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OpsYogi will scan teams' Terraform before they release the changes to the could, catching any security holes or misconfigurations before they can impact production. OpsYogi provides a helpful overview of the current cloud securit...Read more about OpsYogi

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ConnectWise SIEM

ConnectWise SIEM (formerly Perch) is a threat detection and response management solution that allows organizations to design, deploy and manage custom cybersecurity programs. The platform includes a threat hunting functionality wi...Read more about ConnectWise SIEM


Guardz was specifically built to empower MSPs with the tools to holistically secure and insure SMEs against ever-evolving threats such as phishing, ransomware attacks, data loss, and user risks by leveraging AI and a multilayered ...Read more about Guardz

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Satori is a Data Security Platform (DSP) that enables self-service data and analytics. Unlike the traditional manual data access process, with Satori, users have a personal data portal where they can see all available datasets and...Read more about Satori

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Zoho Vault

Zoho Vault is a cloud-based security solution that helps teams manage their online passwords. Users can store and organize passwords in the database and Zoho Vault encrypts them using AES-256. Teams can share passwords with each o...Read more about Zoho Vault


CloudAware is a cloud management platform designed to reduce the load on IT administrators by simplifying the deployment and management of applications across multiple cloud platforms. With its activity dashboard, IT teams can vie...Read more about CloudAware

4.5 (2 reviews)

Cato Networks Suite

Cato Networks Suite automatically connects data centers, networks, assets, userbase, cloud application and other assets across the organizations on a unified and secure network. It enables businesses to manage traffic optimization...Read more about Cato Networks Suite

NordPass Business

NordPass Business — The Ultimate Password Manager for Your Organization. Trusted by businesses worldwide, NordPass Business offers a cutting-edge, zero-knowledge security architecture password management solution for businesses o...Read more about NordPass Business


Safetica is a global software company that provides Data Loss Prevention and Insider Risk Management solutions to organizations of all sizes worldwide. Whether deployed on-premise or in the cloud, our solution is designed to prote...Read more about Safetica


MixMode is a no-rules Cybersecurity platform, serving large enterprises with big data environments across a variety of industries. We deliver a patented, self-learning platform that acts as the Cybersecurity Intelligence Layer℠ to...Read more about MixMode

4.7 (3 reviews)

Enigma Vault

Enigma Vault offers cloud-based data security solutions that protect what's most important. Practically every industry has been plagued with data security issues: data breaches through application vulnerabilities, cloud bucket st...Read more about Enigma Vault

4.8 (4 reviews)


The software allows companies to mitigate risks and safeguard their data from a breach through continuous monitoring. It has real-time centralized visibility, where managers can view who has access to what information. It enables ...Read more about ZertID

5.0 (1 reviews)

Harmony Email & Collaboration

Harmony Email & Collaboration (formerly Harmony Email & Office) is a cloud-based software designed to help businesses using Microsoft 365 and G Suite prevent potential malware attacks through emails. Professionals can configure ac...Read more about Harmony Email & Collaboration

4.5 (2 reviews)


Lacework is a cloud-based platform that provides intrusion detection, compliance and automated threat defense for multi-cloud containers and workloads. The platform includes password requirements, multi-factor authentication and u...Read more about Lacework

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Rubrik is a data management solution that helps businesses streamline data backup, archiving, offsite replication and compliance management operations via a unified portal. It enables organizations to detect anomalies and protect ...Read more about Rubrik

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SiteLock is a cloud-based security platform, which helps accelerate website performance, conversions and protects the online business against hackers. Designed for all industries, the platform provides solutions for vulnerability ...Read more about SiteLock

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Splunk Enterprise

The Splunk Enterprise platform allows users to process and index most forms of data in their native format. It includes data indexing tools, which enable users to locate specific data across large data sets. The software is desi...Read more about Splunk Enterprise

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Sumo Logic

Sumo Logic is a cloud-based log management platform that helps small to large businesses create, manage and archive event logs for auditing, issue tracking and compliance. The centralized platform comes with real-time analytics mo...Read more about Sumo Logic

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Symantec Endpoint Security

Symantec Endpoint Security is a cybersecurity defense suite specifically designed for needs of the small business. Core features include antivirus, antispyware and a firewall to protect laptops, desktops and file servers from on...Read more about Symantec Endpoint Security

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ThisData is a cloud-based security solution suitable for small to midsize businesses in a variety of industries. Key features of the solution include real-time detection and notification of security breaches and preemptive measure...Read more about ThisData

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WebTitan is a cloud-based internet security solution that monitors for viruses, ransomware, malware and more. It also provides web and DNS filtering control and is suitable for large and midsize businesses across all industries. ...Read more about WebTitan

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WhiteSource is the leading solution for agile open source security and license compliance management. It integrates with your development environments and DevOps pipeline to detect open source libraries with security or comp...Read more about WhiteSource

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Workato is an integration platform as a service (iPaaS)-based business intelligence platform designed for organizations of any size. It enables IT teams and businesses to carry out enterprise-level integrations and process automat...Read more about Workato

Learn More is a cloud-based log management and log analysis solution with alerts and machine-learning algorithms. It based on open-source log analysis platform the ELK Stack (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana). Key features include ale...Read more about

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SafeDNS is a cloud-based internet security and web content filtering service that provides businesses with protection against dangerous, inappropriate and irrelevant sites. The solution also caters to educational institutions and ...Read more about SafeDNS

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SecureAuth is a cloud-based software that helps businesses manage and verify user identities through various authentication tools, such as MFA, password-less authentication and more. Professionals can use the dashboard to monitor ...Read more about SecureAuth

4.5 (4 reviews)


Haltdos helps users protect websites and web services by providing DDoS mitigation. It helps monitor, detect and mitigate DDoS attacks. It offers heuristic, behavioral and reputational-based anomaly detection to counter DDoS attac...Read more about Haltdos

