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Hospitality, hotel and resort customer relationship management (CRM) software supports businesses in addressing two major challenges: growing customer loyalty and improving customer satisfaction. The hotel industry remains under intense pressure to maintain adequate occupancy levels, as well as grow share of wallet through the promotion of dining, ... read more
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Thryv is an all-in-one business management solution designed to help small businesses with essential business functions. With Thryv, business owners can expand their online presence, improve any customer relationship, and streamli...Read more about Thryv

4.22 (458 reviews)

98 recommendations

Salesforce Sales Cloud

Grow your revenue and profits with intelligent sales automation with Sales Cloud. Help every rep be more efficient. Close more deals. Collect cash faster. Boost growth and profit with intelligent automation and integrated tools fr...Read more about Salesforce Sales Cloud

4.38 (17664 reviews)

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FreeAgent CRM

FreeAgent is a complete CRM platform and robust work management system. FreeAgent helps teams get everything in one place, work more collaboratively to get more done, and track and improve performance. Whether it’s a deal, a proje...Read more about FreeAgent CRM

4.65 (71 reviews)

40 recommendations

Claritysoft CRM

Claritysoft is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) solution designed for midsize and large enterprise businesses. It offers sales automation, customer service and support, marketing automation and social CRM withi...Read more about Claritysoft CRM

4.55 (130 reviews)

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Workbooks offers growing companies a SaaS platform to run their business and engage with their customers – at an affordable price. Workbooks designs, develops and implements its own software, which is targeted specifically at mid-...Read more about Workbooks

4.34 (109 reviews)

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SugarCRM is a cloud-based application for handling sales automation, marketing automation, account management and customer relationship management needs. SugarCRM offers features such as customizable home pages, a new-user "wizard...Read more about SugarCRM

3.79 (397 reviews)

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Pipeliner CRM

Pipeliner has revolutionized CRM with our unique visual interface, no-code workflow automation engine, and instant, dynamic insights and reporting.

 This CRM provides both salespeople and sales management with many ways of displ...Read more about Pipeliner CRM

4.62 (211 reviews)

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FunnelMaker is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) solution designed for businesses of all sizes. The solution offers a user dashboard and helps in automatic sales tracking, email tracking and opportunity manageme...Read more about FunnelMaker

4.27 (26 reviews)

14 recommendations


LeadSquared is a cloud-based marketing automation and customer relationship management (CRM) solution for businesses of all sizes. It serves clients in industries such as finance, e-commerce, education, health and wellness, market...Read more about LeadSquared

4.32 (148 reviews)

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SalesNOW by Interchange Solutions Inc. is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) and sales force automation solution that allows sales teams, management and executives to manage aspects of sales cycle including conta...Read more about SalesNOW

4.63 (83 reviews)

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monday sales CRM

Built on top of Work OS, monday sales CRM is a no-code, customizable solution that empowers managers and sales teams to take control of their entire sales cycle - from lead capturing and sales pipeline management to pos...Read more about monday sales CRM

4.73 (371 reviews)

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Issuetrak is a flexible issue tracking software solution that can be configured to suit the needs of a variety of industries and usages, including IT Help Desk, Customer Support, Project Management, and more. Issuetrak can be dep...Read more about Issuetrak

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Creatio CRM

Creatio CRM is a full-fledged suite of products for marketing, sales, and service automation integrated on one no-code platform. - Marketing Creatio - a ready-to-use platform to automate marketing campaigns and lead management w...Read more about Creatio CRM

4.76 (95 reviews)

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OTRS help desk is a service management solution that connects teams and businesses with customers through: - Structured communication - Automated workflows - Customer, equipment, asset and location data (CMDB) - Reporting - Knowl...Read more about OTRS

4.44 (71 reviews)

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Really Simple Systems CRM

Really Simple Systems is an easy to use cloud CRM system designed for small and mid-sized organizations, yet also perfect for larger teams. There’s a customizable Sales CRM, plus options for Marketing and Service tools and integra...Read more about Really Simple Systems CRM

4.45 (459 reviews)

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Founded in 2003, Vivantio is a leading provider of customer service optimization software and solutions for demanding B2B service teams. By combining the comprehensive power of enterprise-level software with the flexibility of a ...Read more about Vivantio

4.29 (167 reviews)

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Mailchimp is a web-based marketing automation service with millions of users worldwide. The application allows users to share newsletters on various social networks and track customer engagements. The application provides tools to...Read more about Mailchimp

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is a cloud-based business management platform that caters to businesses of all sizes. It offers sales and marketing automation tools with helpdesk, analytics and customer support functions. Zoho CRM helps users respo...Read more about Zoho CRM

Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based CRM ecosystem for small, medium and enterprise organizations, with a focus on Sales, Field Service, Customer Service complete with strong integrations with Microsoft’s other Office 365 offer...Read more about Dynamics 365

HubSpot CRM

With its cloud-based, customer relationship management (CRM) platform, HubSpot CRM helps companies of all sizes track and nurture leads and analyze business metrics. HubSpot is suitable for any B2B or B2C business in a variety of ...Read more about HubSpot CRM

Buyers Guide

Last Updated: March 16, 2023

Hotels, resorts and other hospitality businesses are only successful if their guests are happy, comfortable and feel they’re valued. This task is easier said than done; travelers come and go, and companies need to track their contact information and preferences to increase personalization during their stay.

