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Hevo is a no-code, bi-directional data pipeline platform specially built for modern ETL, ELT, and Reverse ETL Needs. It helps data teams streamline and automate org-wide data flows that result in a saving of ~10 hours of engineeri...Read more about Hevo

4.63 (63 reviews)


Ocrulus is the leading document automation solution with human-in-the-loop review that retrieves data from any document and transforms it into actionable data. With Ocrolus, you can automatically leverage the best OCR data extract...Read more about Ocrolus

4.56 (16 reviews)

Google Cloud BigQuery

BigQuery is a serverless data warehouse designed that makes querying large datasets easy and fast by enabling massively parallel processing of terabytes of data in seconds. BigQuery is great for analytics workloads spanning multip...Read more about Google Cloud BigQuery

4.62 (13 reviews)


Lexion is an AI-based contract lifecycle management system that helps legal teams focus on strategic work. Lawyers and other corporate leaders can utilize natural language processing technology to find the information across contr...Read more about Lexion

5.00 (3 reviews)


Powered by AI-based technology, Rossum is an intelligent cloud-based data extraction plugin solution that helps businesses capture required information from invoices, receipts, purchase orders, and bills of lading to streamline ac...Read more about Rossum

4.63 (8 reviews)


Stitch is an extract, transform, and load (ETL) solution that can rapidly move data from various sources into a data warehouse. This solution is suitable for data analytics teams in sales, marketing, and product intelligence. It i...Read more about Stitch

4.33 (3 reviews)


Bautomate is an intelligent hyper-automation platform that helps to streamline and automate business processes in a variety of industries. The cloud-based platform uses machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), and natu...Read more about Bautomate

No reviews yet is a no-code data automation and analytics platform designed to help users streamline data extraction, stitch data from multiple sources and accounts, as well as simplify cross-channel reporting. Automate data flows in...Read more about

4.90 (20 reviews)


Adverity is an integrated data platform that helps brands and agencies to connect and manage their data sources in a single place. Key features include standardized database and spreadsheet integration, a data quality monitoring s...Read more about Adverity

4.52 (25 reviews)

Parascript FormXtra

Parascript FormXtra.AI is a document automation software development kit, which provides solutions to automate documents processes such as classification, data discovery, extraction and validation. Designed for BPOs, financial ser...Read more about Parascript FormXtra

5.00 (1 reviews)


Rivery is a cloud-based solution that provides small to large enterprises with business intelligence tools to manage and automate data pipelines. It comes with a centralized dashboard, which enables users to gain insights into bus...Read more about Rivery

5.00 (11 reviews)


Skuudle is a cloud-based price and product intelligence solution that helps businesses of all sizes optimize profit margins and increase market share using data-driven analytics. It enables users to track and monitor competitive p...Read more about Skuuudle

4.78 (9 reviews)

Automai Robotic Process Automation

Automai Robotic Process Automation enables businesses across human resources, healthcare, finance and other industries to automate and manage recurring tasks using artificial intelligence (AI)and machine learning (ML) technologies...Read more about Automai Robotic Process Automation

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Easily finding and contacting the people you're looking for is the cornerstone of every business, be it customers, candidates, clients, you name it. specializes in conglomerating this huge aspect of every business's w...Read more about

4.71 (21 reviews)

SWING PDF Converter

SWING PDF Converter is a PDF converter solution for Lotus Notes, which enables businesses to export, archive and extract emails, databases and other documents or files into PDF and XML formats. Professionals can use the platform t...Read more about SWING PDF Converter

4.75 (28 reviews)


ZEMA is a data discovery and analysis solution that helps businesses in agriculture, energy, data services, and other industry segments streamline operations related to data alignment, aggregation, sharing, and more on a centraliz...Read more about ZEMA

4.77 (13 reviews)


Supermetrics is a reporting solution that helps small to large businesses to transfer marketing data on external reporting, analytics, storage and data visualization platforms, such as Google Sheets, Excel, DataStudio, BigQuery an...Read more about Supermetrics

4.33 (89 reviews)

9 Spokes

9Spokes works for you.? 9Spokes is a business management app that aggregates meaningful data across your business. Think of 9Spokes as a virtual advisor, here to motivate and guide businesses so they not only survive, but grow an...Read more about 9 Spokes

4.80 (10 reviews)

DemandScience Intelligence

DemandScience Intelligence is a data intelligence platform for B2B sales and marketing teams. It is designed to help businesses identify prospects, acquire new customers, and increase revenue opportunities. DemandScience Intellige...Read more about DemandScience Intelligence

3.84 (19 reviews)


DocVision is a cloud-based no-code document intelligence platform designed to help enterprise businesses create, train, customize and implement extraction workflows to gather information from various documents. The application pro...Read more about DocVision

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The Rocketreach platform is constantly improving on the frontend and on the backend. RocketReach's team iterates at lightspeed, so anything missing - features or data will be filled fast. No installation for the platform, and a si...Read more about RocketReach


ProWebScrapper is a cloud-based solution, which assists businesses in industries such as eCommerce, manufacturing, retail, finance, media and hospitality extract website data in JSON, CSV, Excel or XML formats. Key features includ...Read more about ProWebScraper

