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Apartment Management Systems

Apartment management software are tools that make routine tasks such as tracking and storing tenant information, collecting rent, and managing accounting needs easier for property managers. Common features in apartment management software include online rental payment and account access for tenants, expense and maintenance tracking, lease management, resident screening, and financial reporting.

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Showing 1 - 20 of 93 products
Showing 1 - 20 of 93 products

Yardi Breeze is property management software built exclusively for small to mid-size businesses. Yardi Breeze offers features such as autocomplete address lookups, data import utility, home screen dashboard, drill-down reportin... Read more

4.18 (26 reviews)

153 recommendations

Buildium is a cloud-based property management software that enables managers of residential and association properties to take control of every aspect of their business, whether in the office or fully ... Read more

145 recommendations

SimplifyEm is a property management software designed to meet the requirements of small and mid-sized landlords and property managers. The web-based solution offers features like property accounting, tenant management, lease tr... Read more

126 recommendations

AppFolio provides property management software that allows property managers and owners to market, automate and manage tasks related to their apartments, residential properties, commercial property, st... Read more

72 recommendations

Rentec Direct serves as a web-based, full-featured management system for landlords and property managers that is designed to suit the needs of those managing properties between 25 and 5,000 units. Rentec has no startup fees, no... Read more

31 recommendations

Hemlane is a cloud-based property management solution that caters to small businesses. The key features of the solution include property marketing, applicant screening, lease tracking, rent collection and maintenance coordinati... Read more

4.83 (93 reviews)

24 recommendations

ManageCasa is an intuitive, interactive, and automated Property Management platform specifically designed for Property Managers, Associations and Landlords seeking an all-encompassing web and mobile approach to increase efficie... Read more

5.00 (1 reviews)

23 recommendations

ResMan is the industry-leading property management platform preferred by owners, operators and investors across the multifamily, affordable and commercial real estate marketplace. Our platform is built for the evolving needs of... Read more

21 recommendations

Rent Manager is a software system for both residential and commercial real estate companies. The financial accounting component of Rent Manager has full integration and includes standard functionality such as a general ledger w... Read more

20 recommendations

RealPage is a cloud-based property management solution suitable for businesses of any size. Key features include accounting, budgeting, facilities maintenance, purchasing, document management and reporting. RealPage ena... Read more

4.06 (16 reviews)

17 recommendations

RentRoom is a property management tool designed to streamline the day-to-day responsibilities of property managers and landlords while simultaneously providing tenants with a convenient and unique experience with its' community... Read more

4.50 (4 reviews)

16 recommendations

RentRedi is landlord-tenant software for landlords to easily manage their properties. RentRedi provides an all-in-one platform that enables landlords to collect mobile rent payments, send in-app notifications, prescreen... Read more

4.90 (10 reviews)

12 recommendations

Designed for small, medium and large property management companies, ApexLink is a comprehensive business management solution that covers all aspects of residential and commercial rental properties with integrated communication,... Read more

No reviews yet

7 recommendations

iRent is a cloud-based property management solution for small and midsize property managers. Key features include tenant management, billing and financial management, role-based system access and work order management. ... Read more

4.90 (10 reviews)

4 recommendations

INFO-Tracker by Netintegrity Inc. is a cloud-based property, accounting and maintenance management system that designed for midsize and large Condo HOA, residential, 3rd party rental, commercial real estate and affordable ... Read more

4.50 (1 reviews)

4 recommendations

Total Management is a cloud-based property management solution suitable for midsize to large organizations that manage apartments, mixed portfolio, REITs and commercial or retail space. Total Management helps users mult... Read more

4.23 (89 reviews)

4 recommendations

Innago offers a cloud-based property management platform for landlords with small to midsize property portfolios. With Innago, users can collect rent, manage leases, collect signatures and manage tenants. Landlords can ... Read more

4.76 (42 reviews)

3 recommendations

RentMoola is a secure payment platform designed for residents to pay rent, access consumer credit , tenant insurance and security deposit alternatives. The platform accepts credit and debit cards, funds transfers, in-store cash... Read more

4.67 (3 reviews)

3 recommendations

PayProp is a cloud-based property management solution designed to help Florida’s property managers collect, reconcile and distribute rental payments for their properties under management – on time and to the right r... Read more

4.00 (3 reviews)

2 recommendations

RemoteLandlord is a cloud-based property management solution that helps property managers and accountants with facility maintenance, lead tracking, bank reconciliation, cash receipts, maintaining a general ledger and more. It a... Read more

4.85 (13 reviews)

1 recommendations

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Last Updated: January 05, 2021

Here's what we'll cover:

What Is Apartment Management Software?
Common Features of Apartment Management Software
Expected Benefits of Apartment Management Software
Case Studies

What Is Apartment Management Software?

Apartment management software are tools that make routine tasks such as tracking and storing tenant information, collecting rent, and managing accounting needs easier for property managers. Common features in apartment management software include online rental payment and account access for tenants, expense and maintenance tracking, lease management, resident screening, and financial reporting.