Hotel customer relationship management (CRM) software is available to help gather and store this information, so that when a frequent visitor checks in, the staff can greet them by name, offer complimentary snacks or beverages based on their preferences and get them to their room as soon as possible. Delighting guests in this way adds to the customer experience and encourages repeat bookings.

In addition, a hotel CRM offers a way to track loyalty program participation for guests and award them discounts, coupons or other gifts after they reach a certain level.

Finally, a CRM can help hotels boost sales by sending strategic up-selling opportunities via email or directly to guests on their smartphone as they arrive to the property. Just more than half of travelers will use a mobile device to book hotel rooms in 2016, and hospitality companies are wise to use this trend as an opportunity to offer personalized, valuable upgrades to boost revenues.

This guide is designed to help hospitality businesses of all sizes and types determine the features they need to boost customer loyalty, increase guest satisfaction and drive more direct bookings.

Here's what we'll cover in this guide:

What Is Hospitality CRM Software?

Common Features of Hospitality CRM Software

Evaluating Hospitality, Hotel and Restaurant Software

Strategies for Increasing Millennial Participation in Hotel Loyalty Programs

What Type of Buyer Are You?

What Is Hospitality CRM Software?

Hospitality, hotel and resort customer relationship management (CRM) software supports businesses in addressing two major challenges: growing customer loyalty and improving customer satisfaction. The hotel industry remains under intense pressure to maintain adequate occupancy levels, as well as grow share of wallet through the promotion of dining, spa and other complementary services. Hospitality firms rely on this technology to maintain and grow market share and profitability.

Common Features of Hospitality CRM Software

In addition to core customer relationship management functionality, hospitality industry programs will include the following features that tailor it to the industry:

Full integration

Many solutions for the hospitality industry combine relationship management with other features, specifically property management, hotel management and central reservation systems (CRS) that manage the entire reservation and check-in process. If you’re not getting a fully integrated solution, it’s important to select a program that can connect to your other systems to maximize efficiency and effectiveness.

Loyalty management

Use the profile to maintain detailed information on guests, including contact info, activity history, participation in promotional or loyalty programs and even detailed preferences for VIPs. You can then leverage this information to set up loyalty programs designed to keep guests returning.

Sales activity management

Sales activity management is especially important for facilities that host a substantial number of private or corporate events. This would include event-triggered campaign marketing and capabilities for permission-based marketing campaigns.

Dedicated hospitality applications

Typical hospitality applications include concierge help desk, incident management, room service and tools to manage events, catering and group sales.

Evaluating Hospitality, Hotel and Restaurant Software

Hospitality CRM software can be divided into several segments: hotel, resort, casino, travel and restaurant. Specific programs are available for each of these segments, and there are also systems broad enough to address all segments of the hospitality industry. For example, CRM software for casinos has specific functionality for player contact management and analytics that provide information on game and player trends within the casino. Solutions for travel organizations, such as an airline, would have specific loyalty program capabilities that could track mileage and trigger promotions and upgrades when customers reach certain pre-determined point levels.

Specific questions to ask when evaluating hospitality industry CRM software are:

  • Would you benefit more from a generic hospitality CRM solution or one with a more specific focus, such as hotel management?

  • What kind of customer data do you want to collect? Does the software store that data? How many records will it let you have?

  • Do you already have property management and centralized reservations systems, or do you want those capabilities included?

  • Are you using social media like Twitter and Facebook to communicate with customers? Does the software support that?

  • Do you require a solution with large group and event management capabilities?

Strategies for Increasing Millennial Participation in Hotel Loyalty Programs IndustryView 2015

Software Advice ran a survey to find out the loyalty program preferences of millennials, a group that has become valuable for hospitality organizations because they are now at the age where their time and money allow for more travel.

We found that 86 percent of millennial travelers are not enrolled in a loyalty program; this presents an opportunity to market a program using a CRM, which can increase return visits and additional sales while they are on the property.

In addition, more than a quarter (27 percent) of millennials are “very likely” to create a social media post about a hotel brand to receive loyalty points. This can help boost your online presence and foster a connection with travelers. CRM users can also note which travelers posted about the brand then award them with a free drink or other discounts.

Read about the results of our survey here to learn more strategies to attract millennials to your loyalty program.

What Type of Buyer Are You?

Large hotel chains. Most large hotel chains use a CRM system to track information about each guest, including contact information and any purchases made or preferences gleaned from past visits. These companies rely on the software due to the large volume of guests staying each day and the substantial loyalty programs. With a CRM, even these large organizations can provide a level of convenience and personalization for guests.

Small property owners. At the other side of the spectrum lie the smaller, independent boutique hotels and bed & breakfasts. While these types of hospitality businesses see much less volume of guests than the large chains, a CRM can help owners and managers maximize the friendly, warm atmosphere guests seek in these cozier properties.