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Last updated: August 21, 2014

Top 10 Most Recommended Hotel Management Systems

WebRezPro PMS WebRezPro is a complete cloud-based property management program developed with the hotel and hospitality industry in mind. Advantages to this system include accessibility and its ability to interface with many popular programs.
        8 Reviews


in the last 30 days
Frontdesk Anywhere Frontdesk Anywhere is a web-based hotel property management system for small to medium-sized hotels, resorts, bed and breakfasts and condo hotels. The system includes booking features and GDS integration.
       0 Reviews


in the last 30 days
GuestPoint Utilizing more than 20 years of hands-on experience in the industry, Centium Software developed GuestPoint, a comprehensive hotel management solution for small to mid-sized properties.
       5 Reviews


in the last 30 days
RoomKey PMS RoomKey PMS is an industry-leading Property Management System offering one of the market's first comprehensive, closed loop Guest Acquisition and Management Systems. This web-based solution is extremely user-friendly.
        1 Review


in the last 30 days
Skyware Guest Management Offering a full suite of guest-centric applications, Skyware Hospitality operates on the Microsoft SQL database and can be deployed on-premise, as a hosted, or web-based solution.
       0 Reviews


in the last 30 days

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innRoad InnRoad is a web-based Hotel Management System that incorporates the key functions of hospitality management, including reservations, marketing, and integration with global distribution systems.
       0 Reviews


in the last 30 days
RDP Resort Processing Data (RDP) is a leader in the Property Management field, and is currently deployed across the globe. This solution is available on-premise and hosted, with robust yield management and reservation options.
        8 Reviews


in the last 30 days
Propertyware Propertyware is a web-based solution that will scale to the needs of your rental properties. The system offers accounting, front desk and property management, and maintenance management.
         7 Reviews
Maintenance Connection Maintenance Connection is a scalable maintenance management solution that works well for larger sized rental properties such as hotel chains and apartments. It is web-based and runs on the Microsoft SQL Database.
        11 Reviews
Bigfoot CMMS Bigfoot Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) offers maintenance management solutions to resorts, hotel and motel chains. Over 1,400 are currently active in their customer base.
       0 Reviews

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Buyer's Guide

Hotel and hospitality management software performs essential financial and organizational functions for hotels, motels, resorts, and bed & breakfasts, as well as condos, RV parks and other forms of lodging. These functions include reservations, employee scheduling, accounting, property/maintenance management and customer relationship management.

This guide will cover key software functionality, what type of buyer you are, evaluating software solutions, and important market trends.

Hotel Management Software Functionality

Hotel property management systems should have strong reporting capabilities, as well as on-board business functions like accounting and employee scheduling. These features should be customized specifically for the hospitality industry to simplify and speed up your management and accounting processes—or, if they are not part of the software itself, should be compatible with the software you have.

Other essential features of hotel software systems include:

Reservations Hotels need an effective customer-facing site that not only lets their guests book reservations online, but also integrate seamlessly with third-party booking engines. Meanwhile, you need an employee reservations system that facilitates room scheduling and availability, making it easy to identify vacancies, reservations and occupancies visually and/or through custom searches.
Front Desk & Housekeeping This includes organizing check-ins and check-outs, coding keycards, scheduling wakeup calls and tracking progress of cleaning staff, assigning them to specific rooms or tasks as necessary.
Point of Sale (POS) POS systems are typically used for restaurants and retail stores. In the hospitality industry it’s used to allow customers to pay for, or charge to their room, products and services like restaurant meals, room service, incidentals like mini-bar items or pay-per-view, wi-fi, health club/spa services, etc.
Maintenance Management  An essential function, it’s important that hospitality management software tracks the property ownership/rental information (leases, taxes, etc.) as well as tracking work orders, scheduling preventative maintenance and communicating with maintenance staff.
Customer Relationship Management Hotel CRM software takes all the information you have about a customer and uses it to support customer loyalty and retention. It allows you to monitor guest profiles, activity history and participation in loyalty programs to optimize rewards programs and sales and marketing tactics.

What Type of Buyer Are You?

Hotel management software buyers typically fall into one of the following categories:

  • Franchises. Many franchises have specific rules on what hospitality software can be used, while others, such as Holiday Inn, allow their franchisees to make the decision for themselves. Make sure you discuss your software options with the franchise to get their input on which products are recommended and why.
  • Hotel chains. At the other side of the table, if you represent a brand with multiple properties, you need to determine whether you want a single system across them all or allow them to choose for themselves. Ask yourself how much--and what kind of--information you want to gather from each of your properties, and whether it needs to come in automatically or if manual reporting will be sufficient. If you do go with a single unified product, be sure to consider how the needs of each property differ--you may only have one hotel in Las Vegas, but it will need some of the features associated with Casino Management Software, which may necessarily impact your purchase decision.
  • Large hotels & resorts. The larger the property, the more robust a system you’ll need. Large hotels and resorts typically have lots of different products and services for people to buy, more maintenance requests, and more complicated reservation and scheduling needs. It should be worth it to pay more for a product that can make all your processes smoother.
  • Small property owners. A bed-and-breakfast or a hotel with only a few rooms will have much less robust needs than a large resort. If you are just starting out, you may wish to consider a simple, but comprehensive system that includes property management and account capabilities. If you already have software that meets those other needs, be sure your new system is compatible with your legacy hotel management system.
  • Property managers. If you represent an RV park, a condo, or some other form of communal living, you may wish to consider property management software instead of software for hotels. That being said, if there’s a lot of turnover at your property it may be easier to use this category of software, which is designed to handle reservations and accounting for high-turnover environments.

Evaluating Hotel & Hospitality Management Software

Pricing for hotel property management software is usually either per room/unit or per user. Keep in mind that for an on-premise system you’ll pay a single fee, likely with an annual maintenance upgrade, while Web-based systems (Software as a Service, or SaaS) will charge on a monthly basis.

Specific questions to ask when evaluating hoteling software include:

  • Does your marketing strategy require customer relationship management (or will it, in the future)?
  • Are you using social media like Twitter and Facebook to communicate with your guests? Does the software support that?
  • Do you already have a property management system in place?
  • Are your guests buying additional products or services from you, requiring a point-of-sale system? Do you already have one? Is it compatible?
  • How extensive is your third party reservation mechanism? Is the system compatible with those sites you wish to be associated with?
  • What kind of data do you want to collect about your guests? Does the software store that data? How many records will it let you have?
  • Do you require a solution with large group and event management capabilities?

It’s important to consider whether you need something specific to your type of property (hotel, motel, resort, or something more generic and/or basic.

Market Trends You Should Understand

  • Software as a Service (SaaS). Most software is moving away from locally installed software and toward web-based systems that can be accessed anywhere for a monthly fee. This drastically reduces the up-front costs of purchasing a system as well as the ongoing need for an IT infrastructure. The disadvantage is that monthly costs can add up over time, but most businesses prefer the flexibility associated with SaaS systems.
  • Market fragmentation. Because of the relative ease of developing software, there are lots of new companies entering the hotel management software market. Many of these come from Canada and Europe and are now looking to enter into the U.S. market. Though this will no doubt lead to better costs and quality in the long run, at the moment buying decisions may be even more confusing than they were a few years ago.

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