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Roctek’s WinEx Grade is a quantity takeoff and analysis tool. This solution allows you to take a PDF or other supported image formats and import PDF linework, import CAD linework, or use assisted-drawing tools to enter linework in...Read more about WinEx

4.6 (69 reviews)

15 recommendations

Estimating Link

Estimating Link software is designed specifically for heavy civil construction estimating and bidding. This easy-to-use program helps you centralize your data, increase your speed & accuracy, and increase profit margins. Estima...Read more about Estimating Link

4.9 (33 reviews)

15 recommendations

SharpeSoft Estimator

SharpeSoft Estimator is an on-premise cost estimating software for contractors and sub-contractors in the construction industry. Offered on a best-of-breed basis, SharpeSoft provides integrated tools for labor and equipment costin...Read more about SharpeSoft Estimator

4.6 (23 reviews)

15 recommendations

InSite Elevation Pro

Introducing InSite Elevation Pro, the ultimate solution for lightning-fast earthwork takeoffs and GPS machine control modeling. The software is incredibly user-friendly and quick to grasp, reducing the learning curve, and increasi...Read more about InSite Elevation Pro

4.7 (171 reviews)

13 recommendations

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PlanSwift is the #1 Takeoff & Estimating software in the world! PlanSwift software is designed for Commercial, Industrial, Institutional and Residential GCs and Subcontractors in almost every construction trade. With PlanSwifts...Read more about PlanSwift


ArcSite is a mobile drawing, takeoff and estimating tool for professional contractors who are constantly on the road. ArcSite users can quickly and easily create or mark up scaled drawings with all the measurements, then create de...Read more about ArcSite


ConWize is a cutting-edge cloud-based software utilized today by general contractors, developers, subcontractors, and management companies. Our customers' biggest challenge in bidding and estimating is entirely solved by a sophist...Read more about ConWize

Easy Price Pro

Easy Price Pro, designed in 1990 by a professional homebuilder, is a full suite of applications created specifically for residential contractors. This suite includes service management, accounting, project management, estimating, ...Read more about Easy Price Pro

Methvin | Estimating

Methvin Estimating, a cloud-based construction estimating solution, caters to businesses such as civil and general contractors, and builders. Key features such as the estimating tool, take off tool, and project management tools, a...Read more about Methvin | Estimating


CostOS is a cost estimating software that combines traditional estimating methods with BIM 3D, 2D, and GIS capabilities. With its GIS module, users can create conceptual definition of projects as well as for infrastructure proje...Read more about CostOS


Sigma is a construction estimating software for commercial and residential contractors. Whether you are a small subcontractor, general contractor or large engineering firm, this estimating solution will work for you. It provides m...Read more about Sigma


ConstructBuy is a construction platform to help general contractors, subcontractors and trade specialists. It includes an online TAKEOFF tool, project management features, task management, BID invitations, documentation storage, c...Read more about ConstructBuy

Kubla Cubed

Kubla Cubed is an on-premise earthwork estimation solution designed for construction companies of all sizes. It offers project takeoff and estimation and is compatible with Windows operating systems. Kubla Cubed allows users to...Read more about Kubla Cubed


EarthWorks Excavation by TrakWare is a takeoff system for excavation plans that comes with features like onscreen takeoff, digitizer integration, CAD file integration, and 3D takeoff. The product is offered on a best-of-breed basi...Read more about EarthWorks

4.3 (7 reviews)


JobFLEX is a cloud-based construction estimation solution for small and midsize businesses that allows users to create professional quotes on site, while still in the field with a customer. Users can customize the quotes to includ...Read more about JobFLEX

4.7 (7 reviews)

Bluebook ProEstimator

Bluebook ProEstimator is a cloud-based construction solution for small businesses. Primary features include estimates, work order, invoicing, line item editing, vendor and customer database building and reporting. The work or...Read more about Bluebook ProEstimator

4.0 (6 reviews)

Carlson Takeoff

Carlson Takeoff is an on-premise 3D takeoff solution developed for design/build firms, earthwork/excavating, engineers, heavy/highway contractors, paving and utility contractors. It enables users to accurately estimate cuts and fi...Read more about Carlson Takeoff

4.5 (2 reviews)


MAGNET puts you in charge of your project data set. This office software companion to Topcon field-productivity solutions handles the data import-and-export needs and provides project insights for better site management and improv...Read more about MAGNET Office

4.0 (2 reviews)

Earthway 4D Suite

Earthwork 4D is a cloud-based project takeoff and estimating solution that caters to businesses in the construction industry. Key features include overlays, style sheets, auto-counts, annotations and callouts. Earthwork 4D’s ...Read more about Earthway 4D Suite

4.5 (2 reviews)


LEVESYS is a construction project management solution designed to help contractors in a variety of industries create estimates, manage bids, schedule projects, correspond with customers, track finances, and manage follow-up repair...Read more about LEVESYS

2.0 (1 reviews)

Buyers Guide

Last Updated: March 16, 2023

Earthwork takeoff and costing is dramatically different than vertical construction estimates. As such, earthwork and site work estimators require a very different set of cost estimate tools.

