5 Top-Rated Retail POS Systems That Integrate With QuickBooks

By: Pritam Tamang on March 22, 2021

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Using a point-of-sale (POS) system that integrates with your QuickBooks accounting software will help track your finances easily. You’ll save time otherwise spent on entering the same information, such as daily sales figures, in two different systems.

Though many POS systems integrate with QuickBooks, they vary in pricing and features. Therefore, finding the right system for your business means comparing multiple solutions on these factors.

To make your job easier, we’ve put together a list of the best five POS systems (featured alphabetically) that integrate with QuickBooks accounting software. We’ve selected these products from our Retail POS Software FrontRunners report. Read our complete product selection methodology here.

What is QuickBooks, and why do you need QuickBooks POS integration?

QuickBooks is an accounting system that allows you to manage your sales, expenses, and daily transactions. It can be used to generate reports, invoice customers, pay bills, file taxes, and more.

QuickBooks integration with your POS solution will allow you to seamlessly transfer sales data from the POS to QuickBooks. It’ll help eliminate the time-consuming process of manually entering your end-of-day sales data or creating invoices. You can use the saved time to serve your customers better.



KORONA is a cloud-based POS system that offers features such as inventory management, payment processing, customer management, and reporting. It also provides POS hardware options including a desktop terminal.

The tool integrates with smartphones and tablets and allows you to process customer payments via these mobile devices. Its integration with QuickBooks lets you automatically import data such as inventory asset values, sales taxes, payments, and discounts.

Pricing information: The base price of the product is $49 per month, billed monthly. It supports an unlimited number of users and has features such as ecommerce and end-of-day reporting.


End-of-day reporting in KORONA (Source)

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PHP POS is a POS solution that can be deployed in the cloud or on-premise. It has features such as inventory management, customer appointment tracking, gift card management, and payment processing. It also offers POS hardware such as credit card readers, barcode scanners, tablets, and sales receipt printers.

The software integrates with WordPress and WooCommerce and lets you create an online store on these platforms. Its integration with QuickBooks allows you to sync end-of-day reports, including sales, taxes, cost of goods sold, overages, and shortages.

Pricing information: Pricing for the cloud-hosted version starts at $28.25 per month per store location, billed annually. The on-premise version costs $299, with software updates and support included for a year.


Tracking sales in PHP POS (Source)

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3. RetailEdge

RetailEdge is an on-premise POS solution that offers features such as payment processing, mobile POS, customer management, sales tracking, and inventory management. It also provides a range of hardware options, including POS terminals, tablets, touchscreens, barcode scanners, printers, mounted displays, and weighing scales.

The software integrates with ecommerce solutions including Shopify and Modern Retail, allowing you to sync data and get an accurate view of sales and inventory numbers. Its integration with QuickBooks lets you import data about sales orders, changes in inventory value, cost of goods sold, store credit totals, sales tax, and payouts.

Pricing information: The software license fee is $495, and it includes an hour of user training.


Inventory management in RetailEdge (Source)

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4. Shopify

Shopify is a cloud-based POS solution that comes with features such as inventory management, customer management, sales order tracking, and credit card processing. It also offers POS hardware such as iPad stands, and tap and chip card readers.

The software provides a web-based ecommerce platform that you can use to set up an ecommerce store. Shopify doesn’t have a direct integration with QuickBooks, but you can use its app store to find integrations such as those by Bold (to export sales orders) or A2X (to export sales and cost of goods sold).

Pricing information: The price of the base plan is $29 per month for two staff accounts (billed monthly). The plan offers an online store and a POS lite version that allows you to accept in-person payments at pop-ups, markets, and fairs.


Order tracking in Shopify (Source)

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5. Square

Square is a cloud-based mobile POS system with features such as payment processing, customer management, purchase order management, and ecommerce management. It also offers hardware such as terminals, card chip readers, printers, and barcode scanners.

The software lets you manage payments, inventory, analytics, ecommerce, and customer data—all using a single POS tool. Its integration with QuickBooks allows you to import data such as sales tax, discounts, refunds, tips, shipping costs, and items sold.

Pricing information: The software is free to use; there is no setup or monthly fee. You’re charged only when you accept a payment—2.6% plus 10 cents per tap, dip, or swipe. Also included is a free credit card reader that lets you accept payments using your smartphone or tablet.


Tracking sales orders in Square (Source)

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What to do next

The POS solutions featured in this article serve as a starting point if you’re looking for systems that integrate with QuickBooks. If you want to explore more options, see our complete list of retail POS software solutions here. You can filter the products by the type of store you own, and get a recommended list of tools suitable for your retail business.

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This article was updated on March 03, 2021. The following criteria were used for selecting the software tools listed in this article:

  • The products are listed on Software Advice’s Retail POS Software FrontRunners report (published in September 2020).

  • The products offer integration with QuickBooks.

  • The products have an overall rating of 4.5 or more out of 5, as on March 03, 2021.

The FrontRunners report referenced in this article (published in September 2020) scores products based on the usability and customer satisfaction ratings from Software Advice users. Find out more about FrontRunners scoring here. You can view the full September 2020 Retail POS Systems FrontRunners report here.