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Rave Alert

The Rave Alert mass notification system gets the right message to the right user at the right time from any internet-connected device. Send your message from anywhere to anywhere in a matter of seconds. It only takes three clicks ...Read more about Rave Alert

4.67 (95 reviews)


AlertMedia is a cloud-based emergency notification solution that enables businesses across multiple industry verticals such as energy, telecom, manufacturing, healthcare, transportation, government and education to keep staff memb...Read more about AlertMedia

Voyent Alert!

Voyent Alert! is an emergency mass notification solution that allows businesses to utilize the alerting application to rapidly send enriched and personalized alerts for both critical emergencies and day-to-day notifications. Voye...Read more about Voyent Alert!

4.78 (9 reviews)


SnapComms is an Everbridge Company - The only end-to-end critical event management and employee communication solution in the world. Designed with all workplaces in mind, our software bypasses email to inform and engage every empl...Read more about SnapComms

4.78 (9 reviews)


DeskAlerts is a cloud-based and on-premise solution designed to help small to large enterprises send critical notifications to employees and clients across all corporate devices. It assists users with delivering predefined message...Read more about DeskAlerts

4.50 (10 reviews)

Regroup Mass Notification

Regroup is a mass notification solution that helps businesses in education, healthcare, hospitality and other industries send and receive alerts via multiple communication channels. The GeoFence messaging functionality enables use...Read more about Regroup Mass Notification

4.40 (57 reviews)

Crises Control

Crises Control is a cloud-based solution that enables businesses of all sizes to notify staff members about crisis events and incidents via multiple communication channels. It comes with a task manager, which allows users to creat...Read more about Crises Control

4.86 (21 reviews)


Squadcast is the Only integrated platform that unites on-call alerting and incident management along with Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) workflows under one hood and, in turn, automates human tasks efficiently. Our goal is to ...Read more about Squadcast

5.00 (7 reviews)


Dataminr is a cloud-based event detection and mass notification solution that helps businesses predict, analyse and mitigate operational, reputational or cyber risks. It allows users to attach images and videos to alert messages, ...Read more about Dataminr

5.00 (2 reviews)


ERMS is a digital daily status / resource management tool that is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. But there are so many extra features! With ERMS, you can give access or share real time resource availability for your age...Read more about ERMS

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Hyper-Reach is an emergency notification system, which enables public safety agencies, educational institutions and other businesses to send mass notifications to audiences via multiple audiences in case of critical events. Teams ...Read more about Hyper-Reach

4.88 (17 reviews)


DialMyCalls is a cloud-based auto dialer solution that helps businesses of all sizes automate voice broadcasts, text messaging and email communications. The platform enables users to import contacts and send recorded messages to t...Read more about DialMyCalls

4.78 (51 reviews)


When critical systems fail or incidents happen, SIGNL4 bridges the ‘last mile’ to your staff, engineers, IT admins, and workers ‘in the field’. It adds real-time mobile alerting to your services, systems, and processes in no time....Read more about SIGNL4

4.91 (11 reviews)

DERDACK Enterprise Alert

DERDACK Enterprise Alert® is enterprise-class alert notification and mobile response software. Unique in the market, it is designed for on-premises and private cloud installation. It increases agility and responsiveness of operati...Read more about DERDACK Enterprise Alert

4.83 (6 reviews)


ePACT is a cloud-based health and emergency information management software designed for recreation departments, YMCAs, communities/municipalities and sports associations. The system helps users manage emergency information of st...Read more about ePACT


RedFlag is a cloud-based solution that assists businesses of all sizes with sending emergency notifications in real-time. Key features include audience targeting, performance metrics, messaging, communication, data collection, and...Read more about RedFlag

4.93 (27 reviews)

EZ Texting

Since 2006, EZ Texting has served over 165K customers, setting the standard for SMS messaging in the U.S. and Canada. EZ Texting is a cloud-based platform that includes bulk texting, MMS, delivery reports, reminder campaigns, text...Read more about EZ Texting


TrueDialog is a cloud-based SMS texting platform that helps businesses of all sizes send both one-to-one as well as bulk messages to customers. It provides special administrative controls for educational institutions to track and ...Read more about TrueDialog

4.78 (18 reviews)


CallingPost is Fast, Easy, & Effective way to send communications to GROUPS of all sizes. CallingPost group messaging service, sends by phone (pre-recorded voice), text (SMS), and/or email. CallingPost enables businesses to bu...Read more about CallingPost