Common Features of Apartment Management Software

Property managers should consider the following features when selecting multifamily or apartment property management software:

Tenant portal Enables renters to pay their rent, submit maintenance requests and review their leasing history online. This feature simplifies payment processing and saves time.
Automatic vacancy postings  Allow managers and owners to quickly and easily post available units to their website or on popular apartment listing sites like Craigslist,, or Google. This saves work and helps units get filled faster.
Integrated accounting Helps you better manage every aspect of your company’s finances with integrated general ledger, accounts payable and receivable, expense tracking, balance sheets, income statements and payroll management functionality.

Expected Benefits of Apartment Management Software

Apartment management software solutions provide various benefits that help apartment owners and property managers efficiently manage their assets. Landlords and property managers can manage many apartments using this software. It also helps landlords who own more than one apartment as it can sometimes be difficult to track maintenance manually.

Some key benefits offered by apartment management software include:

Compatibility and convenience. An apartment management software can consolidate all your individual financial information for the apartment rental businesses. The solution helps owners and landlords avoid manually handling multiple sets of information, such as tax deductions, expenses and income, for each apartment. Hence, instead of employing various incompatible software programs, a single apartment management system can be the best option. The solution also enables users to share the information with other platforms, such as apps for tablets and smartphones, via the web.

Tracking of information. Apartment owners need to track different kinds of information, such as monthly rent payments, prospects’ call-in timings for showings and tenants’ move in and move out dates. The ideal apartment management solution helps property managers store all the information and makes it readily available to apartment owners, thus avoiding disordered paper clutter. It also stores information such as overdue payments, security deposits, lease terms and routine costs, such as licenses, insurance, inspection fees, maintenance, repairs and utility payments.

Financial management and budgeting. Owners of multiple apartments often face issues with accounting. An apartment management solution integrates all the finances into a single budget that covers the details of all the apartments. The solution generates easy-to-understand visuals that allow users to track incoming and outgoing finances for each apartment. It also suggests remedial action points in case the user is losing money on specific assets.

Tax management. An apartment management solution also helps apartment owners manage their business, property and personal taxes. In a multi-apartment setup, the solution manages deductions, such as labor costs, insurance premiums and maintenance costs. It also covers home office deductions in case the apartment owner is using a home office to manage the asset. The solution enables users to export all this data to create tax forms.

Marketing and lead generation. The right kind of apartment management solutions help apartment owners and property managers market their assets and generate leads by interacting with prospects. If the apartments are listed on any business or personal websites, the solution helps post updated vacancies on the portals and accepts inquiries from prospects. It may also enable the use of web templates and assist in creating marketing material, such as brochures, ads, letterheads, fliers and business cards.

Case Studies

We’ve compiled several case studies to illustrate how the features of apartment rental software solutions can help advance your business by making it easier than ever to manage apartment properties.

Automatic rent payments eliminate annual fees and free up man-hours. Using a tenant portal like the one found in the AppFolio Property Manager apartment software system, tenants can make payments online, in seconds. This frees property managers from entering receipts by hand, increasing efficiency and resulting in cost savings.

Take Real Estate Management Group, for example. With a mixed portfolio of 1,000 properties, the company must process a significant number of rent payments per month. Prior to using AppFolio Property Manager, they paid $2,800/year to manage rent payments via a separate online system.

With the integrated online rent payment module in AppFolio’s apartment manager software, there are no additional monthly costs. Payments are automatically entered, freeing up countless hours of labor. Real Estate Management Group tenants can get set up with online payments in just seconds, which has increased the percentage of those using them to 60 percent—a figure expected to jump to 85 percent by the end of the year. In sum, this has resulted in annual savings of $20,800/year (and growing).

  Before AppFolio After AppFolio Annual Savings
Online rent payments w/PayLease service $2,800/year $0 $2,800/year
Staff accounting time to support PayLease online rent payments $18,000/year $0 $18,000/year

Total savings: $20,800/year (and growing). (Source:

Integrated accounting helps cut thousands of dollars in unnecessary expenses. An integrated accounting module such as that found in Rent Manager’s apartment software enables property managers to easily enter, track and analyze financial data. Detailed reports can pinpoint where adjustments need to be made in order to cut costs—a vital tool given today’s sluggish economy.

Example of Owner’s Statement within Rent Manager

An example of an Owner’s Statement within Rent Manager’s complete accounting system. (Source:

After the real estate slump of 2008, Ballard Property Maintenance found it nearly impossible to meet the strict new banking requirements while using their previous accounting system. Looking to cut tens of thousands of dollars in expenses, they needed an integrated accounting application that could provide detailed analysis and comprehensive reports, including project costing and budgeting. The accounting system in Rent Manager’s multifamily property management software enabled Ballard to quickly trim expenses and provide banks with the detailed financial information required.