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WorkWave Route Manager

Faster route optimization and scheduling is made possible with WorkWave Route Manager's web-based Route Planner. Included in each route plan are maps, accurate mileage information, and cost estimates. Dispatchers can provide drivers... Read More
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BluJay Solutions Transportation Management

BluJay Solutions’ Transportation Management offers cloud-based procurement, supply chain planning, execution and settlement transportation. Users also have access to BluJay’s Global Trade Network with various connected partners.... Read More
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RTA Fleet Management

RTA Fleet is a solution designed by fleet management professionals for fleet managers at any size organization and in many different verticals. It offers a suite of applications including asset management, preventative maintenance,... Read More
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Established in 2001, Telogis Fleet provides a full, end-to-end Field Service platform for fleet-based companies of all sizes. This powerful solution includes features such as job scheduling, status tracking, a rules engine, repair... Read More
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Teletrac Navman's DIRECTOR is a cloud-based fleet management tool designed to help businesses combine data and safety analytics, location tracking, driver-dispatcher communication, and compliance within one system. The program is accessible... Read More
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Dossier Fleet Maintenance

Dossier Systems is a provider of fleet maintenance management software and solutions. Headquartered in suburban Philadelphia with offices throughout the United States, the company is committed to developing, supporting and distributing... Read More
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Linxup is a cloud-based fleet management solution specializing in GPS tracking of fleets of any size. Linxup’s real-time GPS tracking allows users to track the precise location of their fleets. A Google Maps view is available for... Read More
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Fleet GPS tracking by High Point GPS

High Point GPS Tracking and Dispatch is a web-based solution designed to help companies coordinate and track their fleet of vehicles in real-time. Each vehicle is installed with a tracking device with a constant satellite and cellular... Read More
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ClearPathGPS is a fleet management system that specializes in working with small to midsize local fleets in construction, HVAC, electrical, delivery, moving and storage, landscaping, tree service, solar and many others. ClearPathGPS... Read More
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Oracle SCM Cloud

Oracle SCM Cloud offers a full suite of applications for companies to manage their supply chain, distribution, manufacturing, inventory management, and fleet.  Using product development, users can create a detailed bill of material... Read More
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OPT Runner

OPT Runner is a fleet management system suitable for trucking and transportation businesses of any size. Both on-premise and cloud-based deployments are available. Key features include transport planning, fleet scheduling and vehicle... Read More
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U Route

U Route is a transportation management system that was designed to tighten the link between shippers and their core carriers. Offering a host of features in a scalable web-based environment, U Route is a suitable option for companies... Read More
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Supply Chain Planning & Optimization

Quintiq's powerful Supply Chain Planning & Optimization (SCP&O) platform was designed with flexibility and problem solving in mind, smoothing any issues with planning and job scheduling without making any changes to the core system... Read More
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Verizon Expressfleet

Verizon Networkfleet is a cloud-based end-to-end GPS tracking and telematics solution that provides business owners ways to track fleet information, generate reports, track assets, and more in real-time. With a suite of features available,... Read More
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High Point GPS

High Point GPS is a web-based solution designed to help companies coordinate and track their fleet of vehicles in real-time. Each vehicle is installed with a tracking device with a constant satellite and cellular connection that sends... Read More
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Truckers Helper

Truckers Helper is a fleet management solution designed with truckload (TL) and less-than-truckload (LTL) owner-operators, fleet owners and brokers in mind.   Truckers Helper features standard trucking applications, including accounting,... Read More
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Founded in 2011, eTruckBiz is a Web-based fleet management solution designed with small to midsize trucking fleets in mind. In addition to standard applications, such as dispatch, route planning and fleet maintenance, eTruckBiz also... Read More
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Traxroot is a Web-based fleet management application designed with small to midsize logistics and bussing companies in mind. The platform is operating system agnostic and features standard fleet management tools, such as dispatch... Read More
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GPS Fleet Tracking