Kokomo24/7 ARS Tipline

Kokomo24/7 is a mobile and web application designed to provide users with a tool to report, monitor and manage crimes, hazards, threats and incidents in real time. Through the use of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, K...Read more about Kokomo24/7 ARS Tipline

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Raptor Emergency Management

With Raptor Emergency Management software, K-12 schools can prepare for, respond to, and recover from any emergency. The suite contains Drill Manager, Raptor Alert, Accountability, and Reunification. Raptor Drill Manager empower...Read more about Raptor Emergency Management

5.00 (2 reviews)


Tekmon is a cloud-based communication tool for teams that work in industrial and commercial environments, which allows users to manage daily operations and send out mass notifications or emergency alerts. The platform is designed ...Read more about Tekmon

5.00 (5 reviews)


Earthvisionz is a seamless integration of mapped property inventories and real time threat visualization. We send precise alerts mapped to assets on the ground for over 145 types of natural and manmade disasters. Our end users inc...Read more about V-Alert

5.00 (1 reviews)

VaccineCheck Digital Health Pass

VaccineCheck is a digital vaccine and health card solution that can be used by organizations, schools, health departments, as well as individuals and families. With this solution, individuals can digitally present health status to...Read more about VaccineCheck Digital Health Pass

5.00 (11 reviews)


IamResponding is an emergency notification solution which helps organizations send and receive alerts through SMS, email and in-app notifications. Designed for fire departments, dispatch centers, hospitals, rescue teams and police...Read more about Iamresponding

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Voice Shot is a cloud phone solution that helps businesses streamline operations related to call forwarding, screening, transfer, blocking and more. The urgent alert module lets users broadcast text and voice messages to create pu...Read more about VoiceShot

4.83 (6 reviews)

One Call Now

One Call Now is a mobile-based application designed for mass messaging purposes on the web. It provides clients easy access to tools that automate the SMS, email and voice message process and manage bulk messaging. It not onl...Read more about One Call Now

4.60 (25 reviews)

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iLobby is a cloud-based visitor management solution that is suitable for businesses of all sizes in manufacturing, education and government sectors. The key features of the solution include visitor registration, notifications, leg...Read more about iLobby

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CrisisGo is an incident detection and management solution that helps organizations of all sizes prevent, prepare and respond to potential crisis and risks. The threat assessment team can analyze, prioritize and monitor progress ac...Read more about CrisisGo

5.00 (2 reviews)

TextSpeak NOTIFY!

TextSpeak NOTIFY! is a mass notification solution that helps schools send real-time alerts via audio announcements, text messages, desktop notifications and voice calls. The emergency screen feature allows users to trigger pre-def...Read more about TextSpeak NOTIFY!

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ParentSquare is a communication solution that helps educational institutes send mass notifications, conference RSVPs, sign-up forms and more. Administrators can automatically send alerts to parents via multiple channels including ...Read more about ParentSquare

4.08 (12 reviews)


InformaCast is a web-based emergency notification solution designed to help organizations such as schools, healthcare facilities, manufacturing plants and government agencies broadcast audio and text alerts across mobile or on-pre...Read more about InformaCast

4.80 (15 reviews)


Relay is a cloud-based incident reporting solution that helps law enforcement agencies establish communications between the public and the local authorities. It enables users to send updates about accidents, traffic or suspicious ...Read more about Relay

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RapidReach ENS WEB

RapidReach ENS WEB is an emergency notification solution that helps businesses of all sizes establish communication with individuals via phone, email, in-app alerts, SMS and pagers. It enables users to report incidents about terro...Read more about RapidReach ENS WEB

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Instant Alert

Instant Alert is a cloud-based mass notification solution that helps businesses in healthcare, education, utilities and other industries establish communication through SMS, voice calls and emails. It enables users to pre-record a...Read more about Instant Alert

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Everbridge Mass Notification

Everbridge Mass Notification is a cloud-based solution that helps businesses in education. retail, healthcare, manufacturing and other industries send messages via SMS, voice calls, emails, desktop and as in-app alerts. It enables...Read more about Everbridge Mass Notification

4.33 (18 reviews)


Omnigo is a public safety, incident and security management solution. The software is suitable for law enforcement, education and health care organizations. Key features include tools to help users manage Clery Act investigations,...Read more about Omnigo

