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Any kind of assumption or gap in communication between the architect, the owner and the builder can cause considerable damage in terms of budget and delays. DProfiler combines everything project stakeholders need to both communicate and make project decisions into a single tool, combining 3D modeling, estimating, site cut/fill analysis, energy analysis and scheduling. This combined functionality helps project teams make accurate, informed decisions.

DProfiler gives builders the tools to provide real-time cost data and feedback to owners and architects, as well as giving the preconstruction team a major advantage and winning contracts.

For owners, DProfiler provides a single solution to reduce risk in terms of budget and time delays, increases predictability and drives value. Architects can utilize the solution to make sure clients receive the best value, as the system can show cost ramifications of all design decisions.

DProfiler allows architects and builders to use existing data to build a cost model, whether it's a scanned sketch or a cad file, or users can start from scratch. The DProfiler Site3D Module helps project team members determine cut and fill costs associated with the biggest unknown on a project, the site itself, which can import topography from both Google Earth and CAD. The Energy Analysis module helps the team compute initial costs vs. operating costs of the proposed concept. The system fits into any workflow, and users can export the estimates into Excel and the model into other BIM applications.

DProfiler helps project stakeholders avoid costly and time consuming changes late in the project by aligning intent and expectations and ensuring clear communication and informed decisions earlier.


DProfiler - DProfiler Showing Interiors With Costs
  • DProfiler - DProfiler Showing Interiors With Costs
    DProfiler Showing Interiors With Costs
  • DProfiler - DProfiler Sequencing Module (4D BIM)
    DProfiler Sequencing Module (4D BIM)
  • DProfiler - User Implementation Plan
    User Implementation Plan
  • DProfiler - Site3D Module With Grading Plan
    Site3D Module With Grading Plan
  • DProfiler - Energy Analysis Module Results
    Energy Analysis Module Results
  • DProfiler - What-ifs & Optioneering
    What-ifs & Optioneering
Supported Operating System(s):
Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 8

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