GPS Fleet Tracking by EquipTrac is a Web-based fleet management system designed for small to midsize firms in distribution, construction, utilities and delivery services. The software features standard fleet management applications,... Read More
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Fleet Harmony

Fleet Harmony is a fleet management system designed for trucking companies and other organizations that operate large fleets, such as utilities and public services. Fleet Harmony offers standard fleet management applications such... Read More
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EMDECS is a cloud-based fleet management software solution. It caters both to repair shop management and users seeking fleet maintenance capabilities. For users seeking fleet management solutions, EMDECS provides preventive maintenance... Read More
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GPS Insight

GPS Insight is a cloud-based fleet tracking solution. It is offered in three editions: Standard targets small fleets of up to 25 vehicles, Pro is for businesses with 26 or more vehicles and Enterprise is for large fleets of more than... Read More
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Route4Me is a cloud-based fleet management solution specializing in route planning. This product is suitable for businesses across a variety of industries and sizes. Users can type in or upload customer addresses, and Route4Me will... Read More
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RASTRAC is a fleet management software solution. It is available either through the cloud or via on-premise deployment. RASTRAC specializes in GPS tracking and is suitable for fleets of any size. For each mobile asset, RASTRAC includes... Read More
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WEBFLEET is a cloud-based fleet management software solution. Key features include applications for GPS tracking, dispatch and scheduling and fleet maintenance. WEBFLEET allows users to track the precise locations of all of their... Read More
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logvrp is a cloud-based fleet management software solution specializing in route planning and optimization. It is suitable for businesses across a variety of industries. In logvrp, users can create stations where drivers will stop... Read More
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Fleetmatics REVEAL

Fleetmatics REVEAL is a web-based fleet management platform suitable for small and mid-sized companies. Users can view all drivers on a map, and automatically detect behavior such as harsh braking, quick starts, hard corning, and other... Read More
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Beetrack is a cloud-based fleet management solution that tracks fleet and packages in real-time. Founded in 2013, Beetrack provides a number of tracking features for businesses in across a variety of industries, including e-commerce,... Read More
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FleetHolder is a cloud-based fleet management platform that is tailored to the needs of small and midsize businesses. It features a full fleet management toolset and intelligent dispatching tools. Dispatchers are able to assign jobs... Read More
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Atracio (Formerly O-Fleet)

Atracio is a cloud-based fleet management platform designed for car rental businesses of all sizes. It offers vehicle management, rental management, customer management and work order management functionalities within a single solution. The... Read More
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TMW suite is an integrated transportation management system for the end to end transportation process. Best suited for asset-based, asset-light and freight brokerage transportation service providers, this system can be installed both... Read More
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RouteXL is a cloud-based route planning and optimization solution for small and midsize businesses. This software is ideal for road transportation services such as ambulance services, moving services, taxi services and various other... Read More
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Vehicle Fleet Manager

Vehicle Fleet Manager is a fleet management platform that lets users create maintenance schedules, track vehicle expenses and monitor fuel consumption. The tool can also be installed on-premise and is suitable for various industries... Read More
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Fleet Manager

Fleet Manager is a cloud-based fleet management solution designed for small and midsize businesses in industries including government, health care, automotive and construction. Fleet Manager offers features including GPS tracking,... Read More
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FleetSoft is a fleet maintenance management solution suitable for businesses of any size in a variety of industries. It can be deployed as a cloud-based or Windows OS on-premise solution. Key features include vehicle management, work... Read More
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GFI Systems

GFI Systems is a cloud-based fleet management solution suitable for small to midsize businesses in a variety of industries. Key features include GPS tracking, history replays, customizable reports, unit dispatching, employee management,... Read More
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FleetMaster is a cloud-based fleet management solution for businesses that handle short- and long-term vehicle rental and lease as well as truck rental. Key features include vehicle management, customer management, GPS tracking, invoice... Read More
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Titan GPS

Titan GPS is a cloud-­based fleet management solution that helps fleet operators track and manage vehicles, equipment and mobile assets across Canada and the United States. GPS tracking hardware and tailored service plans are also... Read More
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Roadcast Delivery

