Datalliance VMI software

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Datalliance VMI by TrueCommerce is a cloud-based inventory management solution designed to assist retailers, distributors and equipment manufacturers of different industries. Key features include customer data acquisition, purchase order generation and reporting.

Datalliance VMI helps in acquiring customer information in the form of activity reports by using different communication methods. These methods include value added network, file transfer protocol (FTP) and data formats such as EDI and XML.

Datalliance VMI assists users in data interpretation and verification in order to provide real-time customer information to the suppliers. It also  helps managers in automatic generation of order list required for approval and allows them to send purchase orders to the suppliers.

Datalliance VMI enables users to generate reports through a graphic representation of inventory information. Additionally, it offers truck building, product availability checking and automated returns processing features. It is suitable for industries such as manufacturing, fmcg and construction. Support is available via phone and email.

Supported Operating System(s):
Mac OS , Web browser (OS agnostic)

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