2.0 (1 reviews)

Horangi Warden

Horangi offers cloud-based cybersecurity solutions for businesses of all sizes. Features include security breach and threat detection, web scanning, open source intelligence (OSINT) analysis, security reporting and third-party in...Read more about Horangi Warden

5.0 (1 reviews)


Invicti, formerly Netsparker, is a cloud-based and on-premise solution designed to help businesses manage the entire application security lifecycle through automated vulnerability assessments. Key features include maintenance sche...Read more about Invicti


insightIDR is a cloud-based security information and event management (SIEM) solution that enables businesses to streamline processes related to endpoint detection, behavior analytics, incident response and more. Professionals can...Read more about InsightIDR

4.5 (2 reviews)

Alert Logic MDR

Alert Logic Log Manager is a cloud-based log management solution. The solution provides security as a service for various environments including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and hybrid environment. ...Read more about Alert Logic MDR

SafeGuard Cyber

SafeGuard Cyber is a comprehensive SaaS platform that allows enterprise-level visibility and control over the information shared over digital channels. Whether digital messaging occurs on a collaboration channel like Slack, a chat...Read more about SafeGuard Cyber

5.0 (2 reviews)


CloudJacketXi manages, detects, and responds to ongoing cybersecurity threats. It can be deployed on-premise, virtually, in the cloud or a hybrid combination. It can protect SMBs to mid-market enterprises against data breaches by ...Read more about CloudJacketXi

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<-- Patch Everything You Need --> Automatically or manually install all prioritized updates for which a patch is available across your OS and Apps. Focus on the vulnerabilities that have a real probability of being exploited inste...Read more about vRx

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Arctic Wolf Managed Detection and Response

Arctic Wolf Managed Detection and Response is a SOC-as-a-service solution that helps businesses monitor, detect and respond to cyber threats. It allows users to automatically collect, retain, analyze and search log data from exist...Read more about Arctic Wolf Managed Detection and Response

2.0 (1 reviews)

Prophaze WAF

Prophaze WAF is a cloud security software designed to help businesses in various sectors such as education, healthcare, manufacturing, fintech and more protect Kubernetes clusters on-premise and on the cloud. Key features include ...Read more about Prophaze WAF

5.0 (2 reviews)


AxCrypt is an encryption software with 256-bit AES encryption, developed for both businesses and private individuals. The Premium and Business subscriptions offer cloud storage awareness and key sharing to enable file sharing betw...Read more about AxCrypt

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Open Systems

Open Systems is a threat detection and response management solution that helps businesses in healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, NGOs, financial and other industries manage secure access, cyber risk and more. The platform enable...Read more about Open Systems

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StackRox is a Kubernetes and container security platform, which helps businesses and government agencies protect cloud applications and manage processes related to network segmentation, incident response and more. The platform let...Read more about StackRox

4.0 (1 reviews)

Threat Detection Marketplace

Threat Detection Marketplace (TDM) is a SaaS content analysis platform, which provides businesses with security information event management (SIEM) and endpoint detection and response (EDR) tools to identify cybersecurity threats....Read more about Threat Detection Marketplace

5.0 (4 reviews)


Stratokey is a cloud-based data protection solution for midsize and large companies. The system offers features like encryption, monitoring, analytics and defense. It automatically blocks unauthorized access to sensitive data. ...Read more about Stratokey

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CipherBox is a Managed Detection & Response solution that provides your company with protection from cyber threats. Get alerts when threats to your digital environment arise and let Cipher act to notify you and mitigate them. Resp...Read more about CipherBox

5.0 (1 reviews)

Nightfall AI

Nightfall DLP is a cloud-based data loss prevention software which helps businesses classify and protect sensitive data using APIs. Key features include behavioral analytics, application security, sensitive data identification, in...Read more about Nightfall AI

5.0 (2 reviews)

Critical Insight

Critical Insight MDR provides managed detection and response (MDR) services to businesses, allowing them to identify and mitigate potential cyber threats. By integrating machines with human intelligence, the application automatic...Read more about Critical Insight

5.0 (1 reviews)


OneLogin is a cloud-based identity and access management solution that helps users control access to facilities, web applications, data centers, cloud storage and more. Key features include single sign-on, web access management, a...Read more about OneLogin

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Ubiq is a cloud-based encryption solution designed to help businesses of all sizes build customer-side encryption and protect data across various applications, programming languages, storage infrastructure and cloud environments v...Read more about Ubiq

5.0 (5 reviews)


Boolebox is a data protection suite designed to protect sensitive information against unwelcome hackers and third parties. Although no system is completely invulnerable, the application aims to provide nearly unbreakable high-leve...Read more about BooleBox

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Netacea Bot Management

Netacea Bot Management is a bot attack protection solution for businesses. It uses machine learning to detect malicious bots, respond to attacks, and adapt to evolving threats. Netacea provides real-time threat data and can build ...Read more about Netacea Bot Management

5.0 (1 reviews)


GitGuardian, founded in 2017 by Jérémy Thomas and Eric Fourrier, has rapidly emerged as the leader in automated secrets detection and is now focused on providing a comprehensive code security platform. The company has raised a $56...Read more about GitGuardian

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CloudPassage Halo

CloudPassage Halo is a security solution that helps brands and businesses in finance, e-commerce, healthcare, gaming, B2B SaaS, biotech and digital media sectors safeguard cloud infrastructures. The CloudPassage Halo allows users ...Read more about CloudPassage Halo

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Wallarm WAF

Wallarm WAF is a network security and PCI compliance tool that enables programmers to build web-based apps securely. Key features include PCI assessment, threat intelligence, log & patch management, access control, intrusion detec...Read more about Wallarm WAF

4.7 (6 reviews)