5.00 (1 reviews)


Docbot is a cloud-based document automation solution, which helps businesses extract content from structured and unstructured documents and perform data validation. It uses optical character recognition (OCR), artificial intellige...Read more about Docbot

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Hypatos is a document processing solution that helps businesses leverage artificial intelligence (AI) technology and machine learning algorithms to automate data extraction and manage back-office operations. It comes with an appli...Read more about Hypatos

5.00 (10 reviews)


Grooper was built from the ground up by BIS, a company with 35 years of continuous experience developing and delivering new technology. Grooper is an intelligent document processing and digital data integration solution that empo...Read more about Grooper

4.63 (24 reviews)

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UniCourt is a leader in making court data more accessible and useful with our Legal Data as a Service. We provide real-time API access to court data to Fortune 500 companies and AmLaw firms for business development and intelligenc...Read more about UniCourt

3.00 (2 reviews)


Dataddo is a data integration platform that lets you transfer data from any cloud service to any other cloud service. This includes services like dashboarding apps, data warehouses and CRM tools. The platform’s UI is designed to...Read more about Dataddo

4.45 (20 reviews)

Talend Data Fabric

Talend Data Fabric is a cloud-based data integration platform that helps organizations in finance, retail, telecommunications and other industries collect, manage and transform business data. The platform enables IT teams to acces...Read more about Talend Data Fabric

4.18 (22 reviews)

Learn More enables businesses from SMB to enterprise to automate website data extraction from any web page. The solution provides teams like IT, market research, data scientists, marketing, and business intelligence/competitive int...Read more about

3.63 (16 reviews)


Built for healthcare data environments, Iguana is a data integration platform that enables healthcare organizations to improve all areas of data access including clinical, financial, and operational workflows. With an intuitive in...Read more about Iguana

4.81 (31 reviews)

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Octoparse is a cloud-based web data extraction solution that helps users extract relevant information from various types of websites. It enables users from a variety of industries to scrape unstructured data and save it in differe...Read more about Octoparse

4.54 (61 reviews)

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From the creators of Scrapy, Scrapinghub is a data extraction solution that provides tailor-made data services to companies of any size as well as developer tools for web scraping - like proxy network, crawler management, javascri...Read more about Zyte

4.50 (36 reviews)

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Matillion is an extract, transform, load (ETL) solution for cloud data warehouses such as Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery and Snowflake. The centralized platform enables users to automatically schedule orchestration jobs and proj...Read more about Matillion

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Companies - from SMEs to large corporations - use Parashift to configure, classify and extract their business documents. The platform comes with more and more document types from different industries that can be consumed directly ...Read more about Parashift

4.85 (13 reviews)


SignalHire is a cloud-based recruiting, HR analytics and benchmarking platform suitable for recruiting agencies and HR departments of all sizes. Predictive analytics tools can help determine if a current employee may switch j...Read more about SignalHire

4.43 (30 reviews)

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UiPath is an on-premise data entry and robotic process automation solution designed for businesses of all sizes. The solution allows users to create, deploy and administer automation in business processes. UiPath features UiP...Read more about UiPath

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WinAutomation by Softmotive is a data entry automation solution designed for businesses of all sizes. It enables users to automate both desktop and web-based tasks. The product is an on-premise solution and runs on Windows operati...Read more about Winautomation

4.18 (55 reviews)

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VisualCron is an automation task scheduling tool with over 300+ various tasks to choose from to create both simple and very complex, automated jobs. Some examples of popular tasks used are: SQL, email, Powershell, FTP, executing (...Read more about VisualCron

4.75 (12 reviews)

Intellexer Summarizer NE

Intellexer Summarizer NE is an on-premise text analytics tool compatible with Windows operating systems. Users can upload text into the tool, and Intellexer Summarizer NE will produce a short summary using text-mining algorithms t...Read more about Intellexer Summarizer NE

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Nexla is a hybrid business intelligence (BI) solution that helps analysts, business users and data engineers across various sectors to integrate, automate and monitor their incoming and outgoing data flows. Features include high v...Read more about Nexla

4.88 (8 reviews)


Improvado is a marketing data aggregation tool to automate reporting. It is used by small and midsize businesses and can be hosted either in the cloud or on-premise. The solution allows users to connect multiple data sources to a ...Read more about Improvado

4.55 (22 reviews)

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Adlib is a content intelligence solution that is designed for businesses in banking, insurance, manufacturing, energy and life sciences. It lets organizations utilize optical character recognition (OCR) and natural language proces...Read more about Adlib

4.50 (2 reviews)


Infrrd OCR, by Infrrd is a cloud-based data capturing tool that leverages Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and artificial intelligence algorithms to extract data from unstructured documents. The solution enables users to extrac...Read more about Infrrd

4.20 (5 reviews)

Klippa DocHorizon

Are you ready to take your business to the next level with digital transformation? Look no further than Klippa DocHorizon - the ultimate cloud-based Intelligent Document Processing solution. Our advanced technology uses Optical Ch...Read more about Klippa DocHorizon

4.65 (17 reviews)


NGS-IQ is a query, report writing and online analytical processing (OLAP) solution exclusively for IBM i, iSeries, System i and AS/400 customers. It works with IBM Db2 on i to enable technical and non-technical users to join, extr...Read more about NGS-IQ

