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Showing 1 - 20 of 90 products
Showing 1 - 20 of 90 products


Domo transforms business by putting data to work for everyone. Domo’s low-code data app platform goes beyond traditional business intelligence and analytics to enable anyone to create data apps to power any action in their busines...Read more

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7 recommendations

Dundas BI

Dundas BI, from Dundas Data Visualization, is a browser-based business intelligence and data visualization platform that includes integrated dashboards, reporting tools, and data analytics. It provides end users the ability to cre...Read more

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4 recommendations


ClicData is a business intelligence (BI) dashboard solution designed for use primarily by small and midsized businesses. The tool enables end users to create reports and dashboards. A drag-and-drop interface designed for ease...Read more

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3 recommendations

Logi Analytics

Logi Analytics is a business intelligence (BI) platform that provides self-service analytics tools for businesses. It can be embedded directly into the applications that employees use every day. Key features include a dashboard, d...Read more

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2 recommendations

Izenda Business Intelligence

Izenda is a business intelligence (BI) platform that enables real-time data exploration and report creation. It is suited for software vendors and development teams in enterprises that need to embed BI and analytics functionality ...Read more

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1 recommendations

Style Intelligence

InetSoft Style Intelligence is a business intelligence software platform that allows users to create dashboards, visual analyses and reports via a data mashup engine—a tool that integrates data in real time from multiple sources. ...Read more

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1 recommendations


Reveal is a self-service embedded analytics solution that provides organizations with the most powerful, flexible, and transparently priced analytics tools on the market. It enables users to easily create data reports and dashboar...Read more

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1 recommendations


With a focus on reducing the complexity of insights from data for business users, even complex tasks are made simple with the Toucan guided analytics platform: Data visualization is guided, allowing the user to focus on the story...Read more

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1 recommendations


Grow is a cloud-based, business analytics and reporting solution suitable for small to midsize organizations. The solution allows users to create customizable dashboards for monitoring business workflows and key activities. Grow...Read more


Competera is an AI-powered platform helping retailers to set optimal prices. It uses the last-gen ML technology combined with the best econometric practices. With Competera, businesses can boost bottom line metrics and sustain the...Read more

4.96 (50 reviews)

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Subscription models

  • Per employee/per month: This model allows you to pay a monthly fee for each of your employees.
  • Per user/per month: Users pay a monthly fee for users—normally administrative users—rather than all employees.

Perpetual license

  • This involves paying an upfront sum for the license to own the software and use it indefinitely.
  • This is the more traditional model and is most common with on-premise applications and with larger businesses.

Rated best value for money

SAS Visual Analytics

SAS Visual Analytics is our flagship offering for self-service data preparation, visual discovery, interactive reporting, and dashboards--as well as easy-to-use analytics--with governance. SAS Visual Analytics allows non-technical...Read more

4.32 (38 reviews)


Adverity is a business intelligence (BI) solution that helps brands and agencies to connect and manage their data sources in a single platform. Adverity comprises three modules: Adverity Datatap, Adverity Insights and Adverity Pre...Read more

4.52 (23 reviews)

9 Spokes

9Spokes works for you.? 9Spokes is a business management app that aggregates meaningful data across your business. Think of 9Spokes as a virtual advisor, here to motivate and guide businesses so they not only survive, but grow an...Read more

4.80 (10 reviews)

MPOWR Envision

Designed to eliminate rigid departmentalization and streamline strategic execution, MPOWR Envision helps organizations build an execution strategy using open communication and organizational alignment. As a cloud-based execution t...Read more

4.60 (5 reviews)


OpenRefine is an on-premise data cleaning and quality maintenance tool that serves small, midsized and large enterprises. Formerly known as "Google Refine," the product was renamed to "OpenRefine" in 2012 when it became open sourc...Read more

4.00 (1 reviews)


DataCleaner is an on-premise data cleaning software for small, midsize and large enterprises. It allows users to discover and analyze data quality, detect duplications, standardize data and monitor data health. The data profi...Read more

4.00 (1 reviews)


Discover actionable insights in your data silos! Lumenore democratizes business intelligence with no-code analytics. Empower your entire team to derive insights from data - giving you a transparent view of your operations and hel...Read more