Roadcast Delivery is a cloud-based field service tool that helps users plan deliveries and track delivery drivers in real time. Key features include GPS tracking, reporting tools and integrations with point of sale applications. Mobile... Read More
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Plug N Track GPS

Plug N Track GPS is a cloud-based fleet management solution for businesses of all sizes. It caters to companies in the fleet management industry. It offers live fleet tracking, GPS tracking, real-time alerts, driver behaviour management,... Read More
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Azuga Fleet

Azuga Fleet is a cloud-based fleet management solution for businesses of all sizes. It caters to various industries including transportation, pest control, commercial security, specialty contractors, construction, equipment rental,... Read More
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GPSWOX tracks the location of vehicles and field service workers in real time. It helps users track locations and information such as vehicle speed, fuel consumption and travel history. Users can receive notifications through the... Read More
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Buyer's Guide

Today's courier and parcel delivery businesses must effectively leverage technology to achieve business success. Customers expect to track the status of their packages; drivers expect in-route GPS tracking providing them the quickest way to get from delivery to delivery; and managers need to track and analyze performance data to optimize their operations.

Courier software enables businesses to achieve success by providing excellent customer experiences while optimizing operations to limit setbacks and make more deliveries in a day.

But there are lots of courier software options out there. And not all systems will be a fit for your business. For example, some systems might be heavy on the customer portal and delivery tracking features, which isn't a fit for many courier businesses. Read on to learn about the options out there for your courier software.

In this guide, we'll cover:

What Is Courier Software?
Common Features of Courier Software
What Type of Buyer Are You?
Benefits of Adopting Courier Software
Market Trends to Understand in Courier Software

What Is Courier Software?

Courier software is the backbone of parcel delivery businesses. These systems assist with the delivery of parcels across every stage of the journey. This includes receiving the parcels to ship, loading parcels into the appropriate vehicle(s) for delivery, tracking the vehicles once the delivery is out and completing the delivery within the parameters requested.

Many courier systems provide a wide array of tools and capabilities for managing the entire delivery process as well as delivery fleets. Some courier software systems are specialized for specific stops along the life cycle of a delivery. It's important to do your due diligence when selecting the right software for your business.

Regardless of what you choose, your new courier software should enable you to:

  • Better track delivery vehicles
  • Pinpoint the location of specific parcels
  • Improve the customer experience by achieving delivery times

Common Features of Courier Software

Courier software and other delivery management systems provide users with the tools necessary to manage the key components of a parcel delivery operation. Key features include:

Scheduling and dispatch Schedule one-off and recurring deliveries. Optimize delivery drivers' schedules relative to the location between consecutive delivery locations. House them in a shared calendar so that management can get a snapshot of the business.
Routing Strategically route delivery drivers on the most efficient route for the job at hand and reduce fuel costs in the process.
Mobile communication Connect with drivers in the field throughout the day. Communicate any changes in delivery details.
GPS tracking Track the status of delivery vehicles. Leverage driver location to assign emergency jobs to those located closest. Monitor safe driving practices.
Reporting and analytics Track routes, vehicle usage and other key metrics to optimize workflows, deliveries and other operational processes.
Customer management Leverage valuable customer information to optimize marketing and retention strategies.
Electronic signature Enable drivers to capture customer signatures confirming proof of delivery.
Parcel management Maintain a database of parcels in possession for delivery. Assign barcodes to the items being delivered so they can easily be identified with a barcode scanner.
Customer portal Offer customers the ability to build out a detailed login/landing page where they can schedule and set details for deliveries, check the status on current deliveries, view quotes and pay balances, and look at their request history.

Let's take a closer look at the five must-have features for your new courier software:

Scheduling and dispatch

Scheduling and dispatch capabilities are the backbone of your courier and delivery management system. As you can see in the example below, your scheduling process and tools not only get the delivery on the books—these features enable you to store critical details regarding the customer and the delivery.