4.89 (9 reviews)

Snowplow BDP

Snowplow Insights is a cloud-based data collection platform that helps businesses of all sizes collect and store data from across the web in real-time. Key features include data processing, data pipeline maintenance, autoscaling a...Read more about Snowplow BDP

4.78 (9 reviews) enables businesses of all sizes to automate data extraction from websites, emails, PDFs, documents, and internal systems. The platform is built on top of AI and ML technologies like NLP, image recognition, and predictive...Read more about

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SyncSpider is an application-to-application integration tool designed to help eCommerce businesses grow revenue using multichannel sales automation. It helps manage stock in a centralized place, connect with eCommerce tools to syn...Read more about SyncSpider

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DocDigitizer is a SaaS document management and data capture solution that allows businesses to utilize AI and machine learning technology to analyze documents and capture data from files in multiple formats and layouts. It comes w...Read more about DocDigitizer

4.71 (14 reviews)


netContent is based on artificial intelligence and natural language processing techniques. It integrates with document management applications such as Alfresco, ThinkOProject or Sharepoint. Teams can extract and index data and ide...Read more about netContent

5.00 (1 reviews)


Apify offers custom end-to-end web scraping, data extraction, and web automation solutions with a tailor-made NDA and service level agreement to guarantee maximum data quality and satisfaction. Apify is trusted by more than 15,000...Read more about Apify

4.83 (75 reviews)

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Catalytic is a business process management (BPM) and robotic process automation (RPA) solution that helps businesses streamline operations related to workflow configuration, document automation, text analysis, and more from within...Read more about Catalytic

4.25 (4 reviews)


ITyX is a robotic process automation software that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to automate text-based workflows. It offers a digital mailroom module, which lets businesses utilize pre-configured fo...Read more about ITyX

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With Innopipe's AI-powered and data-driven platform, you can discover, manage and take action on tech companies and innovations. Find the most relevant companies for your business from the data pool of 2M+ tech companies and inno...Read more about Innopipe

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Accern empowers domain experts and business analysts to extract the most accurate insights from massive streams of unstructured text data–including news, social media, industry reports and internal documents—with the Accern NoCode...Read more about Accern

5.00 (1 reviews)


Botminds is a process automation software designed to help midsize and large businesses streamline document-centric process workflows. Key features include predictive analytics, natural language processing, document extraction, pr...Read more about Botminds

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OCR Gateway

OCR Gateway is a data capture and document automation tool that helps businesses optimize document workflows. We are experienced in automating processes across several industries, like logistics, legal, healthcare, life sciences, ...Read more about OCR Gateway

5.00 (2 reviews)

Cognitive Workbench

ExB is the only Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) solution that works with every document (digital or not, structured like a form or completely unstructured like a report) for every workflow (also the most uncommon ones). Ou...Read more about Cognitive Workbench

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ElectroNeek Platform

ElectroNeek is the RPA platform made for IT Service Providers and MSPs. Build your automation business and easily with our Automation, Business and Service Hubs. Build, sell and support your client's automation projects quickly wi...Read more about ElectroNeek Platform

4.76 (21 reviews)

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Sequentum Enterprise

Sequentum Enterprise is a cloud-based web data extraction and delivery platform that helps businesses of all sizes acquire alternative web-based data. The software enables users to manage data extraction workflow through a visual ...Read more about Sequentum Enterprise

5.00 (4 reviews)

Tom Sawyer

Tom Sawyer Perspectives is a robust platform for building enterprise-class graph and data visualization and analysis applications. It is a complete graph visualization software development kit with a graphics-based design and prev...Read more about Tom Sawyer

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Price2Spy is an online price monitoring and comparison tool for small to large online retailers, manufacturers, brands, and distributors from a variety of industries. The solution offers tools to monitor, track, and analyze compet...Read more about Price2Spy

4.68 (90 reviews)

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4n6 Kerio Converter

4n6 Kerio Converter is a technically advanced and powerful recently launched solution for Kerio connect server users. This product is specially developed to process Kerio server raw data. Email management experts know that a lot o...Read more about 4n6 Kerio Converter

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AIDA (Artificial Intelligence for Document Automation), thanks to its Hybrid Artificial Intelligence engine, is able to recognize documents and extract informations from them, just by learning from the user. It's hosted in the cl...Read more about AIDA

4.82 (11 reviews)

Relational Junction

If your company is struggling to create a cohesive view of your data to make critical business decisions, you found the solution! Sesame Software's data management platform, Relational Junction, seamlessly connects data, no matter...Read more about Relational Junction

4.31 (16 reviews)

4n6 MDaemon Converter

Download most powerful and fast 4n6 MDaemon Converter that is an all-in-one software to convert MDaemon data in PST, MBOX, EML, PDF, HTML, Text, CSV file extensions. The tool also has a separate option to migrate MDaemon Server em...Read more about 4n6 MDaemon Converter

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Parseur is a cloud-based email parser solution that helps businesses of all sizes extract text from emails. The platform automates entire data entry workflow, extract text from documents, email and attachments to virtually send to...Read more about Parseur

4.91 (32 reviews)

