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AskoziaPBX is an on-premise IP-based phone system. It can be deployed either on vendor Askozia’s proprietary telephony servers or on virtual machines. Because the software for AskoziaPBX is sold as a firmware image with a Linux operating system (OS) included, no additional OS is needed to run the system.

Unlike a number of IP PBX systems, Askozia’s software does not limit the number of users or simultaneous calls, allowing the system to scale as a company grows. Instead of licensing individual users, businesses only need to buy a license for each PBX system and for each server (though servers aren’t necessary if the system is being deployed virtually). Telephony servers support connections to the traditional phone network (e.g., analog and ISDN connections).

AskoziaPBX supports a number of standard PBX features, such as call forwarding to mobile, conferencing and call recording. A Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) module for contact centers is also available. The system can be configured and managed via a Web browser.


AskoziaPBX - Call flow editor
  • AskoziaPBX - Call flow editor
    Call flow editor
  • AskoziaPBX - System information
    System information
  • AskoziaPBX - Call detail records
    Call detail records
  • AskoziaPBX - Softphone
  • AskoziaPBX - Recording
  • AskoziaPBX - Device interfaces
    Device interfaces
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