Blumira’s cloud SIEM platform offers both automated threat detection and response, enabling organizations of any size to more efficiently defend against cybersecurity threats in near real-time. It eases the burden of alert fatigue...Read more about Blumira


idgard is an all-in-one secure data transfer platform designed for enterprises, governments and organizations that need to transfer sensitive data effectively and securely. The platform is GDPR compliant and safe for processing se...Read more about idgard

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Beyond Identity

Beyond Identity is fundamentally changing the way workforces and customers log in. We eliminate passwords and all phishable factors to provide users with the most secure and frictionless authentication on the planet. Our invisible...Read more about Beyond Identity


MeSign Email Encryption is a PKI-based solution that helps businesses protect their corporate emails against data breaches, ransomware, phishing and more. Key features include end-to-end encryption, digital signature, timestamp, a...Read more about MeSign

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Axonius is an information technology asset management (ITAM) solution designed to assist small to large enterprises with monitoring inventory of software and hardware assets. It enables users to automatically validate security enf...Read more about Axonius

5.0 (5 reviews)


RedShield is a cybersecurity solution that helps businesses across finance and healthcare industries and government agencies proactively discover and remediate application and API vulnerabilities using artificial intelligence (AI)...Read more about RedShield

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Intezer Protect

Intezer Protect is a security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) platform designed to help businesses determine potential vulnerabilities across public/private cloud environments. Supervisors can perform root cause anal...Read more about Intezer Protect

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Datadog is the monitoring, security and analytics platform for developers, IT operations teams, security engineers and business users in the cloud age. Datadog's SaaS platform integrates and automates infrastructure monitoring, ...Read more about Datadog

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DataDome is setting the new standard in online fraud and bot management. With a mission to free the web from fraudulent traffic so that sensitive data remains safe and online platforms can perform at optimum speed, we protect mobi...Read more about DataDome

Cortex XSOAR

Cortex XSOAR is a security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) solution that helps businesses correlate incidents, aggregate multi-source feeds and conduct malware analysis, among other processes on a centralized platfo...Read more about Cortex XSOAR

5.0 (3 reviews)


STORM is a cybersecurity software designed to help security operation centers identify, prioritize and resolve incidents. The platform enables administrators to collect and analyze cybersecurity incident-related data and automatic...Read more about STORM

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Orca Security

Designed for organizations operating in the cloud who need complete, centralized visibility of their entire cloud estate and want more time and resources dedicated to remediating the actual risks that matter, Orca Security is an a...Read more about Orca Security

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Loggly is a cloud-based solution designed to help businesses with the analysis and monitoring of log data. Key features include issue management, data visualization, peak overage protection, root cause analysis and anomaly detecti...Read more about Loggly continuously and automatically detects and documents changes in businesses and IT landscapes. Data from third-party applications that companies use to run business processes, monitor the IT landscape and control IT servi...Read more about

4.5 (2 reviews)


OVHcloud is a cloud security software designed to help businesses with web hosting, domain name selection, email exchanges and more. The platform enables administrators to build websites and protect them against distributed denial...Read more about OVHcloud

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Perimeter 81

Perimeter 81 is the first Cybersecurity Experience Platform to streamline SASE through its groundbreaking ease-of-use and unified network security stack. With a global network of PoPs, Perimeter 81 offers secure network capabiliti...Read more about Perimeter 81

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Zilla Security

Zilla Security is an early-stage security startup that provides software-as-a-service security management platform....Read more about Zilla Security

4.7 (7 reviews)


Rublon provides cloud-based multi-factor authentication (MFA) for your workforce. Use Rublon to enable secure local and remote access to networks, servers and applications. SMBs and enterprises use Rublon to protect their informat...Read more about Rublon

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Cytellix Cytellix is a cloud-based solution that manages, plans, and executes the ongoing IT Security activities of service providers, enterprises, and small and medium businesses. It is transforming the security industry...Read more about Cytellix

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OpsCompass is a DevOps cloud security SaaS management solution. The software allows businesses to monitor and control multiple cloud storage environments. The system also monitors cloud compliance and tracks compliance improvement...Read more about OpsCompass

Threat Stack

Threat Stack is a cloud-based security platform designed to helps enterprises detect and respond to risks across system infrastructure and applications in real-time. Features include audit log, single sign-on (SSO), user managemen...Read more about Threat Stack

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ESET Cloud Office Security

ESET Cloud Office Security provides advanced protection for users of Microsoft 365 applications with ultimate zero-day threat defense. The combination of spam filtering, anti-malware scanning, anti-phishing and cloud sandboxing he...Read more about ESET Cloud Office Security


Anchore is a container security solution that helps DevOps teams scan and analyze software containers for vulnerabilities and ensure security through action plans, policy-based compliance and API-based automation. Administrators...Read more about Anchore

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CloudGuard is a container security solution that helps businesses handle posture management, vulnerability assessment and workload protection operations. It enables DevOps teams to identify compliance risks and security threats, d...Read more about CloudGuard

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Sysdig is driving the standard for cloud and container security. The company pioneered cloud-native runtime threat detection and response by creating Falco and Sysdig as open source standards and key building blocks of the Sysdig ...Read more about Sysdig

4.4 (7 reviews) is a cloud security solution that helps businesses in the energy, transportation, automotive, education, retail, finance and other industries streamline operations related to vulnerability management, incident response,...Read more about

5.0 (2 reviews)


ThreatWatch is a cloud-based solution that helps businesses conduct risk assessments and identify potential vulnerabilities across applications. Professionals can utilize natural language processing (NLP) algorithms to collect dat...Read more about ThreatWatch

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Google Container Security

Google Container Security is a cloud-based solution that helps businesses secure container environments across Anthos, Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Professionals can isolate workloads in a sub-VM...Read more about Google Container Security

5.0 (2 reviews)


