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Delivering a full range of Vendor Managed Inventory capabilities, Datalliance VMI increases profits by streamlining operations, increasing sales and reducing inventory. Through its intuitive, flexible solution, Datalliance VMI provides a comprehensive solution for customer data acquisition and verification, generating replenishment orders, activity analysis and reporting and more.

Datalliance VMI is delivered using the SaaS model, so there is no installation or maintenance required on-site, and it requires no additional IT staff or costly equipment. It is scalable to any size business or number of locations, and can support a number of industries, including apparel, building materials, medical equipment, electronics or food and beverage.

Every day, Datalliance acquires product activity reports from each customer using the method they choose (AS2, FTP, etc.) and then translates that data internally into a common, centralized view for the supplier. Any changes to this data are managed internally by Datalliance. Weekly, the system creates an inventory plan and a recommended order that can be adjusted or customized by the supplier and, once approved, automatically sends a purchase order, reducing the variability caused by some inventory management plans.

The web-accessible reports available through Datalliance VMI help users identify problem areas and opportunities for growth, revealing whether or not the VMI program is meeting supplier and customer objectives and how inventory management plans can be improved.

All of this functionality is supported by experienced professionals who are available 24/7 to answer questions, aid in implementation and resolve problems, helping each business develop their overall VMI strategy and grow as a company.



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Supported Operating System(s):
Mac OS, Web browser (OS agnostic)

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