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Zimbra Converter

This TGZ Zimbra to PST converter tool is the application Effective That Allows You to export Zimbra to Outlook PST files. After That, whence it easily. be accessed in Any version of Microsoft Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, ...Read more about Zimbra Converter

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Dromo is an AI-powered data importer that will streamline customer data importing flows for businesses. In just 10 lines of code (and in 20 minutes), businesses can provide customers with an end-to-end spreadsheet importing flow. ...Read more about Dromo

5.00 (2 reviews)

Veryfi OCR API & SDK

Veryfi Turns Unstructured Data (receipts, bills, invoices, w2, w9, cards) into Structured Data instantly. No waiting. Using Veryfi APIs you can now give your product superpowers. Machines All The Way Down! Veryfi is TurnKey. R...Read more about Veryfi OCR API & SDK

4.80 (10 reviews)


Docparser is a cloud-based document data extraction solution that helps businesses of all sizes retrieve data from PDFs, Word docs & image files. By automating the document-based workflow, Docparser can extract data fields such as...Read more about Docparser

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PDF-Mapper is the first software to fully automate PDF document processing with flawless accuracy. With PDF-Mapper, businesses can rely on automatic PDF data entry of incoming PDF documents such as orders, invoices, delivery notes...Read more about PDF-Mapper

5.00 (1 reviews)

FluentPro Datamart

FluentPro DataMart provides data visualization, executive reporting, analytics, trend analysis. It extracts data from Microsoft Project Online or Project Server to an SQL Server database without using OData or SSIS packages so tha...Read more about FluentPro Datamart

5.00 (1 reviews)


BLU DELTA is a AI data capturing solution based on latest research results. Zero training, Plug And Use, Seamless integration into existing workflows. Due to its cutting edge technology it is best suited in processes where you h...Read more about BLU DELTA

5.00 (2 reviews) is a cloud-based data processing and scraping tool that helps IT professionals extract important data from websites. The solution provides Extractor Robots to automate data from any website from a normal modern browser. de...Read more about

4.67 (12 reviews)


Appen is an artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled solution that helps businesses across automotive, retail, healthcare and other industries streamline data extraction and natural language processing (NLP) operations. It enables org...Read more about Appen

4.06 (17 reviews)


Kili is a training data platform that helps businesses manage the training process and data for artificial intelligence and machine learning models. The platform enables users to upload and store codes, datasets, versions and othe...Read more about Kili

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ActivePDF Toolkit

Xtractor, by ActivePDF is a cloud-based developer tool that helps businesses search, extract and convert images or text from PDF files. The solution enables users specify the criteria such as image formats, words, location of inte...Read more about ActivePDF Toolkit

4.38 (8 reviews)


There are many ways to optimize your processes and automate human processes using robotic process automation. Kofax RPA lets you do this through a robotic process automation platform that allows one to optimize their business mode...Read more about KOFAX RPA

3.00 (2 reviews)

Rapid SQL

IDERA Rapid SQL was specifically designed to provide application developers the needed tools to simplify and accelerate SQL code development. The software helps the development teams identify and correct underperforming and incor...Read more about Rapid SQL

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Workist AI-Worker

Workist's artificial intelligence (AI) automates the processing of purchase order documents. With Workist, sales teams never have to manually type data from incoming purchase orders into any IT systems ever again. Workist's AI ...Read more about Workist AI-Worker

5.00 (1 reviews)

Test Data Automation

Data for in-sprint testing and development. Test Data Automation makes complete and compliant data available on-the-fly during parallel testing, development, and CI/CD. Test Data Automation provides a comprehensive toolset for f...Read more about Test Data Automation

4.80 (5 reviews)

StreamSets DataOps Platform

StreamSets offers an end-to-end data integration platform to build, run, monitor and manage smart data pipelines that deliver continuous data for DataOps. StreamSets enables data engineers to build end-to-end smart data pipelines...Read more about StreamSets DataOps Platform

4.20 (10 reviews)


Ademero offers enterprise-level document management solutions at the SMB price-point with paperless office software solutions that help businesses automate their entire document lifecycles and office workflows. CapturePoint Doc...Read more about CapturePoint

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SearchExpress is document management software designed to help businesses handle documents in a secure repository. The solution can be used in healthcare, accounting, construction and government to manage enterprise content. Sea...Read more about SearchExpress

4.92 (12 reviews)

Vaultedge Mortgage Automation

Vaultedge Mortgage Automation (VMA) is an AI software that helps mortgage lenders and servicers handle more loans, with less people. VMA automatically classifies 500+ mortgage documents, extracts 2000+ fields and identifies except...Read more about Vaultedge Mortgage Automation

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Evaboot is a LinkedIn Sales Navigator Scraper that extracts, cleans and enrich any LinkedIn Sales Navigator lead list or search. Users can obtain company information, LinkedIn URLS, and profile data. Some of the key features inclu...Read more about Evaboot

4.80 (5 reviews)


AllRead MLT is an IA & Computer Vision-based OCR software that tracks and monitors software for goods and vehicles in Ports and Intermodal Platforms with high accuracy, fast integration with ERPs or TOS, and hardware agnostic. ...Read more about AllRead