Lightspin offers an application programming interface (API) for integrations. It also provides behavioral analytics, data visualization, incident management, vulnerability scanning protection, antivirus, security auditing, and vis...Read more about Lightspin

4.7 (3 reviews)


ThreatSpotter is a cloud security solution that enables users to automatically achieve GDPR, PCI-DSS, and ISO compliance by providing access to real-time threat analytics results. Threatspotter scans for compliance rules and dat...Read more about ThreatSpotter

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EmpowerID is an identity management suite of solutions, which enable businesses in banking, healthcare, manufacturing and other sectors to securely access cloud and on-premise applications. Professionals can automatically create, ...Read more about EmpowerID

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iboss is a network security solution that helps finance, education, healthcare and other businesses manage secure access to network and applications across multiple devices and locations. The application allows organizations to en...Read more about iboss

4.3 (6 reviews)


Zscaler is a network security platform, which enables businesses to detect threats, secure access to applications and manage, track and connect IT devices across multiple locations. The system provides protection against malicious...Read more about Zscaler

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Trend Micro Deep Security

Trend Micro Deep Security is a cloud-based platform designed to help businesses of all sizes identify threats and ensure runtime security for workloads across physical, virtual, cloud and container environments by leveraging machi...Read more about Trend Micro Deep Security

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Area 1

Area 1 Horizon is a secure email gateway software designed to help businesses detect and mitigate phishing attacks across web pages, emails and networks. It provides business email compromise (BEC) filtering functionality, enablin...Read more about Area 1

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AppOmni helps businesses to secure data across SaaS applications. It offers data access visibility, centralized management, and security controls that integrate seamlessly into any SaaS environment to help secure sensitive data. ...Read more about AppOmni

5.0 (4 reviews)


Quixxi provides a detailed analysis of your app from a security perspective, reporting each detected vulnerability with a description, an explanation of the risks associated and recommendations for fixing the vulnerability. Quixxi...Read more about Quixxi

5.0 (2 reviews)

BluBracket Code Security Suite

BluBracket Code Security Suite is a cloud-based software that helps developers with code security. The software offers features such as deep scans, coding mistake fixes, active token invalidations, stale reviews invalidations, dir...Read more about BluBracket Code Security Suite

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Guardio is a Google Chrome extension designed to help businesses across a variety of industries protect private information and browse the web securely and quickly. Key features include suspicious site detection, on-demand scan, p...Read more about Guardio

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SecOps Solution

SecOps Solution is a full-stack vulnerability and patch management platform. It is one single console to identify security vulnerabilities, prioritise them and patch them within seconds....Read more about SecOps Solution

5.0 (1 reviews)


Argon’s first-to-market holistic security solution protects the integrity of software development environments’ CI/CD pipelines, eliminating risks from misconfigurations, vulnerabilities, and preventing major scale software supply...Read more about Argon

5.0 (1 reviews)


BetterCloud is the market-leading SaaS management platform, enabling IT teams to eliminate up to 78% of SaaS management work. BetterCloud automates onboarding, offboarding & mid-lifecycle changes, SaaS application access & entitle...Read more about BetterCloud

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Qualys Cloud Platform

Qualys Cloud is a network security management software designed to help businesses monitor IT assets and prioritize threats in real-time. Administrators can receive alerts regarding vulnerabilities, suspicious activities and attac...Read more about Qualys Cloud Platform

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SpamTitan is a spam filtering solution that caters to businesses, managed service providers (MSPs) and schools to help them to block spam, viruses, malware, ransomware, phishing attempts and other email threats. The solution can e...Read more about SpamTitan

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Morphisec Guard

Morphisec provides prevention-first security against the most advanced threats to stop the attacks that others don’t, from endpoint to the cloud. Morphisec's software is powered by Automated Moving Target Defense (AMTD) technology...Read more about Morphisec Guard

5.0 (1 reviews)


LastPass is a password management solution for consumers and businesses that allows users to store their passwords in a digital vault. It uses single sign-on with password vaulting to protect users’ passwords. Users can save the w...Read more about LastPass

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CrowdSec aims to provide a crowd-sourced approach to common infrastructure defense problems. It does so by distributing free & open-source software allowing users to protect themselves and share information about malevolent actors...Read more about Crowdsec

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VaultCore is an encryption key management software designed to help businesses and government administrations secure data by deploying key encryption across virtual and on-premise environments. With VaultCore, administrators can a...Read more about VaultCore

5.0 (3 reviews)

Uniware Cloud

Uniware Cloud is a cloud security solution that helps businesses securely store organizational data and configure role-based access permissions for staff members. The platform offers a virtual private network (VPN), allowing auth...Read more about Uniware Cloud

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Atomic Protector

Atomic Protector is a vulnerability management software that provides businesses with tools to identify and remediate potential threats across cloud, on-premise and hybrid environments. Professionals can maintain a log of all syst...Read more about Atomic Protector

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ALTOSPAM is a SaaS email security software that addresses all types of structures (company, public service, association) of all sizes. The principle of operation consists in making transit the flow of messaging of our customers to...Read more about ALTOSPAM

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NovaBACKUP Server Agent

NovaBACKUP Server Agent is a backup solution that delivers Windows Server, Hyper-V, and VMware backup for small and medium-sized organizations. The all-in-one solution provides quick and easy recovery of lost data to minimize down...Read more about NovaBACKUP Server Agent


Acra database security suite is a single multi-layered data protection tool that solves your data security vital needs. Acra provides 9 security controls application-level encryption allows you to encrypt sensitive data on the ap...Read more about Acra

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Coro is a cybersecurity solution that helps businesses in various industrial verticals including IT, healthcare, transportation, and legal services secure devices, users, and data against online threats via a unified portal. The a...Read more about Coro

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Enginsight helps protect businesses from the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats and ensures the security and stability of their IT infrastructure. From vulnerability management to intrusion detection and prevention, the plat...Read more about Enginsight