4.00 (1 reviews)


Xtraction is a reporting tool that automates the extraction and organization of data. It requires little or no tech support to install and supports multiple data formats. Xtraction can deliver IT reporting to a number of busi...Read more

No reviews yet


Board is the #1 Decision-Making platform empowering people, from more than 2,000 companies worldwide, to have a transformative impact on their business by rapidly deploying Planning, Predictive Analytics and Business Intelligence ...Read more

No reviews yet


Tableau is an integrated business intelligence (BI) and analytics solution that helps to analyze key business data and generate meaningful insights. The solution helps businesses to collect data from multiple source points such as...Read more

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Buyers Guide

Last Updated: June 29, 2022

What is KPI software?

KPI software is a tool that automates the tracking of key performance indicators (KPIs) and presents them in easy-to-understand dashboards. This helps businesses create, manage, visualize, and analyze KPIs and ascertain how they are performing against targets, strategic goals, or objectives. The tool also acts as a centralized hub for decision-makers, allowing them to view the pertinent information in a single frame, as opposed to going back and forth between multiple reports and tools.

This guide is meant to help those researching KPI software for the first time. Here's what we'll cover:

Common functionality of KPI software

KPI software is a type of dashboard software, and thus the platforms share common functionality:

Data integration Pull data from multiple sources, including Excel files, proprietary databases, and commercial business platforms.
Customizable dashboards Create customized dashboards at an individual or team level so users only see the KPIs that matter to them.
Reporting Use standardized reporting templates, or customize your own, then have reports sent to stakeholders automatically as necessary.
Web accessibility Cloud-based KPI software platforms allow users to access their dashboards from anywhere.
Trend spotting Track KPI data in real time, or compare over a set timeframe to identify trends.
Automatic alerts Send notifications via email if performance tracks drastically over or under KPI goals.
KPI dashboard in InetSoft Style Intelligence
KPI dashboard in InetSoft Style Intelligence

Benefits of KPI software

KPI software offers a number of benefits to organizations both large and small:

  • It visualizes vital information at a glance. Many BI platforms can help you dig through and analyze millions of points of data. KPI software helps you hone in on a few priority metrics at a time to avoid analysis paralysis.
  • It focuses your organization's efforts. No more confusion about goals—once your KPIs are set and your team can monitor their performance against them, team members can focus on improvement.
  • It gives you a centralized view of your data. The data to measure your KPIs may be scattered between your CRM system, multiple Excel spreadsheets, and a proprietary database. KPI software can pull all of this information together into one centralized location.
  • It saves time on data collection. Once your data sources are integrated with the platform, KPI software takes care of the rest. Gone are the days of manually updating numbers on a recurring basis.

What type of buyer are you?

KPI software buyers tend to fall into one of three categories:

High-level executives: Needing a high-level view of their organization's performance, many executives rely on KPI software to boil down the many facets of their business into a few key metrics, which they can easily monitor and report to shareholders.

Managers and department heads: Using a single KPI software platform, various managers, and department heads can create customized dashboards and views in order to aid decision making within their business units.

IT users: Though non-IT workers continue to account for nearly two-thirds of BI software purchases, IT professionals still make up a significant chunk of KPI and general dashboard software buyers. These buyers are looking for an efficient way to digest sizeable amounts of data related to internal business systems.

Key considerations for buyers

Deciding whether to invest in KPI software and choosing which platform is best for your needs requires considering a variety of factors. Here are a few key considerations to keep in mind:

Is KPI software all you need? KPI software only offers a fraction of the functionality found in larger BI platforms. Consider more robust suites with data mining and predictive analytics capabilities if you want to make use of more information and gain greater insight into your organization's performance.

Where does mobile BI come into play? On-premise systems have their benefits (more data storage space and customization), but many buyers take advantage of cloud-based systems and dedicated apps that enable them to access KPI dashboards from a mobile device. If you have a remote workforce, your vendor's mobile BI capabilities could play a huge role in your purchase decision.

Who will be using the system? IT staff may be able to work their way around a complex KPI tool, but what about your sales team? Depending on who is using the software and their technical literacy, you may need to make user-friendliness a top priority when deciding on a KPI vendor.