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Houzz Pro

Houzz Pro is a lead and project management solution that streamlines processes for businesses of all sizes by centralizing all needs into one place. Key features include project management, lead management with client dashboards, ...Read more about Houzz Pro

4.4 (845 reviews)

255 recommendations

Sage Construction Suite

With a legacy of leading construction technology, Sage understands the issues companies face today, and is poised to tackle the challenges of tomorrow. We offer a complete native cloud construction suite with preconstruction, oper...Read more about Sage Construction Suite

4.0 (1040 reviews)

167 recommendations


Jobber is a cloud-based field service management software solution that allows small and midsize service businesses to manage field staff, provide customer support, and expand business operations either through a mobile app or a d...Read more about Jobber

4.5 (752 reviews)

113 recommendations


Knowify helps contractors Budget, manage, and invoice every construction project and service job with precision, and get insights to grow their business along the way. All work happens in one intuitive platform that integrates sea...Read more about Knowify

4.5 (90 reviews)

101 recommendations

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UDA Technologies’ ConstructionOnline offers a web-based, integrated approach to project management, project scheduling, and customer management. Designed for emerging construction businesses in the homebuilding and remodeling indu...Read more about ConstructionOnline

4.5 (524 reviews)

40 recommendations

Builder Prime

Builder Prime is revolutionizing the home improvement industry. Our all-in-one business management solution seamlessly integrates CRM, estimating, production management, invoicing, payments, and more. Businesses can now operate m...Read more about Builder Prime

4.8 (55 reviews)

28 recommendations


JobTread provides end-to-end construction management software that helps jobs-based businesses manage all of their processes, from pre-construction to project completion. The software serves as a central location to manage jobs, t...Read more about JobTread

5.0 (74 reviews)

26 recommendations


BuildBook is construction management software that enables residential home builders and remodelers to streamline projects, improve team collaboration, simplify scheduling, elevate the client experience, create better estimates & ...Read more about BuildBook

4.5 (102 reviews)

25 recommendations

Ressio Software

Meet Ressio, the ideal companion for builders and contractors to manage their construction projects. With a modern design and a simple interface, Ressio is tailored to suit the needs of all users regardless of tech expertise. Ress...Read more about Ressio Software

5.0 (11 reviews)

22 recommendations


JobNimbus is a CRM and project management software wrapped up in one application. The platform is an end-to-end solution designed to help contractors (roofing and construction professionals) streamline their communication and bett...Read more about JobNimbus

4.6 (476 reviews)

12 recommendations


ROOFLINK is a roofing business management software. It caters to roofing contractors and companies in the construction industry. ROOFLINK provides a customizable dashboard to manage all areas of a roofing business. Users can c...Read more about ROOFLINK

5.0 (7 reviews)

12 recommendations

RedTeam Go

RedTeam Go is a simple, end-to-end construction project management software designed to optimize your business for a better day, every day. Minimize Stress - All Your Data in One Place - Automatic Reminders - Bids Convert Into Co...Read more about RedTeam Go

4.3 (110 reviews)

11 recommendations


AccuLynx is a powerful and easy to use roofing contractor software. It is the best roofing software to help you manage and grow your business. With AccuLynx, you can manage every aspect of your business from one of the best apps...Read more about AccuLynx

4.6 (687 reviews)

8 recommendations

RedTeam Flex

RedTeam is a project management, construction financials and document control solution suited for midsize commercial general contractors. It is a cloud-based application developed by contractors to manage pre-construction, constru...Read more about RedTeam Flex

4.2 (196 reviews)

8 recommendations


Projul is everything you need in a construction management tool. Built by construction pros. With honest pricing. • Consolidate your systems into one spot • Save 7+ hours a week per employee • Close 15% more jobs • Instead of pa...Read more about Projul

4.9 (20 reviews)

8 recommendations

Premier Construction Software

Premier is the global leader in construction ERP, topping Forbes Advisor's list for Construction Accounting Software in 2023. Tailored for General Contractors, Developers, Homebuilders, and Specialty Contractors, our all-in-one pl...Read more about Premier Construction Software

4.6 (261 reviews)

4 recommendations


Bitumio is a cloud-based asphalt and paving estimating software that assists businesses with job costing, scheduling, customer management, and client follow-up processes. Key features include bidding, cost database, progress track...Read more about Bitumio

4.0 (1 reviews)

2 recommendations


Quickbase is a no-code collaborative work management platform that empowers citizen developers to improve operations through real-time insights and automations across complex processes and disparate systems. Here's why Quickbase i...Read more about Quickbase

4.4 (301 reviews)

