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Closeout is a cloud-based construction software solution offering platforms for both residential and commercial builders.

Closeout creates punch lists that users can access from both their mobile devices and computers. On mobile devices, users can record issues and assign jobs. On their computers, users can sort and review punch lists, export PDF and Excel reports and set up new projects.

Closeout has an offline mode, so that when users don’t have service, they can record actions in the system like normal, and then upload their work when they are online again. Subcontractors do not need to download the Closeout app, but can access their own Web portal where they can view and comment on all tasks assigned to them.

Users can take photos of deficiencies from within the mobile app, or they can upload photos from their phone camera’s album. Closeout offers free custom setup to all new clients.

Closeout is priced per project per month. A mobile app for iOS is offered.


Closeout - Dashboard
  • Closeout - Dashboard
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    Mobile app
Supported Operating System(s):
Web browser (OS agnostic)

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