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For those in the roofing, siding and guttering industries, it's imperative to be able to produce documents in the field quickly and accurately. With estimationPRO, contractors can create contracts, purchase orders, reports on job profitability and more, all without an Internet connection. Included with estimationPRO is JobTracker, an industry-specific web-based CRM designed to help roofing and siding companies manage communications through every stage of the project.

estimationPRO and JobTracker provide a complete solution for roofing contractors. estimationPRO has an exclusive GeoEstimator Import, allowing users to measure roofs with one click of the mouse. In less than 5 seconds, contractors can produce a purchase order, a contract or a profitability report. The solution also stores all photos and electronic documents securely offline. estimationPRO supports all shingle manufacturers and electronic supplier pricing.

JobTracker was designed specifically for the roofing and siding industry, and remains an industry leader for Customer Relations Management. This user-friendly CRM keeps homeowners aware of every stage of the project through automated emails, as well as ensuring the company's advertising dollars are spent effectively on dynamic marketing campaigns. It's directly integrated with, to better target the marketing strategy. JobTracker follows each and every lead, from creation to completion, saving more than ten hours of administration time on every job.

For fast, accurate bidding platform designed for the roofing, siding and guttering industries, estimationPRO with JobTracker is an easy-to-use, comprehensive solution.





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