Scheduling and dispatch capabilities in courier management software OnTime360

Example of scheduling and dispatch capabilities via OnTime360


Accurate routing tools help your deliverers get where they need to go as fast as possible. Real-time routing provided directly to drivers' mobile devices is a must-have for your new system.

Mobile routing capability in courier management platform getswift

Example of a mobile routing capability via getswift

Mobile communication

Courier operations must remain agile throughout the day. That's why mobile communication is such a key component of delivery management software. And we're not just talking about calling and texting. The ability to send important information via a shared platform is vital for dispatching deliverers and meeting customer needs.

Mobile communications in courier software platform FleetComplete

Example of mobile communications via FleetComplete

GPS tracking

GPS tracking enables dispatchers see a big picture view of all their assets in the field. This allows them to make smarter decisions in case of emergency deliveries, since they have the exact location of everyone in their fleet.

GPS tracking in courier management platform CTX Software

Example of GPS tracking via CTX Software

Reporting and analytics

Reporting and analytics tools provide the information necessary for back offices to make informed business decision that benefit the operation. This could be on a delivery-by-delivery basis or in terms of a total process or operational change.

Courier reporting and analytics in Onfleet, a courier management software tool

Example of courier reporting and analytics via Onfleet

What Type of Buyer Are You?

There are different considerations to keep in mind when selecting your courier software based on the unique components of your delivery business. Some of these distinctions include:

Small business. These buyers work for small businesses moving beyond manual calendars and paper-based delivery orders. They want to add delivery management capabilities to automate tedious manual processes and remove human error from their operation.

Direct business. These buyers work for delivery organizations that have in-house couriers. They are looking to switch to a new system to achieve greater operational efficiency and stay ahead of the competition.

Contract business. These buyers work for delivery organizations that contract out couriers. They need specialized courier software for contract workers to easily get onboard their system and access delivery requests and other critical information.

Enterprise business. These buyers work for large organizations. They may have multiple fleets of drivers across various areas. The integration of systems and data is most important so that they can have a big picture and drill-down view of the business.

Benefits of Adopting Courier Software

Regardless of which type of buyer you are, the benefits that these system bring your organization are similar across the board. These benefits include:

Increased transparency. Courier reporting tools give operators, deliverers and customers unparalleled transparency into their organization. GPS-enabled dashboards provide operators with an accurate view of the location of deliverers and status of their deliveries. This transparency also applies to customers—who are able to see real-time status of their deliveries—and includes business analytics to give operators what they need to make better informed business decisions.

Newfound organization. Many smaller delivery organizations adopt courier software to replace their previously used and inefficient manual methods. These include manually updating spreadsheets and sharing vital information with couriers via call and text. Courier software will provide newfound organizational benefits that allow manager and everyone else in the organization to spend more time working to improve the business rather than working to keep their heads above water.

Improved customer experiences. By operating more efficiently and enabling accurate transparency into the status of deliveries, courier businesses are able to provide great customer experiences. Many systems also offer customer portals and online scheduling so that repeat customers can save time with their deliveries by drawing on previously stored details.

Market Trends to Understand in Courier Management

Mobile apps. Many courier software systems on the market provide mobile apps for both workers in the field as well as senders and recipients. Leveraging GPS-tracking capabilities enables courier operations as well as package senders and receivers to view real-time updates on the status of deliveries. Customer-enabled apps often support the ability for users to schedule deliveries from the app as well as make payments and change delivery details. Delivery-focused apps offer one centralized place to view detailed information about all their deliveries scheduled for that day.

Internet of things (IoT). The underlying mobility of courier operations makes these businesses a prime candidate for adoption of IoT capabilities. This technology helps connect organizations and gathers valuable data in an organized and effective manner. Data is gathered from mobile devices used by couriers as well as any sensors on the vehicles they use. The data gathered by these IoT capabilities can unlock newfound operational efficiencies for businesses to cut operational costs and better serve customers.