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Tovuti is an all-in-one training and learning management system for organizations of all sizes. From SMBs to enterprises, regulated industries, and government agencies, hundreds of organizations worldwide choose Tovuti to support ...Read more about Tovuti

4.8 (91 reviews)

116 recommendations

Absorb LMS

Absorb is a cloud-based learning management system (LMS) engineered to drive business productivity and deliver a top-tier learner and admin experience. Absorb LMS is a powerful and flexible software that allows its customers to fi...Read more about Absorb LMS

4.5 (231 reviews)

80 recommendations


eloomi’s learning and development platform is the simplest way to drive growth – for your people, teams, culture, and organization. eloomi is easy at every level, with four scalable modules, spectacular design, a flat learning cu...Read more about eloomi

4.4 (91 reviews)

77 recommendations


DigitalChalk is a cloud-based learning management solution for small and midsize businesses. Primary features include e-learning, customizable course content, content library, track progress, reward and real-time analytics. O...Read more about DigitalChalk

4.7 (99 reviews)

60 recommendations

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Trakstar Learn

Skip the classroom, train anywhere. Trakstar Learn's cloud-based e-learning platform provides a simple, training solution for employees working from home, in the office, or in the field. We make it easier for business leaders to e...Read more about Trakstar Learn

4.2 (105 reviews)

58 recommendations

SmarterU LMS

SmarterU is a cloud-based training course design and learning management system (LMS) for organizations of all sizes. The solution offers a wide library of video courses which can be used to train professionals in multiple sectors...Read more about SmarterU LMS

4.8 (33 reviews)

52 recommendations


eLearning Cloud is a cloud-based learning management solution (LMS) from VAIRKKO that enables organizations to provide training to their employees. The solution allows users to distribute learning content to company employees, cre...Read more about VAIRKKO Suite

4.6 (125 reviews)

42 recommendations


At LearnUpon LMS we’re on a mission to help you unlock the power of learning. Combining our award winning LMS and our industry-leading Customer Experience team, we pride ourselves on being a trusted partner to over 1,300 businesse...Read more about LearnUpon

4.8 (87 reviews)

30 recommendations


Acorn Performance LMS (PLMS) is the dynamic AI-powered platform for Learning and Development (L&D) experiences synchronized to business performance. Corporate learning is broken. Acorn is the antidote. It’s the only solution that ...Read more about Acorn

4.6 (29 reviews)

30 recommendations


360Learning is a Collaborative LMS tool. The platform helps users to author and conduct interactive learning experiences so learners can practice, demonstrate, and repeat until they master the skill. 360Learning helps teams auto...Read more about 360Learning

4.6 (348 reviews)

28 recommendations


Travitor makes it easy to create, deliver, and track training. Plus get hundreds of top-rated courses in Compliance, Business, Safety, and Personal Development included. Help your teams do great work with featured courses like H...Read more about Travitor

4.5 (51 reviews)

27 recommendations


SkyPrep LMS is a cloud-based learning management solution that offers a platform to training administrators for creating, managing and selling training courses. Key features include custom branding, automated learner enrollment an...Read more about SkyPrep

4.8 (148 reviews)

26 recommendations


Docebo scales from 500 learners to thousands without skipping a beat - from content creation, management, delivery, through to measuring the business impact of their programs. ...Read more about Docebo

4.3 (167 reviews)

24 recommendations

Kallidus Learn

Kallidus Learn is a cloud-based learning management system (LMS) featuring certification and compliance management, a built-in course library and SCORM compliance. The system is suitable for large and midsize organizations in a va...Read more about Kallidus Learn

4.3 (62 reviews)

21 recommendations

Cornerstone LMS

Cornerstone Learning helps you provide a connected learning and growth experience for your people. Create a personalized development and growth experience that inspires people and accelerates transformation. Get a solution designe...Read more about Cornerstone LMS

4.3 (220 reviews)

19 recommendations


OpenSesame is an elearning course provider that offers more than 20,000 courses covering business skills, safety, compliance, technology, industry-specific and certifications, and it is suitable for the training needs of organizat...Read more about OpenSesame

4.0 (26 reviews)

16 recommendations


Litmos develops eLearning solutions for top-performing companies. An established leader in the market since 2007, Litmos offers the world’s easiest-to-use LMS and a comprehensive learning content library. Thousands of companies tr...Read more about Litmos

4.2 (277 reviews)

11 recommendations


ExpertusONE is transforming how today’s companies train their employees and how learning resources are found, shared, tracked, collaborated on, and retained. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, ExpertusONE is a leading global enterpr...Read more about ExpertusONE

4.1 (8 reviews)

9 recommendations


D2L, the leading learning experience platform for companies and education, we help organizations around the world create experience-rich learning programs and drive business outcomes through learning. D2L has been delivering high-...Read more about Brightspace

4.3 (208 reviews)

8 recommendations

Relias Healthcare LMS

Relias LMS is a cloud-based solution that helps small to large businesses manage and streamline learning and compliance needs of employees. The centralized platform enables users to develop and deploy training programs for selecte...Read more about Relias Healthcare LMS

3.9 (49 reviews)

8 recommendations

Buyers Guide

Last Updated: November 21, 2023

Small and midsize businesses (SMBs) hoping to bring new and important skills into their organization through recruiting and hiring are coming to a stark realization: it's an increasingly tough goal to accomplish. There are more job openings than ever and those openings are going unfilled for longer than ever, costing companies millions in lost productivity.