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IOTICS IS SOFTWARE FOR DATA INTERACTIONS. WE ARE CHANGING HOW THE WORLD USES AND SHARES DATA. In IOTICSpace digital twins virtualize data sources and consumers. In a decentralised data mesh digital twins use semantic web technolo...Read more about IOTICSpace

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CloverDX Data Management Platform helps businesses get timely, accurate and reliable data whenever and wherever they need it. CloverDX replaces manual data processing typically carried out by workers in Excel with automation, del...Read more about CloverDX

4.70 (10 reviews)


JobsPikr is a job board solution, which enables businesses, staffing agencies and consulting firms to search, analyze and filter information about jobs from various sources such as career pages, employer websites and more. Profess...Read more about JobsPikr

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Astera ReportMiner

Astera ReportMiner is a data extraction and mining tool that helps businesses ingest data from unstructured data sources and various file formats. ReportMiner’s automation functionality helps users configure a program to monitor a...Read more about Astera ReportMiner

4.40 (10 reviews)


Proxycurl is a distributed crawling service made for developers to save time and costs. Every request made to Proxycurl API triggers a real-time scrape of a profile and bypasses recaptchas and bot detection....Read more about Proxycurl

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Datalogics PDF Tools

Datalogics PDF Tools provides solutions including FLIP2PDF, PDF Optimizer, PDF Checker, PDF2PRINT, PDF2IMG, Adobe Experience Reader Extensions, PDF Forms Flattener and PDF Alchemist to manage PDF documents. Administrators can util...Read more about Datalogics PDF Tools

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Mozart Data

Backed by award-winning data analyst support, Mozart Data is the fastest way to set up scalable, reliable data infrastructure that doesn’t need to be maintained by you. Mozart Data’s all-in-one modern data platform includes ETL, a...Read more about Mozart Data

5.00 (3 reviews)


Leverton is a cloud-based solution that helps businesses extract critical information from contracts using artificial intelligence (AI) technology and optical character recognition (OCR) capabilities. Professionals can use the das...Read more about Leverton

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Lobster Data helps businesses design, build and manage data integration requirements including EDI, MFT, and IoT. Lobster Data includes functionalities for users to develop complex business solutions to manage various operations ...Read more about Lobster_data

4.75 (20 reviews)


Hubdoc handles the complex process of manual data entry by business owners using spreadsheets. Simply snap paper invoices, bills or receipts using smartphone or tablet camera and the apps for iOS or Android scans those documents r...Read more about Hubdoc

4.14 (80 reviews)

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SortSpoke puts simple and powerful AI in the hands of business users and gives them control over how they work. It helps enterprises in financial, insurance, and professional services to boost productivity, remove risk, and drasti...Read more about SortSpoke

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Ephesoft provides intelligent document processing (IDP) solutions to help enterprises maximize their productivity and drive automation. Powered by AI and patented machine learning technology, Ephesoft's platform automatically capt...Read more about Ephesoft

4.52 (23 reviews)

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Altair Monarch

Altair Monarch is a self-service, web-based data preparation solution that helps businesses extract data from reports such as HTML, PDF and XPS. The platform can access data from customer lists, sales reports, logs, inventories, i...Read more about Altair Monarch

4.65 (20 reviews) deploys a wide array of crawlers, specifically designed for particular verticals, sources, and formats. These crawlers run continuously, in real-time, extracting and parsing data from across the web, and building it into v...Read more about

4.50 (6 reviews)

iManage RAVN Extract

iManage Extract combines AI and search to improve visibility into legal risk within your contracts, allowing legal teams to do what they do best, and providing insight into business and contractual risk to make better business dec...Read more about iManage RAVN Extract

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SSIS Data Flow Components

Devart SSIS Data Flow Components is a set of components for SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) packages. These components allow loading data from and to various sources in SSIS Data Flows. Components provide easy-to-setup cos...Read more about SSIS Data Flow Components

4.70 (10 reviews)


Kapiche is a feedback analytics platform that analyses unstructured customer feedback data, empowering users to deliver better insights more quickly and positively impact their companies. The solution allows users to combine mult...Read more about Kapiche

5.00 (1 reviews)


ListGrabber is an automated data extraction tool used to pull contact data from websites. It can be used by sales teams to quickly build prospect lists. The tool can transfer data to third-party applications such as ACT!, Outlook,...Read more about ListGrabber

3.00 (1 reviews)


PhantomBuster is a cloud-based data extraction software designed to help businesses automate sales and marketing processes by scraping public data from LinkedIn, Sales Navigator, LinkedIn, Instagram and all major online platforms....Read more about PhantomBuster

4.54 (48 reviews)

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Crawlbase offers advanced crawling and scraping tools to provide users with superior data extraction capabilities. Our API helps safeguard against common threats such as site bans, IP leaks, browser crashes, CAPTCHA issues and pro...Read more about Crawlbase

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Pramata makes contract management effortless for B2B companies, with the first contract Repository as a Service (RaaS). We handle all the steps that consume your time, including data entry, AI-tagging and data review. You get comp...Read more about Pramata

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Conversionomics is an efficient data aggregation tool that offers a simple user interface that makes it easy to quickly build data API sources. From those sources, users can create interactive dashboards and reports using Conversi...Read more about Conversionomics

