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iTracker Hosted 3PL Software by Traker Systems is a SQL, hosted web-based management system with RF scanning capabilities. It is designed to provide warehouse management system for the 3PL industry. iTracker provides unlimited users to the system, as well as unlimited customer access, with no additional cost.

iTracker offers customization options as well as unlimited “Units of Measure,” a feature that allows users to determine how each unit will be used and viewed. 937 fields can be edited to work with a business's established workflow.  

iTracker hosted 3PL software contains features designed to streamline the organization process. It supports an unlimited number of pictures and documents throughout the program. Data can be sent directly to both Word and Excel, and invoices can be integrated with QuickBooks. The Dashboards feature provides a high-level of visibility, so that business owners can keep track of all information from a centralized hub.


iTracker  - Main menu
  • iTracker  - Main menu
    Main menu
  • iTracker  - Owner preferences
    Owner preferences
  • iTracker  - Inventory widget
    Inventory widget
  • iTracker  - Inventory bar chart
    Inventory bar chart
  • iTracker  - Units of measure
    Units of measure
  • iTracker  - Receipt edit
    Receipt edit
Supported Operating System(s):
Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000

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