1 recommendations

Salesforce Sales Cloud

Grow your revenue and profits with intelligent sales automation with Sales Cloud. Help every rep be more efficient. Close more deals. Collect cash faster. Boost growth and profit with intelligent automation and integrated tools fr...Read more about Salesforce Sales Cloud

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is a cloud-based business management platform that caters to businesses of all sizes. It offers sales and marketing automation tools with helpdesk, analytics and customer support functions. Zoho CRM helps users respo...Read more about Zoho CRM

Buyers Guide

Last Updated: March 16, 2023

Homebuilder customer relationship management (CRM) and sales software helps companies manage current and prospective customers, tracking and managing leads to turn prospects into sales. Designed to improve customer intelligence and relationships, sales management software often supports customers by walking them through the home buying process, which increases close rates and repeat business and reduces time to sale.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

What Is Homebuilder CRM & Sales Management Software?

What Type of Buyer Are You?

Benefits and Potential Issues

Market Trends to Understand

The Vendor Landscape

What Is Homebuilder CRM & Sales Management Software?

Homebuilder CRM software automates the homebuilder’s entire sales process. Uniquely designed to support the home building industry, the software allows users to write contracts, manage warranties and track sales prospect information. Using this software, sales managers can monitor their relationships with all their leads and run effective marketing campaigns.

Key features to look for in a homebuilding CRM program include: 

  • Campaign management to organize and create marketing campaigns

  • Finance calculator to compare loans and rental options

  • Web portals that let home buyers view contracts, change orders and construction schedules online

What Type of Buyer Are You?

Before searching for homebuilding CRM software, it’s best to narrow your search down by defining the type of buyer that you are. Most buyers fall into one of the following three categories:

Small general contractors. Most of the products in the homebuilder CRM software market are designed for general contractors. Of these, about half are designed for smaller businesses. Generally, this category describes general homebuilding companies with about $1 million per year or less in revenue.

Medium and large size general contractors. There are a few products designed for large businesses that perform hundreds of projects per year. But any company that produces several million dollars or more in annual revenue will probably want to look at some robust CRM solutions that facilitate communication and process automation across multiple employees and departments.

Service and specialty contractors. This category of buyer may include remodelers, field service engineers, contractors and subcontractors who work in a specific market sector (e.g., residential or commercial), or pavers or electrical engineers who work in a dedicated specialty within the homebuilding market. Finding the best CRM software for service, specialty and subcontractors requires looking into products that are highly specialized to individual niches. Examples include heavy construction CRM or electrical contracting CRM software.

Benefits and Potential Issues

There are a number of benefits to homebuilder CRM and sales management software:

Better marketing efforts. Many of these programs include templates and support for websites, newsletters or other marketing documents to improve the quality, and as a result, conversion rates. They also help target the marketing so that the right buyers are receiving the right messages, and help create campaigns to fulfill on the overall marketing strategy.

Increased efficiency. Homebuilding CRM programs typically include document control and contract templates that can be sent directly to the prospective buyer. This reduces the time spent on document generation and sharing. Add to this all the lead tracking and marketing capabilities, it’s easy to see how a homebuilding CRM can make a homebuilder’s sales that much more efficient.

Better close rates. The increase in efficiency, and the ability to walk customers through the process, leads to happier customers who are more likely to close and buy your property. This leads directly to improved profits, since sales reps won’t have to re-sell the same property over and over again.

Market Trends to Understand

There are a number of trends currently affecting the homebuilding industry that apply directly to CRM software.

Business intelligence. CRM programs do more than simply record customer data. They can also use analytics and templates to improve the sales, marketing and lead generation process, as well as conversion and close rates.

Process automation. Most builders are looking to automate any repetitive and time-consuming processes, so they can use more computers and fewer people, making for a much more efficient operation. Reporting, contract management and marketing schedules are all examples of potential areas where process automation can save money.

Changing consumer demand. Almost all construction programs are moving from on-site solutions toward Web-based programs charging a monthly or annual fee rather than a full software purchase or installation cost. This helps amortize the expense over time and eliminates the need for internal staff to manage any technical support, upgrades or updates.

The Vendor Landscape

Although the following list does not include all of the top software vendors working in the capital program and portfolio management space, these top-rated programs will be a good fit for the indicated buyers.  

This type of buyer...

Should evaluate these systems

Medium & large general contractors

Microsoft Dynamics CRM, BuilderTek, Computer Guidance, Pipeline Suite, Sage SalesLogix, Maxwell Systems American Contractor

Small general contractors

Maxwell Systems ProContractor MX, Plus Series, HomeDev Pro, BuildSoft Pro

Service & specialty contractors

Ventus, FieldOne, Sales1440, Clear Estimates, HomeDev Pro, BuildTools, Maestro, BuildSoft Pro