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UpKeep is an Asset Operations Management solution that helps businesses scale by giving every Maintenance and Reliability team the tools and information they need to run Operations efficiently and effectively. From your desktop to...Read more about UpKeep

4.6 (1332 reviews)

92 recommendations


Fiix is a cloud-based computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) that helps businesses organize their maintenance departments, get on top of maintenance backlog, and work towards preventive maintenance. The CMMS helps man...Read more about Fiix

4.5 (622 reviews)

82 recommendations

Asset Essentials

Asset Essentials by Brightly Software (formerly Dude Solutions) is a next-generation work and asset management platform designed for smarter, more efficient maintenance and operations. Brightly, now a Siemens company, is the globa...Read more about Asset Essentials

4.4 (257 reviews)

60 recommendations

eMaint CMMS

Cloud-based eMaint CMMS software by Fluke enables maintenance professionals to monitor, capture, store, and share historical asset performance data and use it to maintain and prolong equipment life. Small or growing organizations ...Read more about eMaint CMMS

4.4 (294 reviews)

59 recommendations

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Limble CMMS

A maintenance solution simple enough that even your boss will use it. Our average customer reduces downtime by 32%, increases productivity by 26%, reduces part spend by 23% and increases asset life by 18%. All of this within a m...Read more about Limble CMMS

4.8 (525 reviews)

35 recommendations


MAINTIMIZER from Ashcom Technologies is a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) with integrated enterprise asset management (EAM) solution capabilities. MaintiMizer Web offers six modules for managing maintenance act...Read more about MaintiMizer

4.1 (104 reviews)

7 recommendations


FMX offers configurable maintenance and facilities management software that helps organizations maximize productivity, cut operating costs, and gain actionable insights about their equipment and facilities. The software decreases ...Read more about FMX

4.7 (411 reviews)

6 recommendations

IFS Cloud

IFS Cloud is a composable enterprise software application that orchestrates customers, people, and assets to reduce complexity, cost and risk as you plan, manage and optimize critical asset availability, strive for operational exc...Read more about IFS Cloud

3.9 (30 reviews)

3 recommendations

IFS Ultimo

IFS Ultimo is a leading SaaS EAM solution focused on maintenance & safety with an unparalleled time to value. IFS Ultimo is well known for rapid deployment, ease of use and seamless integrations. The software combines out-of-the-b...Read more about IFS Ultimo

4.4 (116 reviews)

2 recommendations


Fullbay is a cloud-based shop management software designed for heavy-duty commercial repair shops.The app allows shop owners, technicians, managers, and customers to stay involved throughout the repair process—even if they’re outs...Read more about Fullbay

4.7 (87 reviews)

1 recommendations

Service Fusion

Service Fusion is an all-in-one, cloud-based field service management software. It caters to service contractors and businesses of all sizes across multiple industries. Service Fusion offers field service management, VoIP phone so...Read more about Service Fusion


GoCodes is a cloud-based asset and inventory tracking solution for small and midsize companies in the accounting, education, construction, engineering and health care industries. Key modules include fixed asset accounting, invento...Read more about GoCodes

Eptura Asset

Whether you're managing assets in an office, industrial site, or special purpose real estate, you need to keep your facilities running and your employees safe. If your equipment goes offline, your employees can't work to their ful...Read more about Eptura Asset


MPulse Software doesn’t sell “basic” maintenance management software, because we know that even smaller organizations need robust software to manage the increasingly complex demands of modern maintenance management. Whether you ch...Read more about MPulse

3PL Warehouse Manager

Extensiv 3PL Warehouse Manager is a cloud-based warehouse management system designed for third-party logistics companies to manage multiple customers, processes and billing schedules. The system enables access to real-time informa...Read more about 3PL Warehouse Manager


Sismetro is an easy-to-use software platform that enables users to make intelligent decisions based on their data. Sismetro helps business owners understand, manage and track their maintenance needs through a simpler method of dep...Read more about SISMETRO

Veryon Tracking

Veryon Tracking (formerly Flightdocs) is an aircraft maintenance software solution designed for business aviation, general aviation, and routine helicopter operations. It combines maintenance and compliance tracking, work order ma...Read more about Veryon Tracking

AI Field Management

AI-FM allows organizations to manage the entire business from end-to-end with just one platform, with tools for managing Workers, Customers, Jobs, and Assets (/w QR Code Scanning) by Geography & Time. REDUCED CONTRACTOR PRICING! ...Read more about AI Field Management

FTMaintenance Select

FTMaintenance Select is a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) that enables maintenance professionals to easily document, manage, and track maintenance activities in order to reduce operational downtime, lower mainten...Read more about FTMaintenance Select


Fluix is a no-code, simple-to-use software solution that helps companies to digitize documents and automate routine tasks, all in one place. We solve the pain points of office and field teams who want to deliver faster and gather...Read more about Fluix

Buyers Guide

Last Updated: March 16, 2023

This buyer's guide, along with our aircraft maintenance software reviews, cover the essential information needed to make a smart purchase. In this guide, we'll discuss:

What Is Aircraft Maintenance Software?

Common Features of Aircraft Maintenance Software

What Type of Buyer Are You?

Market Trends to Understand

What Is Aircraft Maintenance Software?

Aviation maintenance software tracks and simplifies the constant maintenance, repair and overhaul (aviation MRO) operations associated with the aviation industry. It performs a number of essential functions, such as:

  • Monitoring inventory

  • Supporting preventive and essential maintenance and repairs

  • Scheduling work orders

  • Tracking and documenting compliance

Overall, aviation maintenance tracking software (or MRO software) helps organizations maximize their efficiency, letting them focus on their jobs and keep their facilities and aircraft running smoothly and safely.

Common Features of Aircraft Maintenance Software

Common functions of aviation management software include:

Inventory control and processing

Track the status and usage of rotables and consumables across multiple locations and currencies, allowing for exchanges and inter-base transfers to reduce waste and over- or under-storage, maximizing inventory usage and lifecycles.

Preventive maintenance scheduling and forecasting

Since preventive schedules are predefined based on the aircraft, many aviation MRO solutions define that schedule for you, simplifying the entire process. In addition, smart systems can identify common problems based on history, cycle counters, RINs and physical/electronic symptoms such as vibration, noise, output etc., alerting you to potential hazards before they become urgent.

Work order and scheduling

Operators need a simple way of bringing needs to the attention of personnel, who need to prioritize requests, schedule tasks and initiate and close work orders as simply as possible.

Cost accounting

An advanced reporting feature of aircraft management software—cost accounting—enables you to track the costs of all repairs, allowing you to monitor common problems, replace high cost aircraft etc.


In one of the world’s most tightly regulated industries, an effective aviation management solution should monitor compliance issues. This includes tracking inspections, component failures, Airworthiness Directives, Service Bulletins etc., always maintaining appropriate documentation and flagging any potential compliance concerns.

In addition to the above, many companies offer full-suite aviation management software solutions that move beyond the realm of maintenance into other departments within the aircraft operation industry. These aircraft maintenance systems will incorporate some or all of the following features or functionality:

Aviation operations management

Maintain complete control over your fleet, tracking purchases and sales, production, flight paths, operations, hours, fuel usage, reliability, loans/rentals, warranties etc.

Customer and vendor management

From single charter aircraft operators all the way up to billion-dollar airlines, maintaining customer information for effective communication, pricing and sales strategies is a key element of success.

Billing and accounting

Whether you’re billing a few customers at thousands of dollars apiece or millions of customers at hundreds of dollars apiece, accounting is a crucial function. On the expense side, this will integrate seamlessly with your inventory control and fleet management capabilities.

What Type of Buyer Are You?

In our experience, most aviation software buyers fall into one of the following categories:

Small charter companies. If you only operate a handful of aircraft out of a handful of bases, you’ll probably want a fairly “basic” (as these things go) aircraft maintenance software solution that has strong support but without too many extra features.

Larger charter companies and freight airlines. As the company size grows, additional features like intelligent forecasting and cost accounting all become more important. Even more so, integration with other departments, such as aviation operations management, sales and accounting, becomes crucial to company-wide success.

Aircraft maintenance specialists. Buyers who exclusively provide the service of maintaining other operations’ aircrafts will want a best-of-breed solution that offers extensive functionality within this market. Exchanges between bases becomes less important, but assigning parts to different customers become more so. Therefore, they may also want accounting support and HR support to tie costs, labor and revenues with the associated customer.

Commercial airlines. The largest companies dealing with hundreds of planes, thousands of customers and millions or billions of dollars in revenues and expenditures need highly robust aviation management systems that can manage their complex and rigorous demands. This may mean one large system that combines everything, or it may mean best-of-breed systems that integrate extremely well together. Regardless, be sure to talk to other departments and consider how your software will fit with their processes as you make your purchase decisions.

Market Trends to Understand

As you evaluate aviation management software, keep these trends in mind. How your vendor fits with these trends could have a big impact on their viability.

Software as a Service (SaaS). Web-based software is becoming more popular across most industries and markets, and aviation management is no different. Most companies prefer the simplicity of a hosted solution that lets them worry about maintaining their aircraft, not their software solutions.

Mobile devices. Needless to say, people who work in the aviation industry move around a lot. Neither aircraft operators, nor personnel should have to locate a physical desktop computer in order to use their management software. Both want to be able to input and download information at the most valuable point of use—the airplane or hangar. Most vendors already offer mobile accessibility, so be sure to look at their mobile offerings before making any decisions.