5.00 (1 reviews)


Skyvia is a cloud-based data integration, backup and management platform for businesses of all sizes. Key features include direct data integration between apps, scheduling settings for backup automation, a wizard to simplify local...Read more about Skyvia

4.77 (61 reviews)

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Price Trakker

Price Trakker is a pricing optimization solution that helps you monitor the prices of your products and services, as well as those of your competitors. Price Trakker caters to businesses that sell products or services online. It a...Read more about Price Trakker

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Vaazo is a no-code solution to provide data for your business! Vaazo is a browser extension that can get the data you need and automate browser actions fast and easily. You even don't have to build your formula by yourself. You c...Read more about Vaazo

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Health Data Archiver

HelathData Archiver is a cloud-based solution that helps businesses with EMR conversion and data extraction from legacy systems. Primarily catering to health systems, physician practitioners, EMR vendors, hospitals, HIEs and ACOs,...Read more about Health Data Archiver

4.46 (13 reviews)


Hexomatic is a no-code, work automation platform that enables businesses to harness the internet as their own data source and leverage ready-made automations to scale time-consuming tasks. This platform allows users to scrape the ...Read more about Hexomatic

4.66 (41 reviews)

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EasyMorph is a data collection software that helps businesses automate complex data transformations using predefined actions. The platform enables managers to receive suggestions for actions based on the current data. Administrat...Read more about EasyMorph

4.71 (7 reviews)


KPIBees is a Google Sheets Add-on that makes it dead simple to pull data from the tools that you're using to Google Sheets with just a few clicks! It connects to 21 data sources and it enables to create custom queries in spreadsh...Read more about KPIBees

4.62 (26 reviews)

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Easily collect content from any website with a simple call. ZenRows handles rotating proxies, headless browsers and CAPTCHAs for you. ZenRows will bypass any anti-bot or blocking system to help you obtain the info you are looking...Read more about ZenRows

4.96 (23 reviews)

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Leads And CRM

Get new leads fitting all your criteria with the freshly launched solution: Leads and CRM, where it helps you find new leads. This lead generation software is insanely valuable for companies that are looking to tap into a much bi...Read more about Leads And CRM

5.00 (1 reviews)


iScraper offers a powerful API to access LinkedIn public data at scale. It is the best alternative to hiQ Labs, Phantombuster, Mantheos and other related service. You can scrape millions of LinkedIn personal and company profiles u...Read more about iScraper

4.00 (1 reviews)


Datamatics TruBot is an enterprise-grade, RPA product enabling attended and unattended automation available for both on-premise and cloud deployments. Datamatics’ TruBot caters to business processes across the front, mid, and bac...Read more about TruBot

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Scale Document AI

Scale Document AI is a data extraction tool that helps financial services, logistics, and healthcare businesses with automating data extraction and document annotation. The main features of Scale Document AI include automated docu...Read more about Scale Document AI

5.00 (1 reviews)


Sparklane's Predict unlocks lead Generation thanks to AI. Sparklane helps throughout your prospection journey by helping you to identify, map and recommend the best accounts to engage, provide contact details of prospects and enga...Read more about Sparklane

4.05 (19 reviews)


Lusha is a lead generation platform, which helps sales representatives, recruitment managers and marketers in businesses of all sizes find contact details of prospects to reach out and generate leads. The software allows managers ...Read more about Lusha

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Extract any data from your emails: order info, customer details, etc. Highlight data you need to extract and Parsio will automatically process all similar incoming emails. Download (Excel, JSON, CSV), sync with Google Spreadshe...Read more about Parsio

4.72 (32 reviews)

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Blossom Federated AI Platform

Blossom helps reduce cloud spending and optimizes the TCO for data processing and data analytics workflows. Integrating Blossoms execution model into existing workflows only needs a few lines of code and works immediately, without...Read more about Blossom Federated AI Platform

4.71 (14 reviews)


Fivetran is a cloud-based business intelligence solution which caters to needs of analysts, data engineers and business intelligence teams. The solution is HIPAA compliant and provides connectors to pull data from multiple sources...Read more about Fivetran

4.65 (17 reviews)

Patent Monitor

Patent Monitor is a patent analysis solution designed to help businesses protect property rights using artificial intelligence technology. Users can define target categories to assess relevance for the organization. Patent Monito...Read more about Patent Monitor

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Browse AI

Browse AI allows businesses to train scraping robots. It is a no-code platform for developers, data scientists, product managers and research analysts. It lets users extract data from LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, ProductHunt and ...Read more about Browse AI

4.41 (27 reviews)

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Build a digital workforce of automated processes that mirror the work your employees do, but at superhuman speeds. thoughtful works with you to design and build your intelligent automation strategy. Then the platform helps train, ...Read more about Thoughtful

5.00 (2 reviews)

SSIS Integration Toolkit

The SSIS Integration Toolkit is a robust suite of integration solutions containing over 300 unique data integration tools for connectivity and productivity. These software solutions empower developers with the flexibility and capa...Read more about SSIS Integration Toolkit

4.76 (21 reviews)