4.36 (85 reviews)

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Revolution is an emergency notification solution that helps businesses in education, healthcare, manufacturing, and other industries establish communications via mass notifications and emergency alerts. It enables administrators t...Read more about Revolution

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PARiM is a cloud-based workforce management solution built for midsize and large companies using temporary staff in industries such as cleaning, security, hospitality, retail and event management. Key features include scheduling, ...Read more about PARiM

4.79 (24 reviews)

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SimplyCast is a cloud-based marketing automation solution for small, midsize and large organizations. It caters to various industries including automation, education, health care, hospitality, media and entertainment, nonprofits, ...Read more about SimplyCast

3.52 (25 reviews)

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Mobile Text Alerts

Mobile Text Alerts is an online SMS marketing platform that helps businesses of all sizes send bulk text messages to customers. The platform comes with a centralized inbox, which lets users view subscribers' replies on campaigns, ...Read more about Mobile Text Alerts

4.57 (77 reviews)

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Cisco IPICS is a mass notification solution that helps businesses in retail, education, healthcare and other industries deliver updates about incidents through images, audio messages and video clips. It lets users utilize the push...Read more about Cisco IPICS

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Fact24 is a robust crisis management and alert system that supports businesses during IT failures, natural disasters, terrorist attacks, pandemics, and other emergency situations. It can be used by organizations across various sec...Read more about Fact24

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Soprano Connect

Soprano Connect is a cloud-based mobile communication solution, which facilitates messaging for enterprises and government organizations. Soprano Connect provides a platform to communicate with clients and employees via SMS, RCS, ...Read more about Soprano Connect

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SendQuick Cloud

Omnichannel Notifications for your IT issues When your IP-addressable systems, applications and infrastructure fail, it affects you. It is important that you are equipped with all the information necessary to mitigate potential d...Read more about SendQuick Cloud

4.00 (1 reviews)


If you want to monitor your most important landing pages, URL-Monitor is your tool. Set it up within minutes and monitor any changes on your website. Be it titles, descriptions, tracking codes, buttons, or complete texts....Read more about URL-Monitor

5.00 (2 reviews)

NetSupport Notify

NetSupport Notify is designed to help organizations send mass notifications to update employees about announcements, reminders and emergency alerts. It allows businesses to send routine notifications or critical one-way alerts to ...Read more about NetSupport Notify

4.75 (16 reviews)

Orion Voice Platform

Orion Voice Platform is a communication solution that helps businesses of all sizes send emergency alerts, manage workplace inspections/audits and automate standard operating procedures. The push-to-talk module enables businesses ...Read more about Orion Voice Platform

4.50 (14 reviews)


Call-Em-All is a phone broadcasting service that provides the option to send automated phone calls, text messages and surveys on-demand. The platform provides instant emergency updates, school attendance notifications, event annou...Read more about Text-Em-All

4.74 (50 reviews)

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RapidCast is your all-around business communication solution. RapidCast offers mass, targeted and automated text messaging, phone calls and emails to employees and stakeholders - quickly and easily. ChurchCast, CampusCast, MallCas...Read more about RapidCast

5.00 (1 reviews)


Workstories is a solution for internal communication. With this tool, you can easily create corporate stories and spread important information to your target audience. Moreover, you can run surveys, create engaging content, so you...Read more about Workstories

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People usually don’t call 911 or alert on-site security during an emergency until they feel safe, often severely delaying emergency response and sometimes resulting in otherwise preventable loss of life. Protect your people smar...Read more about Defendry

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Online mass notification system used to notify communities and workplaces of emergencies and day-to-day events and incidents. The only mass notification software used province-territory wide in Canada. Alertable serves over 1,300+...Read more about Alertable

4.65 (17 reviews)


Admins can leverage third-party integration tools on the platform to improve insight into process flows and streamline data sharing. Netpresenter allows tech experts to integrate the system with in-house software tools, such as ER...Read more about Netpresenter

4.83 (18 reviews)


AlertFind is a cloud-based emergency notification and IT alerting solution that enables organizations to instantly reach employees when urgent situations arise. Using AlertFind’s multichannel communication, you can immediately ale...Read more about AlertFind

5.00 (1 reviews)

