsletters and campaigns with maximum flexibility in a short amount of time and will be able to generate leads and sales. Th...Read more about JUNE - Email Marketing

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appICE helps businesses reach and retain customers for longer duration. With appICE, teams can analyze customers' behavior and delight them with personalized communication or messages at every touchpoint across the journey....Read more about appICE

5.0 (2 reviews)

OfficeFLO Sign Up & Notify

OfficeFLO Sign Up & Notify is a HIPPA compliant notification and waitlist management solution for organizations in healthcare and other industries. The software provides features such as email and phone number validation, waitlis...Read more about OfficeFLO Sign Up & Notify

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Adobe Journey Optimizer

Adobe Journey Optimizer supports businesses to find the next best interaction. It was specifically designed for mid-market & large enterprises and for businesses looking to manage one-to-one moments and scheduled omnichannel camp...Read more about Adobe Journey Optimizer

5.0 (1 reviews)


Countly is an open-source mobile and web analytics platform that caters to businesses across various industries that want to gain data-driven insights into how their digital products are being used. The solution offers a variety o...Read more about Countly


iurny is a free plugin that will allow you to bring your marketing automation to the next level as it allows you to easily open some of your favorite communication channels with your users. With Whatsapp Chat - Start chatting wit...Read more about iurny

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KARTE is a comprehensive business management tool that assists Japan-based organizations with their customer relations. KARTE allows firms to understand their clients and provide personalized experiences. It can visualize the enti...Read more about KARTE

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Back in Stock

Back in Stock will notify customers when they're back in stock, driving sales and bottom-line revenue. Unlike other apps, Back in Stock integrates with a Shopify theme or email platform to send out the most timely notifications to...Read more about Back in Stock

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SuprSend is a robust notification platform that can enhance your product's communication capabilities. With just one API, you can create and send transactional, cron, and engagement notifications on multiple channels. Some benefit...Read more about SuprSend

3.7 (3 reviews)

Bottle Message

Bottle Message allows many links to be shared in one, so social media users can use it as a bio link on social media platforms like Tiktok and Instagram. Bottle Message is more than a social media app or a marketing tool, it is a ...Read more about Bottle Message

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Framework360 è una piattaforma completa di marketing automation che aiuta chi lavora con il web a creare o migliorare il proprio business online. Il software può inviare automaticamente e-mail, sms, notifiche push e messaggi what...Read more about Framework360

The Sender

The Sender is a tool for collecting and monetizing or messaging subscribers by sending push notifications. Features include scheduling and automation, extended statistics and analytics, as well as detailed targeting for better d...Read more about The Sender

5.0 (2 reviews)

Push to Talk Plus

The Push to Talk Plus app allows users to make text, voice and location-based push-to-talk (PTT) communications. It allows dispersed teams to communicate, share photos and locations with contacts, and connect one on one or broadca...Read more about Push to Talk Plus

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SuperBuzz is an AI software designed to help website owners grow their profits by increasing retention traffic. SuperBuzz makes it easier for website owners to navigate the complexities of push notification campaigns, ensuring max...Read more about SuperBuzz

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Our technology is designed to help employers and managers like yourself to never miss the key moments when employees need to be recognized and rewarded for their hard work and achievements. We understand that employees who feel va...Read more about CUES

5.0 (5 reviews)

Twilio User Authentication & Identity

Twilio User Authentication & Identity offers digital identity verification and intelligence tools to build mutual trust between business and consumer. Verify end-users are who they say they are across SMS, email, WhatsApp, TOTP, ...Read more about Twilio User Authentication & Identity

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Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS)

Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS) is a push notification solution that helps businesses streamline processes related to message filtering, encryption, archiving, analytics, durability, privacy, and other processes on a cent...Read more about Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS)


Popupsland is a pioneering web application that empowers organizations to design, tailor, and integrate carbon reduction pop-ups on their websites. Utilizing Popupsland's capabilities, companies can develop captivating and interac...Read more about Popupsland

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NotificationX is a WordPress plugin that combines the capabilities of notification bars, social proof, and WooCommerce sales popups. It helps businesses develop trust with website visitors by drawing their attention and presenting...Read more about NotificationX

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Your teams need access to information, resources, and company updates in real-time. As the workforce becomes even more distributed, it's critical to provide enough channels to reach your deskless, remote, and hybrid employees. Wi...Read more about theEMPLOYEEapp


Designed for businesses of all sizes, FlashInfo is a cloud-based push notification system that helps businesses monitor qualified leads, view live feeds of various sale funnels, and more. Key features include conversion optimizati...Read more about FlashInfo

5.0 (1 reviews)


Agillic is a multi-channel marketing automation platform for B2C brands across several industries, including finance, retail, subscription, and others. To help businesses improve customer engagement, the platform provides centrali...Read more about Agillic

4.3 (3 reviews)


Maropost is a cloud-based marketing solution that enables marketing teams to strategically engage with their audience through marketing automation and analytics. It has proven successful for businesses of all sizes across various ...Read more about Maropost


Xtremepush is a cloud-based multichannel marketing and analytics solution that enables enterprise-grade brands to analyze their mobile and web customers and drive engagement. Key features of the platform include real-time traffic ...Read more about Xtremepush

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Tatango - Political SMS Marketing Software Political SMS marketing is the fastest & most reliable way to raise donations for political campaigns. With over 10 billion mass text messages sent, Tatango’s SMS marketing software powe...Read more about Tatango

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Favendo SDK

Favendo SDK is an indoor navigation software created by Favendo. It is designed to aid venues in providing indoor guidance for individuals. Its use is prevalent in a variety of settings, such as hospitals, sports stadiums, event a...Read more about Favendo SDK

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Favendo Robot

Favendo Robot is an element of the Favendo Modular RTLS Suite. It's designed to establish and control event-triggered actions within a real-time location system. This suite finds its application in several sectors such as healthca...Read more about Favendo Robot

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poppins is a push notifications software that helps businesses create and send notifications via various widgets to engage customers. Teams can install pixels on the website to track user behavior and demographics on a unified int...Read more about poppins

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FlareLane is a push notification platform that empowers businesses to engage with their users through hyper-personalized push notifications. With FlareLane, businesses can easily send targeted messages to users on mobile devices a...Read more about FlareLane

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Marigold Engage by Sailthru

Marigold Engage by Sailthru is a marketing automation platform designed to help businesses engage with customers across various channels including email, mobile and web. It offers a multi-channel personalization solution and enabl...Read more about Marigold Engage by Sailthru


VIPER MASS is an advanced emergency alert and communication system engineered to offer organizations a robust solution for managing crisis situations and ensuring the safety of their employees. This state-of-the-art platform is de...Read more about VIPER MASS

5.0 (1 reviews)