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Soax is the one-stop-shop for all your data capturing needs; with over 8M+ residential and mobile proxies, we make gathering data online safe and straightforward. Our impressive selection of IPs from reliable service providers let...Read more about SOAX

5.00 (4 reviews)


CaptureFast is a cloud-based content management system (CMS) that is suitable for businesses in a variety of industries. Key features include document capture and image processing. A mobile app is also available for Android and iO...Read more about CaptureFast

4.50 (16 reviews)


Palamardocs caters to businesses that need to extract data from documents within their organization and verify them before they are sent out. Palamardocs helps businesses extract data from documents and verify them before they a...Read more about Palamardocs

5.00 (1 reviews)


With over 10 years of experience, Mozenda enables midsize software and IT companies to automate website data extraction from any website. The tool allows users to view, organize and run reports on data collected from websites. It ...Read more about Mozenda

4.38 (29 reviews)

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Advance Gmail Email Extractor

The Gmail Email Address Extractor extracts all email addresses from all Gmail accounts. It parses emails from the content of Inbox, Sent folder, CC field, BCC field, the email body and the Subject line. Users can extract particul...Read more about Advance Gmail Email Extractor

5.00 (1 reviews)

Local Scraper

Local scraper is a B2B lead generation solution that helps users scrape business listings from sites such as Google Maps, Yahoo Maps, Bing Maps, Yellow Pages and several other supported websites. Teams can enter their target keyw...Read more about Local Scraper

5.00 (1 reviews)

Machine Learning on AWS

AWS provides the most comprehensive set of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) services. With a fully managed cloud infrastructure, you can build, train, and deploy integrated machine learning models for any us...Read more about Machine Learning on AWS

5.00 (2 reviews)

IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation

IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation is an AI-enabled solution that helps enterprises automate time-consuming tasks and increase productivity. This solution is suitable for client support, accounts payable, HR onboarding, and oth...Read more about IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation

4.00 (8 reviews)

Cloud Replicator

Transform Dynamics 365 Business Central reporting with the Cloud Replicator App by EFOQUS. The Cloud Replicator helps export and process data in a way that makes it much easier to produce modern reports, enabling users to transfor...Read more about Cloud Replicator

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IBM InfoSphere Data Replication

IBM InfoSphere Data Replication is a data analysis solution that helps businesses with data integration, replication, and capture. The main features of IBM InfoSphere Data Replication include data capture from logs, real-time repl...Read more about IBM InfoSphere Data Replication

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Tugger ETL enables users to start or improve their business reporting by enabling them to get their data out of their source(s) and into Tableau or Microsoft Power BI. Tugger removes the need for a manual API integration, which ...Read more about Tugger

4.75 (4 reviews)


Diffbot is a cloud-based knowledge management solution designed for businesses of all sizes. It applies to various segments including marketing, business intelligence, sales and recruitment. The solution is primarily used by engin...Read more about Diffbot

4.50 (4 reviews)

Optimus Price

𝗢𝗽𝘁𝗶𝗺𝘂𝘀 𝗣𝗿𝗶𝗰𝗲 𝗶𝘀 𝗮 𝗺𝗮𝗰𝗵𝗶𝗻𝗲 𝗹𝗲𝗮𝗿𝗻𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝘀𝗼𝗹𝘂𝘁𝗶𝗼𝗻 𝘁𝗵𝗮𝘁 𝘀𝗲𝘁𝘀 𝗽𝗿𝗶𝗰𝗲𝘀 𝗳𝗼𝗿 𝘆𝗼𝘂. In an ever - changing market, you need to fix your prices constantly and doing it all manually, spending countless hours setti...Read more about Optimus Price

4.78 (9 reviews)

SAS Studio

SAS Studio offers a variety of features and capabilities that streamline analytical processes. From pre-built snippets and tasks, to the latest predictive modeling technology and the ability to visualize insights with a point-and-...Read more about SAS Studio

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Covve Scan

Covve Scan is designed to help users digitize their business cards at a tap of a button with the most accurate business card scanner. It allows them to save to contacts, straight to your CRM, share with your team, and export to ex...Read more about Covve Scan

4.89 (18 reviews)


Kickstart your Growth Marketing journey with the top Growth Marketing toolkit with 50+ tools. Our team consists of top SaaS product developers who help Growth Marketers fulfil their business goals. One of our greatest passions is ...Read more about Prospectss

3.71 (7 reviews)


Using Click2Tally create your own data extraction models using OCR and Machine Learning. Use our API or use our services to streamline your organization's data extraction needs. Get output in PDF, Excel, Word or JSON irrespective ...Read more about Click2Tally

5.00 (3 reviews)


CUFinder is a data enrichment and lead generation platform that provides required data for businesses with accuracy and real-time verification. It offers an application programming interface (API)....Read more about CUFinder

4.75 (4 reviews)


OneSchema is an easily-embeddable spreadsheet uploader and validator. Designed for businesses of all sizes, it is a data extraction platform that helps trace errors in CSV data, create webhooks, generate templates, and more. Emp...Read more about OneSchema

5.00 (1 reviews)


Industrial IOT solution that boosts operational performance, monitoring more than 30 KPIs: OEE Quality Availability Downtime Uptime Scrap Cycle time And 60 process variables including: Vibration Temperature Pressure Humidity...Read more about MonitorApp

