3CLogic Cloud Predictive Dialer Software


3CLogic's Cloud Predictive Dialer is a cloud-based predictive dialer solution that helps filter out unproductive calls and automatically connects marketers with leads. The solution is compatible with many business types including inside sales, customer service, telemarketing, energy, retail and insurance.

3CLogic's Cloud Predictive Dialer comes with various features including inbound and outbound call blending, dial plans, customer relationship management integration, speed-to-call and alternate dialer options. The solution connects with potential leads automatically while filtering channels such as faxes, answering machines, invalid numbers and DND contacts.

Using a predictive statistical algorithm, the solution calculates when calls will end and automatically connects agents with the next lead. It also displays the contacts' information on users' screens. The solution also connects with a leads' alternate numbers if their primary numbers are unreachable.


3CLogic Cloud Predictive Dialer - Call flow manager
  • 3CLogic Cloud Predictive Dialer - Call flow manager
    Call flow manager
  • 3CLogic Cloud Predictive Dialer - Call reports
    Call reports
  • 3CLogic Cloud Predictive Dialer - Contact details
    Contact details
  • 3CLogic Cloud Predictive Dialer - Dashboard
  • 3CLogic Cloud Predictive Dialer - Meeting management
    Meeting management
  • 3CLogic Cloud Predictive Dialer - Team dashboard
    Team dashboard
Supported Operating System(s):
Web browser (OS agnostic)

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rebecca from benestream

March 2016

March 2016

great customer service and account reps


Product Quality

Customer Support

Product Quality

When we were deciding between contact center softwares, we chose 3C because a reference we spoke to really recommended their customer service. Two-ish years later and that is still true--the tech support as well as our account rep are really great, very quick to respond to our issues and dedicated at solving them. We have in-office and remote staff and 3c is helpful with both. They are also very diligent at letting us know when software updates are being pushed, which is helpful for us as we work in several time zones.

The two main issues I have with it are the admin interface which is not easy to navigate and the knowledge base which does not have search functionality.

Source: Capterra

Susan from Mreach Communications Inc.

March 2015

March 2015

3C Logic - call center dialer

Product Quality

Product Quality

We were able to launch our call center project within days. The software was intuitive and easy to get running. Areas where we had difficulty the customer service team was available immediately to answer questions on the fly. This was critical, as we had a team live and needed support outside regular hours. All 3C Logic team members were there when needed. Even during training on a Sunday! So impressed with the training and support. We were never alone. It is a great tool; all the features we needed for an excellent value. Fast implementation. We were able to meet our client needs quickly. Very professional experience.

Source: Capterra