5.0 (6 reviews)

Armor Anywhere

Armor Anywhere is an enterprise security and compliance platform designed for Managed Service Providers (MSPs). Armor Anywhere allows users to achieve compliance faster by providing full security visibility and controls across all...Read more about Armor Anywhere

4.0 (1 reviews)


Exabeam is an analytics and automation solution for accelerated threat detection. From the CISO to the analyst, Exabeam helps security teams outsmart the odds by adding intelligence to their existing security tools – including SIE...Read more about Exabeam

5.0 (3 reviews)

Your Secure Cloud

Your Secure Cloud is a cloud security software that helps mall and medium-sized businesses store, share, access and protect corporate data. The platform enables managers to encrypt multiple versions of files in accordance with the...Read more about Your Secure Cloud

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ThreatX is an enterprise-level security platform that helps businesses protect their data and systems from cyber threats. It is designed to protect web applications and APIs from bot-based attacks, zero-day attacks, malware commun...Read more about ThreatX

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FortMesa can transform an MSP into a cybersecurity powerhouse. By delivering cybersecurity programs based on industry standards (NIST, ISO, SOC2, CIS, CMMC, Fedramp, CJIS, and more) MSPs take command of their customers cyber needs...Read more about FortMesa

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Sonrai Public Cloud Security Platform

Sonrai Public Cloud Security Platform delivers an enterprise identity and data governance platform to protect your cloud from insider threats, external threats, cybercrime, and information loss. Sonrai gives IT teams the visibili...Read more about Sonrai Public Cloud Security Platform

5.0 (1 reviews)

swIDch Auth SDK

swIDch Auth SDK provides multiple robust authentication features such as FIDO-certified biometric authentication, mOTP authentication for easy mobile application, and the world’s first one-way dynamic code OTAC login. swIDch Aut...Read more about swIDch Auth SDK

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AppScan is an application security solution that helps businesses conduct DAST, IAST, SAST, and SCA security testing to monitor threats across mobile, web, and open-source applications. It allows staff members to utilize the built...Read more about AppScan

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F5's Volterra is a distributed cloud platform to deploy, connect, secure, and manage applications and data across multiple clouds, private and public, and at edge locations. Volterra’s global network allows you to secure cloud app...Read more about Volterra

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F5 Distributed Cloud Bot Defense

F5 Distributed Cloud Bot Defense, covered by 50+ patents, stops automated fraud and other attacks on web and mobile applications, including credential stuffing, account takeover, scraping, and unauthorized aggregation. Shape is on...Read more about F5 Distributed Cloud Bot Defense

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Runecast is a provider of one solution designed to help IT Security and Operations teams like yours effectively manage and mitigate risks. Our platform offers a range of valuable features to enhance your operational efficiency and...Read more about Runecast

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Blacklock is an award-winning service that offers consultant-grade testing with an On-Demand experience. The service allows you to perform penetration testing when you need it. We love to make security things simple, practical and...Read more about Blacklock

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Kion is all-in-one cloud governance and management software that delivers automation and orchestration, financial management, and continuous compliance across AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. ...Read more about Kion

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Appaegis Isolation Access Cloud

Appaegis provides the most secure agentless zero trust remote access solution to connect authorized users and devices to enterprise applications and data. Appaegis’ cloud-native solution fits into any organization’s remote access ...Read more about Appaegis Isolation Access Cloud

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Aviatrix creates a streamlined and uniform networking architecture within and among cloud service providers to enable an enterprise-grade secure cloud network, backbone, and edge for mission-critical applications. In conjunction w...Read more about Aviatrix

4.3 (3 reviews)


x360Cloud is a cloud-based backup, recovery and data protection solution that enables midsize to large businesses to manage the full lifecycle of their client's critical data. It automatically discovers, backs up and restores Micr...Read more about x360Cloud


The Aware platform enables organizations to proactively discover, classify, secure, and manage data It solves for governance, risk, compliance and insights from collaboration tools like Slack, Workplace, Teams, and Yammer. Aware s...Read more about Aware

3.5 (4 reviews)


Wiz enables organizations globally to rapidly identify and remove critical risks in cloud environments. Wiz secures everything organizations build and run in the cloud. Founded in 2020, Wiz is the fastest-growing software company...Read more about Wiz

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Trend Micro Cloud One

Trend Micro Cloud One is a compliance and computer security solution that helps businesses streamline processes related to threat monitoring, vulnerability scanning, behavioral analysis, file integrity monitoring, and more on a ce...Read more about Trend Micro Cloud One

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Centricity is an application platform developed by CloudHesive. It is for AWS management professionals without cloud service, maintenance, or development expertise. Amazon Web Services users can benefit from this SaaS web-based to...Read more about Centricity

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Create the secure, mobile network that works for your business. MobileWall provides security, visibility, and control of mobile data through a patented, cloud-based mobile firewall. Customers gain visibility and take control of ...Read more about MobileWall

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HackerOne is a hacker-powered cybersecurity platform that enables organizations within the government and financial service industries to identify, capture, and resolve security vulnerabilities that were discovered by hackers. Hac...Read more about HackerOne

4.7 (9 reviews)


Hackrate Bug Bounty platform helps organizations to identify software vulnerabilities in a cost-efficient way. A bug bounty is about utilizing the power of crowdsourced security to secure businesses. During a bug bounty program, ...Read more about Hackrate


PingFederate is a cloud-based software designed to streamline user authentication and single sign-on (SSO) authorization process. With support for industry-standard identity protocols like OAuth, OpenID Connect, SAML, and WS-Feder...Read more about PingFederate

5.0 (1 reviews)

Qumulo File Data Platform

The breakthrough leader in enterprise data management. Qumulo is the only file-based, scale-out management platform designed to offer robust capabilities on-premises and in the cloud. We built a unified file data platform to supp...Read more about Qumulo File Data Platform