As a result, more and more businesses are turning inward and prioritizing learning and development with the workers they have; but this too comes with its own share of pitfalls. Historically, classroom-based employee training has been a dull and inflexible process for employees and a pain to administer and track for employers.

Computer based training can cure all of these woes, as it's the means to make it these things happen. But with so many computer based training software systems to choose from, it can be daunting to figure out which one is the best given your organization's budget and needs. To that end, we're here to help.

In this Buyer's Guide, we'll go over everything first-time computer-based training software buyers need to know in order to make an informed purchase decision.

Here's what we'll cover:

What Is Computer Based Training Software?

Common Computer Based Training Software Features

Computer Based Training Software Pricing

Key Considerations When Evaluating Computer Based Training Software

Additional Computer Based Training Software Resources

What Is Computer Based Training Software?

Computer based training software helps organizations bring their employee training out of the classroom and into a more flexible and engaging online environment. Using eLearning courses created in-house or purchased from a third party, these systems allow managers and corporate trainers to customize individual learner paths, dictate course choices and learning pace, track employee progression and more.

Computer based training software also benefits employees, allowing them to do training outside of the office, whenever and wherever it's easiest for them.


Employee learning library in Lessonly

More commonly known as learning management systems, computer based training software can be purchased standalone. It can also be acquired as an application within a more comprehensive human capital management software suite that also handles things like performance management, payroll and applicant tracking.

Common Computer Based Training Software Features

When evaluating different options, you'll find most computer based training software systems share a ton of features and functionality in common. Here are some examples:

Course management

Upload and manage an inventory of created or purchased training courses. Set rules on how trainees can access and complete them.

Learner management

Manage and track a roster of employee trainees as they progress through courses and complete assessments.

Certification management

Training, testing and reporting functionality for certifications required of certain jobs.

Social learning

Trainees can interact with one another through course ratings, course discussions or individual learner blogs.

Extended enterprise

Allows companies to rebrand their training environment for external audiences (e.g., customers, channel partners etc.).

Analytics & reporting

Discover deeper trends regarding course effectiveness and learner progression through customizable reports and dashboards.

You may need more robust functionality depending on your needs. For example, if you don't already have a course authoring tool to create your own training courses from scratch, some computer based training systems include them in their offering. Vendors may also include course libraries, giving your company access to a ton of pre-made courses that can be utilized for employee training.

Computer Based Training Software Pricing

Companies expecting to pay for new computer based training software upfront are going to be disappointed.

Because most systems are cloud-based (meaning they're hosted on the vendor's servers and accessed by client businesses via a web browser), the most common pricing structure you'll run into is a subscription-based model based on 1) the number of users you have and 2) the level of functionality you want.

For smaller businesses, the monthly fee may be relatively high at around $5/user/month, but this will go down to as low as $0.50/user/month for larger enterprises with a ton of employees. Vendors can also tier their pricing to that you pay a lower monthly fee for basic functionality like learner management and course assessments or a higher fee for more advanced features like extended enterprise management.

There can also be one-time fees for things like implementation or system training, so be sure to ask vendors about the exact breakdown of their cost structure so you can budget for a new system appropriately.

Key Considerations When Evaluating Computer Based Training Software

Cost is a major factor with any new software purchase, but it's not the only one. If you pick a computer based training software system based solely on good reviews and affordability, you risk adopting a product that ends up not being a great fit.

Here are some things you should keep in mind when evaluating different options:

  • Are my training courses technically compatible? If you already have training courses in the AICC eLearning technical standard, but your software doesn't support AICC courses, that's going to result in hefty reformatting costs. You can learn more about the pros and cons with different eLearning technical standards here.

  • What will happen to my courses on mobile devices? Nearly half of all organizations use mobile devices in employee training. Some vendors may claim to be “mobile-ready," but there's a big difference between a course that's easy to navigate on smartphones and one that's simply shrunk down and requires a lot of pinching and dragging.

  • How advanced are the training analytics? If you can only get data on course completions and assessment scores, that's not going to tell you a whole lot to improve employee training. Ask if you can track more advanced stats like interactions and time spent by users to optimize courses and learner paths.

  • Can I integrate with my HR systems? Training and performance are heavily intertwined. If you already have software to manage performance reviews, ask if your computer based training software can integrate with it to easily transfer training data.

Additional Computer Based Training Software Resources

We've covered the basics of what you need to know with computer based training software, but there's always more you can learn to help choose the right system, implement it successfully and become a top-tier employee training organization.

Here are some additional resources: