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Established in 2001, Telogis Workplan provides a full, end-to-end TMS platform for fleet-based companies of all sizes. This powerful solution includes features such as job scheduling, status tracking, a rules engine, repair center management, and more.

The GPS-driven system uses spatial clustering to give a full picture of the locations of all vehicles in the field, allowing fleet managers to view thousands of vehicles in one picture, and then providing a way to zoom into a specific vehicle location. Telogis Workplan is a great option for managers that need to keep up with their workforce while traveling, and provides a carefully designed mobile option to provide all necessary features while out in the field.

Telogis Workplan also offers users real-time access to critical information about each vehicle; it also provides automated alerts to notify managers when members of their fleet violate the custom business rules. The system can keep track of maintenance needs, such as when a vehicle needs an oil change, and can also track any speed limit violations and monitor an individual vehicle’s idle time. Fleet managers can use this knowledge to curb bad habits, reduce idle times, and maximize their fleet’s efficiency.

With Telogis Workplan, managers also have the ability to view any existing weather patterns that may cause delays. This can be crucial for fleets that must be deployed in dangerous weather, such as hurricanes or snow storms. For companies searching for a fleet management system to help build efficiency and streamline workflow, Telogis Workplan is a competitive option to explore.


Telogis Workplan - Choose templates of customize forms
  • Telogis Workplan - Choose templates of customize forms
    Choose templates of customize forms
  • Telogis Workplan - Manage workers and mobile assets
    Manage workers and mobile assets
  • Telogis Workplan - Customized enterprise dashboard KPIs
    Customized enterprise dashboard KPIs
  • Telogis Workplan - Custom forms suit any business needs
    Custom forms suit any business needs
  • Telogis Workplan - Available on all popular mobile devices
    Available on all popular mobile devices
  • Telogis Workplan - Support signature required forms
    Support signature required forms
Supported Operating System(s):
Mac OS, Web browser (OS agnostic), Windows 8

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Brendon from GRITIT
Specialty: Property Maintenance

August 2015

August 2015

Great product



Product Quality

Customer Support

Product Quality
Likes Best

The ability to customise and create your own forms for all types of jobs or checks. Very simple to use and is flexible enough to fit any job type reporting. Using the device GPS with photos or QR codes is also great and gives us that extra level of verification and information on service delivery.

Likes Least

I think the questions and forms could be better streamlined to make reporting faster. You could drastically reduce the number of clicks within the report by nesting the questions onto a single form for example.


This easy to use software gives you and your customer clarity of information, confirmation of service and important data at your fingertips. We heavily rely on the data coming back and push it out to our clients to keep them up-to-date with service info.

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