Red Sentry

Red Sentry is the industry leader in fast and affordable penetration testing. Our unique value comes in combining our fast pentests with our automated platform, keeping customers protected 24/7/365....Read more about Red Sentry

5.0 (2 reviews)

Beyond DLP

Due to increased risk and HIPAA regulation demands for DLP and file tracking, PharmScript, provider of long-term care pharmacy services to healthcare facilities across 10 states was required to implement a regulatory compliant dat...Read more about Beyond DLP

4.8 (5 reviews)


Spectral Enables teams to build and ship software faster while avoiding security mistakes, credential leakage, misconfiguration and data breaches without agents, across the entire software development lifecycle. Now you can code s...Read more about SpectralOps

4.6 (7 reviews)


Holistic security for AWS, Azure and GCP Tenable's holistic cloud infrastructure security platform reveals and prioritizes security gaps in AWS, Azure and GCP, and enables you to remediate immediately. From full asset discovery ...Read more about Ermetic

5.0 (2 reviews)


Trava is a cybersecurity solution, which enables investors, managed service providers and businesses to identify threats, secure financial assets and assess risks. Trava's automated assessments let organizations can scan technic...Read more about Trava

5.0 (1 reviews)


GetSecured is a comprehensive security scanning solution, which helps businesses find breached data, exposed servers, web app/AWS cloud vulnerabilities, and compliance issues. This platform can be easily understood by a non-tech...Read more about GetSecured

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CODA Footprint

CODA Footprint is a SaaS attack surface reduction and vulnerability as well as risk management platform that optimizes both discovery and evaluation of active software vulnerabilities. The CODA Footprint platform offers a compreh...Read more about CODA Footprint

5.0 (3 reviews)


NordLayer is a remote network access solution for modern companies, particularly suitable for SMBs searching for an effective and agile way to update legacy infrastructure and implement profound Secure Service Edge (SSE) practices...Read more about NordLayer

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SpamTitan Plus

SpamTitan Plus is an anti-phishing solution that helps businesses with identifying, neutralizing, and blocking suspicious or malicious links. The main features of SpamTitan Plus include time-of-click analysis, malicious link neutr...Read more about SpamTitan Plus

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Zycada accelerates Dynamic content and makes sites load 10x faster than traditional CDNs because they cannot cache Dynamic content. Traditional CDNs were built for Static content. The optimal set up is to use Zycada for Dynamic co...Read more about Zycada

3.0 (2 reviews)


Bye-bye to inactive and outmoded backup services. Get the benefits of automated, high-speed backup combined with a fault-tolerant, secure cloud architecture and intelligent API management with SysCloud. Gmail, Google Drive, Share...Read more about SysCloud

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Kloudle is a cloud security solution that helps automates critical aspects of cloud security. Kloudle customers see gains of about 20% per engineer as all the security janitorial work is handled by it. Critical tasks that are ...Read more about Kloudle

4.9 (8 reviews)


1Password protects and stores all company secrets beyond SSO such as passwords, security tokens, 2FA codes, documents, and passkeys (coming soon) to centralize and simplify the sign-in experience. Employees get quick, secure acces...Read more about 1Password

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Healthcare Compliance Software

Efficiently manage your business' HIPAA, OSHA, and SOC 2 compliance. Our tailored platform is designed for your needs - offering a robust toolkit, customization options, and risk analytics for seamless execution of compliance obje...Read more about Healthcare Compliance Software

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Apiiro invented a code risk platform to remediate critical risks from cloud to code and secure all cloud-native application components in a single platform. Once connected to a source control manager, Apiiro will identify all appl...Read more about Apiiro

4.3 (3 reviews)

SOAR Tools

As organizations around the world face a constant and dynamic barrage of cybersecurity threats, the development of Security Orchestration tools to accelerate security operations, automation and response have rapidly increased. Th...Read more about SOAR Tools

5.0 (1 reviews)

Ansys Cloud Direct

Ansys Cloud Direct is an on-demand virtual desktop and HPC cluster management platform that allows users to manage multiple projects, collaborate with their colleagues, share files and simulation results, monitor job progress, and...Read more about Ansys Cloud Direct


meshStack is built on years of experience in cloud transformation with major customers such as Volkswagen, Metro and Commerzbank. meshStack enables companies to build a cloud foundation based on best practices, both organizational...Read more about meshcloud

4.3 (4 reviews)

ESET Endpoint Security

ESET Endpoint Security software is a cloud-based and on-premises application for internet security and malware protection. It has a global user base that comprises businesses of every size. Cloud sandbox technology enables users t...Read more about ESET Endpoint Security

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MailGuard is a leading email security service that protects businesses against email-borne cyber threats, including phishing attacks, ransomware, business email compromise (BEC) and other malicious content. The platform leverages ...Read more about MailGuard

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FlexPrem SD-WAN

FlexPrem SD-WAN is a network security solution, which helps businesses manage software-defined networking in a wide area network (SD-WAN) processes to provide enhanced cloud connectivity. The platform re-routes traffic according t...Read more about FlexPrem SD-WAN

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Google Workspace Management, Email Signature, Contact Sharing, Drive Management and more. Patronum takes the Google Workspace (G Suite) administrators wish list in order to create a set of must-have features to transform the way ...Read more about Patronum

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Arcules is a cloud surveillance solution that can manage all live and recorded videos across 4,000+ devices and 100,000+ channels. Arcules delivers a simple and unified access control, video surveillance, and analytics platform ...Read more about Arcules

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EncryptRIGHT simplifies application level data protection by abstracting data protection policies from application programming, while providing a complete separation of duties between information security and application programmi...Read more about EncryptRIGHT

