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Dynac is a scalable on-premise Accounting and Corporate Performance Management solution that focuses on budgeting, forecasting, and financial reporting. It can be utilized across a wide variety of industries including agriculture, construction, banking, education, and pharmaceuticals. A site license allows for an unlimited number of users as a business grows.

The system allows users to automate financial processes and tasks, minimizing the maintenance of traditional spreadsheets. Dynac provides multiple capabilities such as budgeting and rolling forecasts complete with “what if” scenarios, industry-focused revenue and cost planning, scenario modeling based on key performance indicators and statistical accounts, and more. Reporting is completely customizable based on the user’s preferences and filters.

Dynac can integrate with a business’ existing ERP and CRM system, allowing users to import data from outside sources. The system automates reports for auditors such as translation reports and leads sheets, and all Dynac consolidation reports meet the statutory reporting requirements of Public Auditors.


Dynac - Account Manager
  • Dynac - Account Manager
    Account Manager
  • Dynac - Allocation Module
    Allocation Module
  • Dynac - HR Module
    HR Module
  • Dynac - Multi-user Portal
    Multi-user Portal
  • Dynac - Report Writer
    Report Writer
Supported Operating System(s):
Windows 8

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