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Launch your Behavioral Health Telemedicine program today. Mend is the #1 cloud-based CCBHC / CMHC communication solution that enables patients and providers to connect and share files, messages, assessments, photos and data. Use...Read more about Mend


Epic Systems’ EpicCare is an electronic medical recording (EMR) solution for large hospitals and healthcare systems, certified for Meaningful Use Stages 1 and 2. EpicCare is developed, implemented and supported by an in-house team...Read more about EpicCare

Valant EHR Suite

Valant’s Behavioral Health EHR and Practice Management Software includes all the tools you need to provide exceptional individual and group care while running a successful private practice. Unlike other non-specialized EMR softwa...Read more about Valant EHR Suite

OnCall Health

Qualifacts Virtual Care offers everything you need to deliver the modern experience your clients expect, while fostering better outcomes. From client intake to communication and content assignment between sessions, our end-to-end ...Read more about OnCall Health

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PIMSY Mental Health EHR

PIMSY is organically designed for mental & behavioral health agencies of all sizes. It offers industry-specific functionality - and the flexibility to customize the system to match unique requirements for billing, scheduling, note...Read more about PIMSY Mental Health EHR

Teladoc Health

Teladoc provides cloud-based telemedicine software for hospitals and health systems. Health systems can implement virtual visits using Teladoc’s technology, which connects doctors and patients virtually via the web, telephone...Read more about Teladoc Health

Patagonia Health

Patagonia Health provides a cloud and apps-based software solution designed specifically for organizations providing Behavioral Health, Mental Health and Substance Use Treatment services. Patagonia Health’s solution includes an in...Read more about Patagonia Health

Elation Health

Elation Health is the most trusted technology platform for high-value primary care. Since 2010, the company has delivered clinical-first solutions — built on a collaborative EHR platform — that help practices start, grow, communic...Read more about Elation Health


Nimbo is a cloud-based patient management solution, which helps small to large healthcare organizations manage patient intake, create medical records and set up agendas for teleconsultations. Features include predefined templates,...Read more about Nimbo

Pomelo Health

Pomelo Health is a healthcare management system that helps organizations streamline operations, remove frictions and go further to provide better experiences for patients. The solution integrates seamlessly with leading EMR system...Read more about Pomelo Health


ClinicTracker is a fully customizable EHR, billing and practice management software designed to automate your clinic workflows, boost your staff productivity and patient engagement, while shortening your billing cycle. We provide ...Read more about ClinicTracker


With MEDITECH Expanse, we’ve laid the foundation for this next digital era by enabling care across delivery settings, designing cloud-based systems to drive better outcomes, and providing mobile, personalized solutions to improve ...Read more about MEDITECH Expanse

Veradigm FollowMyHealth

FollowMyHealth is a cloud-based patient engagement tool. It caters to both patients and healthcare organizations. Primary features include email consultations, online appointments management, email reminders, EHR syncing and telem...Read more about Veradigm FollowMyHealth

Cerner Millennium

Cerner Millennium is a Java and cloud-based automated library solution suitable for small to midsize medical practices. The solution is designed for hospitals delivering behavioral health services, as well as independent behaviora...Read more about Cerner Millennium

Secure Telehealth

Secure Telehealth is a HIPAA-compliant video conferencing software that can be used by organizations to provide patients with virtual healthcare. This solution is built to help providers increase access to care for patients. Secur...Read more about Secure Telehealth

Anytime Pediatrics

Built by a pediatrician for pediatricians, Anytime Pediatrics helps healthcare providers connect with patients in a way that is convenient, cost-effective, and high quality for both patient and provider. Anytime Pediatrics partner...Read more about Anytime Pediatrics

PatientClick Suite

PatientClick is a cloud-based medical suite that offers users solutions that help them manage both patient care and administrative workflows. The solutions include electronic health record (EHR), ePrescription, practice management...Read more about PatientClick Suite

WiCis CareFlows

WiCis Telehealth and Telemedicine Monitoring is a HIPAA-compliant solution that expands the scope of healthcare to uncharted locations in the world and offers video-conferencing, and live dashboards. In addition, practices can whi...Read more about WiCis CareFlows

5.0 (5 reviews)


Meddbase is a fully-secure and scalable healthcare management solution, designed with healthcare experts over two decades to improve efficiency, security and patient care. Meddbase gives peace of mind with world-class security; HI...Read more about Meddbase

3.8 (5 reviews)

Absolute EMR

Absolute EMR is a cloud-based medical practice management solution that gives doctors digital access to medical charts, appointments and confirmations, test results, prescriptions, consultation notes and patient treatment plans. ...Read more about Absolute EMR

4.0 (3 reviews)

Buyers Guide

Last Updated: March 16, 2023

Telemedicine services have revolutionized the healthcare industry. Remote care previously consisted of emergency phone calls after hours, answering patient questions, or consulting a referring provider. Today, remote care keeps providers and patients connected without the need for in-office visits.