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Atlantic.Net Cloud Platform

Atlantic.Net Cloud Platform helps organizations launch and scale their businesses with cloud services and infrastructure. Key features include cloud virtual servers, secure block storage, snapshots, regulatory compliance, control ...Read more about Atlantic.Net Cloud Platform

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Beagle Security

Discover website security issues at the right time and address them in the right way using Beagle Security. With the ability to automate vulnerability assessment and accelerate remediation, you can secure your web applications fr...Read more about Beagle Security

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Scytale aims to save fast-moving tech startups hundred of hours by automating their SOC 2 and IS0 27001 readiness process and enables teams to manage compliance workflows all within the tool. Scytale makes compliance simple throug...Read more about Scytale

5.0 (5 reviews)

Elastic Security

Unify SIEM, endpoint security, and cloud security Elastic Security modernizes security operations — enabling analytics across years of data, automating key processes, and bringing native endpoint security to every host. Elastic S...Read more about Elastic Security

Radware Bot Manager

Radware Bot Manager (formerly SheildSquare) is a security solution that provides websites with protection from bots, web scraping, content theft, and spam. The solution uses machine learning to detect and mitigate new threats from...Read more about Radware Bot Manager

4.8 (9 reviews)

Data Command Center

Securiti is the pioneer of the Data Command Center, a centralized platform that enables the safe use of data and GenAI. It provides unified data intelligence, controls and orchestration across hybrid multicloud environments. Large...Read more about Data Command Center

1.0 (1 reviews)


Automate compliance in Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace with Tricent - a tool that helps you audit and clean up (external) access to files and Teams. Problem: Most businesses have no way of knowing if critical or personal infor...Read more about Tricent

5.0 (9 reviews)


Zivver is the effortless, smart, secure digital communications platform powering the next generation of secure digital communications. Zivver is outbound email security that prevents human error, influencing behavioural changes i...Read more about Zivver

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NirvaShare is an enterprise file sharing solution. It caters to mid-size and large organizations across various industries. NirvaShare offers key capabilities like single sign-on, multi-factor authentication, integration with id...Read more about NirvaShare

5.0 (4 reviews)


CloudWize is an innovative agentless cloud solution for maximum cloud security and compliance from architecture design to runtime. We are the only cloud security cloud center of excellence. CloudWize provides 360° protection to pr...Read more about CloudWize

4.5 (4 reviews)

JumpCloud Directory Platform

JumpCloud Directory-as-a-Service is an IT Management software, which helps businesses of all sizes manage devices or workstations including Windows, MacOS, and Linux, access to IT resources, and user identities. The solution provi...Read more about JumpCloud Directory Platform

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Portnox CLEAR

Portnox Clear is a cloud-based network access control solution that helps businesses monitor endpoint risks, detect compromised devices, and automate mitigation to high-risk devices. It allows staff members to configure essential ...Read more about Portnox CLEAR


Clumio helps organizations simplify data protection in AWS. Its secure air-gapped SaaS solution protects from ransomware and enables organizations to achieve stringent compliance requirements, backup and restore data in minutes, a...Read more about Clumio

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Twingate is the easiest way for organizations to adopt a Zero Trust Network Access solution and replace outdated, difficult-to-maintain, and insecure corporate VPNs. Built to make the lives of developers, DevOps, IT teams, and end...Read more about Twingate

5.0 (2 reviews)

Phoenix Security

AppSec Phoenix is a software, container and cloud security platform. Users can access vulnerabilities from different scanners in one single risk-based platform. ...Read more about Phoenix Security

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Reblaze is a cloud-based web security software that can integrate with other solutions for extra security. The Reblaze WAF is deployed as part of a unique private cloud and does not use shared clouds to avoid vulnerabilities. The ...Read more about Reblaze

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SmallID is a data discovery and protection solution that helps organizations gain insights into enterprise data and automatically classify, map, and catalog confidential data. The software is designed to enable organizations to di...Read more about SmallID

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GuardRails is a security platform that empowers developers to build secure applications by giving them continuous protection. GuardRails provides a seamless experience for you and your team by securing all the critical component...Read more about GuardRails

5.0 (5 reviews)


ThreatKey is a security solution that helps businesses manage their cloud and SaaS security posture. When setting up cloud or SaaS environments, the smallest misconfiguration can be a potential loophole for business data leaks. Ou...Read more about ThreatKey

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Cloud App Security Broker (CASB)

Cloud App Security Broker (CASB) is a cloud security solution that helps businesses secure cloud applications from threats, data loss and compliance risks. The solution includes features such as threat intelligence, machine learni...Read more about Cloud App Security Broker (CASB)

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STARLIMS is a clinical trial management software that helps businesses collect, manage and interpret laboratory data. The platform enables managers to configure workflows for research projects and regulate compliance. Administrat...Read more about STARLIMS

Caveonix Cloud

Caveonix Cloud is a risk management platform compatible with IBM Cloud, AWS, Azure, OpenStack, Google Cloud, VMware and more. ...Read more about Caveonix Cloud

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Viio is the leading SaaS Management Platform (SMP) in Europe. Our advanced automation platform enable companies to easily discover all their apps, optimize usage, reduce IT cost and time spent, while boosting employee productivity...Read more about Viio

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StackZone is a powerful cloud management platform that helps you maximize security, create continuous compliance, and control cloud costs from one user-friendly console. Guided by customer feedback, StackZone is powered by automat...Read more about StackZone

5.0 (3 reviews)

ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus

ADSelfService Plus is an identity security solution that ensures secure and seamless access to enterprise resources and establishes a Zero Trust environment. With adaptive multi-factor authentication (MFA), single sign-on (SSO), s...Read more about ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus

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ManageEngine Patch Manager Plus

Patch Manager Plus by ManageEngine is a cloud-based patch management software for small, midsize, and large enterprises. It is suitable for businesses in banking, finance, IT services, health care, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, m...Read more about ManageEngine Patch Manager Plus

