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Boomtrain is a cloud-based marketing engine that leverages artificial intelligence to help automate marketing recommendations. It is suitable for midsize and large marketing agencies and media companies.

Boomtrain’s machine-learning algorithm is able to generate insights about the makeup of a user base and generate predictive recommendations. These recommendations are designed to deliver a curated customer experience. Experiences can take place on users' websites or within personalized emails, in-app push notifications and SMS messages.

Users can engage with a marketing accelerator program that helps with understanding each phase of the customer lifecycle. Individual marketing use cases are detailed, including customer acquisition, client onboarding and cart abandonment.

Boomtrain can be purchased on a per user per month basis. Users receive support from Boomtrain’s customer success and solutions teams in order to receive guidance on best practices, help with system implementation and general consultation.


Boomtrain - Multichannel messaging
  • Boomtrain - Multichannel messaging
    Multichannel messaging
  • Boomtrain - Email editor
    Email editor
  • Boomtrain - Reports
  • Boomtrain - Behavioral targeting
    Behavioral targeting
  • Boomtrain - Personalized recommendations
    Personalized recommendations
Supported Operating System(s):
Web browser (OS agnostic)

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