Telepsychiatry software is the technological offering to enable remote care specifically for mental healthcare. The software makes it easy for psychiatrists to offer remote visits as a convenient treatment option.

This buyers guide will explain how telepsychiatry software helps mental health practices enhance patient care and streamline administrative tasks.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

What is telepsychiatry software?

Telepsychiatry software, a subset of telemedicine software, is a solution that allows mental health professionals to provide remote patient care using secure telecommunication channels. Telepsychiatry software can facilitate numerous services, such as diagnosis, assessment, billing, care plans, and medication management.

The software is also used for interactions between mental health specialists and other healthcare providers, which leads to improved collaboration and comprehensive patient care.

Common features of telepsychiatry software

Telepsychiatry software assists mental and behavioral health practices in their psychiatry services. Software solutions may include some or all of the following functionality:

Patient scheduling

Book and manage patient appointments and follow-ups. Automate repetitive processes such as appointment reminders, inquiries, and surveys. Integrate with your electronic health records (EHR) system to enable patient self-scheduling, which decreases no-show rates and increases revenue.

Remote treatment plans

Create online notes about patient progress, assessments, treatment plans, and more. Easily update treatment plans with goals and objectives as patient needs change—this improves continuity of care for follow-up treatment plans.

Video conferencing

Use secure, HIPAA-compliant video conferencing to bring psychiatric care to the patient's location. Enhance communication with high-quality audio and video capabilities. Some solutions also allow screen sharing and multi-way video so third parties (such as caregivers or translators) can also participate in a virtual consultation.

Virtual waiting room

Create a space where patients can wait for their telemedicine appointment to begin. Customize with pictures, videos, or other patient-friendly content to reduce the perceived wait time. Identify incoming requests that have not been routed, and reduce appointment abandonment.

What type of buyer are you?

Choosing the right telepsychiatry solution starts with identifying the products and features that best support your psychiatric services.

Private practice: Telepsychiatry software helps private practice psychiatrists increase their revenue and reduce practice costs. Video conferencing reduces the need for in-office visits, allowing providers and staff to answer questions and provide treatment options remotely. This reduces the no-show rate, which otherwise negatively impacts the total billables. Look for scalable platforms that will grow as your patient load increases.

Long-term care facilities: Without on-site psychiatrists, long-term care facilities struggle to respond to psychiatrically fragile residents. With telepsychiatry software, psychiatrists can provide remote evaluation, care, and emergency crisis intervention. Video conferencing tools help provide essential psychiatric care that would not otherwise be available. File sharing and remote treatment plans facilitate coordination between mental health professionals and care facility personnel.

Emergency rooms: An estimated one in eight emergency room visits involve mental health conditions, but many ERs aren't equipped to assess and treat psychiatric patients. Psychiatrists can deploy telepsychiatry solutions to provide timely and comprehensive mental health services.

Benefits of telepsychiatry software

Telepsychiatry software offers numerous benefits to mental healthcare providers and the patients they serve:

Address health professional shortage areas: According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 111 million U.S. residents live in mental health professional shortage areas. Telepsychiatry tools increase access to care, especially in rural areas and for patients with limited mobility.

Reduce no-show rates: Estimates indicate that the U.S. healthcare system loses around $150 billion annually due to patients missing appointments. Adopting telepsychiatry software increases ease of access for patients by removing barriers such as cost concerns and lack of time.

Improve workflows and practice efficiency: Automating paperwork reduces the rate of human error and saves valuable administrative time. It is easy to create digital workflows for patient intake forms, clinical assessments, patient eligibility checks, appointment logs, treatment plans, and more. This promotes service improvements that increase quality of care and patient satisfaction.

Market trends to understand

Cloud-based telepsychiatry software increases collaboration across medical disciplines. Lack of access to psychiatric services increasingly puts the burden of treatment on primary care providers (PCPs). Telepsychiatry platforms connect psychiatrists to PCPs, emergency rooms, and other environments that might not be equipped to handle mental health issues.

Machine learning improves clinical outcomes. Machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies improve treatment and access to evidence-based care. AI can analyze large quantities of data, picking up on patterns and warning signs that might otherwise go unnoticed. This helps mental health professionals increase the speed and accuracy of diagnosis and get patients on the best course of treatment.