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Holm Security VMP

The Holm Security helps customers both identify and remediate vulnerabilities as well as weaknesses in their cyber security defenses, covering both their technical and human assets across their entire organization, all in one inte...Read more about Holm Security VMP

4.4 (5 reviews)


Teleport is a gateway for managing access to K8s clusters, Linux & Windows servers, databases, and applications. Teleport provides access control for all your cloud resources in one place. It simplifies the management of SSH keys...Read more about Teleport

5.0 (1 reviews)


Reveelium is a cloud-based and on-premise solution cybersecurity and safety solution that helps businesses in aviation, hospitality, IT, computer software, retail, broadcast media, and other sectors identify thefts, manage threats...Read more about Reveelium

4.5 (6 reviews)

ManageEngine ADManager Plus

ManageEngine ADManager Plus is an enterprise identity governance and administration (IGA) solution that helps administrators handle day-to-day AD management and reporting tasks with ease. The all-inclusive reports that can be obta...Read more about ManageEngine ADManager Plus

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ManageEngine ADAudit Plus

ManageEngine ADAudit Plus is a Windows auditing, security, and compliance solution. Key features include comprehensive logon auditing, detailed change monitoring, real-time risk alerting, and streamlined compliance reporting for A...Read more about ManageEngine ADAudit Plus

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Delivery Trust

Delivery Trust offers users total control over emails throughout their entire lifecycle. Messages are secured with the click of a button and empower senders to maintain control of their messages by restricting recipients’ printing...Read more about Delivery Trust

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iQ.Suite aaS

iQ.Suite aaS is a comprehensive email management solution that provides enterprises using Microsoft 365 with email security capabilities. Designed to ensure email communications within an organization are secure, this solution off...Read more about iQ.Suite aaS

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Corpia IGA is an automated identity and access management solution that controls user access privileges across IT environments based on policies. It helps companies effectively govern identities and access. The software caters to...Read more about Corpia

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Astra Pentest

Astra Pentest offers a vulnerability assessment tool that packs the intelligence acquired over years of security testing. The vulnerability scanner conducts 8000+ tests ensuring a thorough evaluation of a user's security strength....Read more about Astra Pentest

4.8 (8 reviews)


SentinelOne is a cloud-based solution that helps businesses of all sizes manage processes related to the entire threat lifecycle for providing endpoint security. Key features include behavioral analytics, activity log, whitelistin...Read more about SentinelOne

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Daito is a web-based 2FA authenticator that simplifies protecting shared accounts with 2FA while enabling you to securely share access to those 2FA tokens with others....Read more about Daito

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Conecta Suite

Control access to Google Workspace (G Suite) in a few clicks. Create user groups with custom login and logout rules. Block the use of the corporate account by time and location. Control the accesses made by the browser, cell phon...Read more about Conecta Suite

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Banyan Security

Banyan Security’s next-generation zero trust network access platform offers seamless remote access to corporate resources hosted on-premise or in hybrid and multi-cloud environments. Banyan enhances security by reducing your attac...Read more about Banyan Security

4.3 (4 reviews)

Push Security

Push Security equips your blue team with the telemetry and actionability to stop attacks against workforce identities. Push is a browser agent that generates telemetry across your identity attack surface so you can detect attack...Read more about Push Security

5.0 (4 reviews)


BLACKbox provides a cloud-based data loss prevention and data theft prevention solution that prevents data leakage, protects intellectual property, and safeguards information assets. It becomes difficult to maintain continuity if...Read more about BLACKbox

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Shieldoo is a new way of secure connection, no matter where you are, designed to make it easier than ever for individuals and businesses, regardless of their technical knowledge or experience level. It's as simple as opening the a...Read more about Shieldoo

5.0 (2 reviews)


PingSafe is an industry-leading all-in-one cloud security platform with a comprehensive knowledge of the attackers’ modus operandi. PingSafe is a comprehensive CNAPP that scans your entire cloud infrastructure through an attacke...Read more about PingSafe

5.0 (5 reviews)


Panzura provides unstructured file data mobility, access, security, and control through a single, global file system—native to the cloud—to simplify IT infrastructure and file storage. Our award-winning hybrid cloud platform suppo...Read more about Panzura

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Hackuity is not a simple vulnerability detection tool. It intervenes between detection and remediation to allow CISOs to optimize the remediation of the various vulnerabilities identified. It is thus possible to centralize all t...Read more about Hackuity

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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure has all the services you need to migrate, build, and run all your IT, from existing enterprise workloads to new cloud native applications and data platforms. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is an Infrastru...Read more about Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)

Keeper Security

Keeper is a cloud-based business security solution that offers multi-tenant password management and secure file storage. It offers a "zero-knowledge" security feature, which allows users only with access to the information being s...Read more about Keeper Security

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Elastio Cyber Recovery

Elastio Cyber Recovery ensures the recovery of data and applications. Despite cybersecurity being given top priority, attackers continue to break through defenses, wreaking havoc on organizations, large and small. The data protect...Read more about Elastio Cyber Recovery

5.0 (1 reviews)


Incapsula is a cloud-based application delivery controller (ADC) platform, which uses a global content delivery network (CDN) to manage website performance, compliance and application security against distributed denial of service...Read more about Incapsula

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From the most sophisticated identity technologies to the scale to support complex, global enterprises, SailPoint leverages a common set of services to power our AI-driven Identity Security Cloud solutions and provides speedier del...Read more about SailPoint


CrowdStrike is a cloud-based endpoint protection solution, which assists small to large businesses with anti-virus protection and device control. Key features include AI-based testing, data security and threat event detection. ...Read more about Falcon

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Basis Theory

Basis theory is a compliant and developer-friendly platform to secure, use, and manage the data that matters most to you. With Basis Theory, organizations can stand up a compliant environment in seconds, a demo application in 15 m...Read more about Basis Theory

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