4.71 (7 reviews)

Nintex RPA

Foxtrot by EnableSoft is a cloud-based data entry solution developed for businesses of all sizes. It allows users to automate manual processes and data tasks. It primarily caters to users in banking, insurance, manufacturing, heal...Read more about Nintex RPA

4.68 (38 reviews)

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Designed for small to large businesses in hospitality, marketing, accounting, education and other industries, DocHorizon is a cloud-based optical character recognition (OCR) platform that enables users to process documents easily....Read more about DocHorizon

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Data Seekers is a SaaS company based in Malaga, specialized in data and prices extraction and monitoring. Data Seekers was founded in 2014. Considered as Paraty Tech's technological spin off, it began offering its services mainly ...Read more about DATA SEEKERS

4.50 (2 reviews)

Account Security

Twilio Account Security offers digital identity verification and intelligence tools to build mutual trust between business and consumer. Verify end-users are who they say they are across SMS, email, WhatsApp, TOTP, Push Verificat...Read more about Account Security

4.79 (48 reviews)

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Plena offers digital robot products to automate manual, time consuming, and distracting tasks encountered by sales teams. Our Robotic Process Automation (RPA) platform mimics the prospecting behavior of sales teams and utilizes ...Read more about Plena

4.80 (10 reviews)

iQ.Suite aaS

iQ.Suite aaS is a comprehensive email management solution that provides enterprises using Microsoft 365 with email security capabilities. Designed to ensure email communications within an organization are secure, this solution off...Read more about iQ.Suite aaS

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Centralpoint, by Oxcyon is featured in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Digital Experience Platforms is a Microsoft based technology which be installed either on-premise or in the cloud. It is an N-Tiered, highly scalable, roles based...Read more about Centralpoint

4.63 (8 reviews)

Infatica Scraper API

Infatica is a pretty new proxy provider that also offers scraping API. Both residential and mobile proxies are provided. The proxy network can be used for different business cases while scraping API is an irreplaceable tool for da...Read more about Infatica Scraper API

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Easyflow is a workflow automation and data visualization platform allowing businesses to connect to all the tools and apps used by teams to do the following: - Quickly and easily create one-to-one or advanced multi-step automated...Read more about Easyflow

4.77 (22 reviews)

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Piloterr API

Piloterr is a software company that specializes in web scraping API with custom endpoints and rotating proxies. It helps businesses extract unstructured data, rotate proxies and automate workflows....Read more about Piloterr API

5.00 (3 reviews)

Additive Analysis

Meet Additive Analysis, a part of the Werk24 product family: Checking 3D-printability based on data extracted from technical drawings with AI automatically. Using the artificial intelligence of Werk24, you may search your entir...Read more about Additive Analysis

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Corsearch is a brand protection solution designed to help enterprises track gray trade, impersonation and counterfeits across digital channels. Its built-in data clustering and detection tools let clients detect infringements to p...Read more about Corsearch

5.00 (1 reviews)


nuvo is a cloud-based and on-premise database platform that helps small to large businesses manage data via cleaning, validation, sharing and more. Key features include artificial intelligence (AI), column matching, data security,...Read more about nuvo

5.00 (5 reviews)

Derrick App

Derrick App is a cloud-based solution that helps companies extract data in real time and create lead lists for their CRM and business development teams. Users can give Derrick App the full name of their lead or the name of compan...Read more about Derrick App

5.00 (2 reviews)


FaceMRI uses the power of face recognition to unlock analytics from images and videos. Users can download the application to their Mac or PC and import images and videos. It will extract faces and people from videos and images, us...Read more about FaceMRI

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Nimbus Clipper

Nimbus Clipper will help you extract only relevant content from web pages, clip emails and bookmarks with no ads and links. Only essential content for your research, brainstorming and developing strategies. ...Read more about Nimbus Clipper

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Cognism is a global sales intelligence platform. With a powerful mix of innovative technology, unrivalled global data coverage and a team of go-to-market advisors, Cognism helps revenue teams to find and connect with their ideal c...Read more about Cognism

4.32 (25 reviews)

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Oxylabs is a premium proxy and web scraping solution provider, enabling companies of all sizes to utilize the power of big data. Over the years in the market, Oxylabs became a global leader in the data acquisition industry and ha...Read more about Oxylabs

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Web Scraping API

Coming to a sticky end while trying to collect public data from websites? Smartproxy offers a solution to deal with all the hurdles with a single tool. Here's their formula of scraping any website: 40M+ pool of residential and dat...Read more about Web Scraping API

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Web Scraping-as-a-Service

Our web scraping cloud platform helps thousands of businesses grow their operations by using web data to produce insights and AI forecasts. With the help of our cutting-edge web scraping service, we give businesses the ability to ...Read more about Web Scraping-as-a-Service

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With Listly, you don’t need to worry about Python or coding — you only need five seconds of patience! This post will walk you through gathering information from any website; for instance, you can scrape Reddit, a community network...Read more about Listly

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ImportFromWeb is a scraper designed to extract any web data straight from Google Sheets. This simplifies the process of retrieving information from sites that do not provide an API to do so and makes it much easier for you to im...Read more about ImportFromWeb

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