Lockdown & Crisis Communication Platform

Lockdown & Crisis Communication Platform built for organizations of all sizes and types of industries. In an Emergency Situation such as an active shooter, natural disaster or other emergencies, our mobile panic button notifies fi...Read more about Lockdown & Crisis Communication Platform

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Jira Software is a business process management tool used by agile teams to plan, track and release software. Jira Software supports Scrum, Kanban, a hybrid model or another unique workflow. Jira enables users to create project r...Read more about Jira

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TextBetter is a business messaging solution that allows businesses to send & receive text messages with any existing landline number. TextBetter can manage messages with business emails by simply connecting landline numbers with e...Read more about TextBetter

5.00 (14 reviews)


Genasys is a cloud communication solution, which enables businesses to broadcast emergency messages, alerts and information in case of disasters, crises, civil unrest, epidemics, active shooters, and other events. Professionals ca...Read more about Genasys

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Opsgenie is a cloud-based ITSM and issue tracking solution that helps development and operational teams make strategies for service disruptions and remain in control at the time of incidents. It comes with native applications for ...Read more about OpsGenie

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SQUEAKS is a Smart Factory digital communication and collaboration platform that helps teams better understand "what's important now" while at the same time more effectively solve problems that are creating line stoppages, quality...Read more about SQUEAKS

4.50 (6 reviews)


RemoteComply is a cloud-based emergency notification suite that enables businesses to manage operational risks during an emergency. RemoteNotify module comes with a notification system, which allows businesses to send emails, SMSs...Read more about RemoteComply

4.75 (4 reviews)


E-Info is the solution to provide Emergency Action/Response Plans and Fire Escape plans to anyone that enters your specific location by using GeoFencing Technology. Notifications, such as emergency events or fires, can be sent t...Read more about E-Info

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Omnilert is an emergency notification software that helps businesses receive automated alerts to prevent critical events. Key features include AI-based gun detection, subscriber tipping, encompassing detection, weather alerting an...Read more about Omnilert

4.50 (8 reviews)


SwiftK12 is a software designed for K-12 parents, students and school administration in order to enhance collaboration and communication. SwitfK12 integrates both with social media, as well as PowerSchool, sending automated alerts...Read more about SwiftK12

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TextMarks is a cloud-based text messaging solution designed to help businesses of all sizes manage SMS marketing, group communication, information sharing and more. The platform comes with mass messaging functionality, which enabl...Read more about TextMarks

4.76 (51 reviews)

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IBI-aws is a customer information and knowledge search system designed to centralize customer information in within the service desk environment. With IBI-aws, users can localize customer complaints in real time, map telephone co...Read more about IBI-aws

5.00 (3 reviews)

Rave Guardian

Rave Guardian, the leading personal safety app, can help you build positive community relationships by engaging directly with your people through texting, confidential tips, location sharing, a call directory and a content portal....Read more about Rave Guardian

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Swift911 is a cloud-based incident management solution that helps small to large enterprises across various industries receive automated alerts on critical emergencies. It enables users to store, view and access multiple contacts ...Read more about Swift911

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Noggin is a software that allows you to create and manage your content. It can be used by both small businesses and large corporations with multiple departments, each of which has their own needs. The software offers a suite of t...Read more about Noggin

4.67 (3 reviews)

Crystal Alarm

Crystal Alarm is the personal alarm that ensures the safety of employees at their workplace. This platform is useful for businesses of all sizes where threatening situations can arise and working alone is a common occurrence. It s...Read more about Crystal Alarm

4.73 (11 reviews)


Security companies that focus on the safety and well-being of their customers and/or their properties rely on professional monitoring solutions, like Noonlight, to elevate their products and services. By adding any combination of...Read more about Noonlight

5.00 (4 reviews)


WorkforceTXT helps employers reach remote and deskless workers with their HR messaging, especially hard-to-reach remote workers. It is available for managed campaigns and self-service accounts....Read more about WorkforceTXT

5.00 (1 reviews)

AtHoc Suite

AtHoc is a cloud-based emergency notification solution that enables public and private sector organizations to communicate with staff members during crisis situations. The solution comes with a personnel safety application, which ...Read more about AtHoc Suite

5.00 (1 reviews)


Agility helps businesses prepare for the unexpected, overcome interruptions, and achieve resilience through one central platform. Just like a sudden power blackout interferes with the life of your household, businesses are depend...Read more about Agility

5.00 (2 reviews)