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Roadnet Technologies was originally founded in 1983 and has more than 25 years of deep industry experience. Acquired in 1986 by United Parcel Service and known for many years as UPS Logistics Technologies, Roadnet became a private company in early 2011 and remains a worldwide provider of powerful fleet management tools in a broad spectrum of industries, including foodservice, medical, energy, textiles and more.

Roadnet Transportation Suite offers companies a single source for routing and tracking. Roadnet products are considered the industry standard; they help reduce routing time and fuel costs, while increasing safety company-wide and improving service to your customers. With several methodologies available to address routing challenges, businesses can consolidate their territories and be more effective with less effort.

The fleet management applications included in Roadnet Transportation Suite gives users access to territory and street-level route plans, vehicle routing and scheduling, wireless dispatch, fuel management and real-time GPS tracking. It's a great fit for companies with fleets that have five or more stops per route.

In addition to a powerful route optimization module, the software's GPS tracking module shows the location of the sales or service force in real-time and helps users react proactively to any situation that might develop. The system analyzes this data collected in the field, letting businesses more easily focus on resource utilization, employee productivity and delivery performance.

All of the modules included in Roadnet Transportation Suite can work separately or can be seamlessly integrated in a configuration that best suits the unique needs of the business.


Roadnet Transportation Suite - Vehicle Location - Real TIme
  • Roadnet Transportation Suite - Vehicle Location - Real TIme
    Vehicle Location - Real TIme
  • Roadnet Transportation Suite - TP route non-overlap
    TP route non-overlap
  • Roadnet Transportation Suite - RN combo optimized routes
    RN combo optimized routes
  • Roadnet Transportation Suite - Position History
    Position History
  • Roadnet Transportation Suite - Demo Perspective Stops
    Demo Perspective Stops
  • Roadnet Transportation Suite - Exceptions
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