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HipChat is a private instant messenger-based collaboration solution that allows teams to connect over chat rooms or video chats and share documents through the platform.

This solution enables users to share screens with colleagues to foster collaboration in real time. Users can drag-and-drop files from desktops or cloud-based drives to share with colleagues within the system.

HipChat also offers the ability to create multiple projects, chat rooms for teams or clients, alerts for message notifications and search capabilities on group names, text, links and files. The solution provides synchronous access across desktops, mobile devices or web applications.

HipChat offers secure 256-bit SSL encryption and role-based user access. The product caters to the needs of customers primarily in technology and media.

This solution integrates with third-party applications such as JIRA, Bitbucket, GitHub, Asana, Google Hangouts and Zendesk, among others. 


HipChat - Team-wide collaboration
  • HipChat - Team-wide collaboration
    Team-wide collaboration
  • HipChat - Social networking
    Social networking
  • HipChat - Third-party integration
    Third-party integration
  • HipChat - Video conferencing
    Video conferencing
  • HipChat - Mobile access
    Mobile access
Supported Operating System(s):
Windows 7, Mac OS, Linux, Web browser (OS agnostic), Windows 8

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from UCSB
Specialty: Education
Number of employees: 21 to 50 employees Employees number: 21 to 50 employees

Engaging, easy to use, just plain "hip!"



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Product Quality
Likes Best

Hipchat is easy to use and has just the right amount of fun built-in. I manage a team of student-employees and they love being able to create their own emoticons by uploading images- not that there's a need as the available emoticons seem to be updated with the internet's finest memes regularly.

Hipchat also offers integrations. At the moment we have our help ticketing software sending notifications to a specific 'room' whenever a new ticket comes in. This is very helpful as not only lets our team know there's a new ticket, but gives them a place to call dibs and discuss possible answers together. We also had an integration set up with twitter for a staff development game we played.

When you join Hipchat, you join a certain 'team'. Within the team, people are free to create their own 'rooms' as they see fit and make them private or public. I like that I only have to log in once and have all of my conversations in one place.

The @mentions and ability to copy and paste images, gifs, and links easily is also a plus. These may seem like obvious traits these days, but not all chatting platforms have them!

Likes Least

I am personally not a fan of the desktop client interface, but that's okay because I just use the browser version.


As always, make a list of the features you absolutely cannot do without, then evaluate it. It was very important for us to have the ability to have public and private rooms, for different groups. Secondly, we wanted something separate from other accounts. We had tried Hangouts in the past and it got much too confusing with people using the account for other reasons and appearing to be 'online/available'.
Here's a feature we thought was indispensable: having a customizable status (not just the default 'away'/'available'). We used this to denote location of our ever-shifting employees. Though Hipchat still has this feature, it is not as prominent as it once was. However, this feature did not end up being critical as we found a workaround: adding location codes to people's names. I relay this story to illustrate how some of our 'critical' features were able to be adjusted to fit the tool. So, determine what's critical for you, and whether Hipchat can address those things. Hint: There are many integrations to explore if it doesn't seem to be available right away.

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