The primary challenge in earthwork is the takeoff process, rather than the actual estimate process. During takeoff, companies need more sophisticated three-dimensional tools for calculating cuts and fills, profiling trenches and planning concrete or asphalt work. With a top-rated earthwork takeoff system, excavation contractors can dramatically reduce their tracing time, calculate more accurate measures and win more bids.

These tools are also effective for new business owners just learning how to estimate excavation. We recommend shoppers in this category exercise extreme scrutiny if a site offers an earthwork software free download or other free earthwork calculation software. 

We put this guide together to help you better understand the market for earthwork estimating software.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

What is Earthwork Estimating Software?

Common Features of Earthwork Estimating Software

Earthwork Estimating Software Pricing

Earthwork Estimating Software Deployment

What is Earthwork Estimating Software?

Earthwork estimating software is specialized construction software typically used for large excavations in construction projects. Unlike other general estimating software applications, earthwork estimating software is specially designed with a number of features to assist with the earthwork planning process. For example, many earthwork estimating platforms offer computer-assisted design and GPS modules so users can draw up 3D blueprints of the project for every step along the way.

With earthwork estimating software, users can perform takeoffs from a variety of different image files of the job site. With 3D modeling they can easily determine the scope of the project and how long it will take to complete.

Common Features of Earthwork Estimating & Excavation Software

To determine which costing solution will meet your unique company requirements, your earthwork estimator should evaluate and compare the following functions. Business software for small excavating, for example, could differ from solutions for creating a canal earthwork excavation estimate. Your buyer should take extra care in assessing offers described as an earth work program free download or earthworks software free download.

Cut & fill estimating program

The primary requirement of any earthwork takeoff program is the ability to measure cuts and fills. The system must present existing and final elevation maps and calculate the amount of earth to be cut or filled in each section.

Strata layer breakdowns

Most excavation takeoff software should be able to map the various strata and code them by color. It should calculate earthwork by taking inputs from the earth samples and engineers’ notes so that the type of strata is known for each part of the job site.

Grid views

Sophisticated cut and fill software should allow the estimator to select any grid from grid staking reports and view the cut and fill measurements associated with that area.

Trench profiling

The earth filling calculation program should allow the estimator to measure trench plans and profiles, as well as determine slope, widths and heights. This includes determining how much earth will need to be excavated and what materials will be required for trench utilities, including piping and footings.

3D, multi-color elevation maps

In contrast to two-dimensional vertical cost estimate solutions, top earthwork estimating software must offer more sophisticated, three-dimensional and multi-color visualizations of existing and final elevations.

Trench profiling

The system should allow the user to create a cost estimation for earthwork using measurements of trench plan and profile, slope, widths and heights. This includes determining how much earth will need to be excavated and what materials will be required for trench utilities, including piping and footings.

3D, multi-color elevation maps

In contrast to two-dimensional vertical estimating solutions, an earthwork estimating system must offer more sophisticated, three-dimensional and multi-color visualizations of existing and final elevations.

Pad takeoff

The sitework takeoff software should allow the user to perform takeoffs for flat pads, such as those used for building pads. The system should allow the estimator to specify the area that is, or should be flat.

Retaining wall takeoff

The earth work calculating software should support takeoff of vertical elements, such as cliffs and retaining walls. These should be visualized and measured during takeoff, as well as include a material library.

Material library

The cuts and fills software vendor should offer a material library that is specific to earthwork. This may just consist of a library of subgrade materials, but more likely will also need to include an asphalt estimating tool and materials required for concrete work, walls and other hardscape or roadwork.

Earthwork Estimating Software Pricing

Earthwork estimating software is typically priced one of two ways: perpetual licensing and monthly subscription.

With a perpetual license, you pay a large fee up front and own the software outright. However, you may still have to pay annual fees for support, maintenance and updates. With subscription pricing on the other hand, you will generally pay a monthly fee that is often assessed based on the size of your business or the volume of construction work your business is doing.

Be sure to consider what the long term cost of the software will be. Each method of pricing has its own unique advantages and disadvantages.

Earthwork Estimating Software Deployment

Earthwork estimating software is deployed one of two ways: on-premise and cloud-based.

Cloud-based. Cloud-based software is hosted on the software vendor’s servers and is accessible through any web browser on a computer or a smart device. For contractors on the go who are juggling multiple projects, the mobility and convenience of cloud-based software can be very appealing.

On-premise. On-premise software is installed on the company’s computers or servers and accessed locally. Some contractors might prefer on-premise software due to the familiarity they have with it or because of other reasons such as security or sometimes lower price.

When it comes to pricing, in general, cloud-based services are priced as subscriptions and on-premise software is priced as a perpetual license. Keep in mind that on-premise software can sometimes require specific hardware setups to work properly.