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Online project management systems track and manage the lifespan of a project, offering functionality for everything from planning to defining a budget to assigning individual tasks to team members. By giving each member an up-to-date view of the progress, teams can coordinate and collaborate better to see a project through to completion.

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Showing 1 - 20 of 376 products
Showing 1 - 20 of 376 products, an award-winning collaboration and project management platform, helps teams plan together efficiently and execute complex projects to deliver results on time. team management and task management tool allows ...Read more

4.59 (2508 reviews)

42 recommendations


Workzone is a project management solution that offers document management, project collaboration, customizable reporting, resource and task management and time tracking. The software is cloud-based and offers automated emailed rep...Read more

4.74 (170 reviews)

30 recommendations


BQE Core makes it easier and more profitable to run your business. It organizes information, automates repetitive tasks and allows your firm to spend more time providing service to your clients instead of managing internal process...Read more

4.42 (553 reviews)

19 recommendations

ProjectManager is a project management software solution that offers features including project planning. budgeting, time tracking, task management, document management and reporting. ProjectManager also offers Gantt chart funct...Read more

4.10 (328 reviews)

19 recommendations

Easy Projects

Easy Projects is an award-winning collaborative work management platform designed to equip and enable medium to enterprise level companies to achieve quantifiable operational improvements. Whether in-house or remote, team members ...Read more

4.39 (235 reviews)

18 recommendations


Smartsheet is a work execution platform and collaboration tool with a familiar spreadsheet-like interface that helps teams plan, track, and manage projects in real-time. Smartsheet features include a range of project management to...Read more

4.48 (2335 reviews)

14 recommendations


BigTime is an online time and billing solution designed to serve professional service firms like accounting, engineering, government contracting, legal and IT services. The integrated solution offers features like time and expense...Read more

4.59 (571 reviews)

11 recommendations


LiquidPlanner is a transformative project management solution for teams that want to plan, predict, and perform beyond expectations. It was designed to align your people, projects, and priorities to ensure the right people are wo...Read more

4.30 (639 reviews)

10 recommendations

Planview Clarizen

Planview Clarizen is an award-winning enterprise work management solution for project portfolio management (PPM) and professional services delivery teams. The solution enables PMOs, EPMOs, PSOs, and ESOs to gain real-time visibil...Read more

4.24 (169 reviews)

10 recommendations


Quickvase is a low-code application development platform that enables organizations to unite information, people, and workflows within distribution in a single, cloud-based platform. Unlike traditional software solutions, Quickvas...Read more

4.45 (243 reviews)

9 recommendations

Software pricing tips

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Subscription models

  • Per employee/per month: This model allows you to pay a monthly fee for each of your employees.
  • Per user/per month: Users pay a monthly fee for users—normally administrative users—rather than all employees.

Perpetual license

  • This involves paying an upfront sum for the license to own the software and use it indefinitely.
  • This is the more traditional model and is most common with on-premise applications and with larger businesses.

Rated best value for money


Scoro is a cloud-based professional services solution for small to midsize companies in advertising, consulting, IT and other industries. The solution provides a control hub that displays pending tasks, account information, key pe...Read more

4.64 (174 reviews)

8 recommendations

Project Insight

Project Insight (PI) is award-winning work & project management software that helps companies manage and visualize projects, allocate personnel, streamline accounting, and track what work is being done throughout their entire orga...Read more

4.37 (56 reviews)

7 recommendations


The Mavenlink, now Kantata, Industry Cloud for Professional Services™ is a powerful collection of operational management, resource optimization, business intelligence, integration, and workflow automation functionality that optimi...Read more

4.19 (568 reviews)

5 recommendations


SAP S/4HANA is a cloud-based and on-premise enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution. It is suitable for small, midsize and large businesses in industries such as automotive, engineering, construction, mining, research and deve...Read more

4.29 (262 reviews)

5 recommendations


Workamajig is a cloud-based HTML5 project management solution designed for creative ad agencies and in-house advertising teams of all sizes. Key features include opportunity tracking, project management, time tracking, resource ma...Read more

3.74 (292 reviews)

4 recommendations


Wrike is a cloud-based project management platform for teams of 20+ that is suitable for both large enterprises and SMBs. It supports remote work for various teams. This solution comes with Gantt charts, calendars, workload view f...Read more

4.25 (1757 reviews)

3 recommendations


Projectric is a cloud-based solution that enables organizations to manage their entire portfolio of projects. Ensure that the initiatives with the highest impact are identified, utilize resources, and measure results. From project...Read more

5.00 (1 reviews)

3 recommendations


Replicon's advanced timesheet functionality lets businesses track valuable information including check-ins/outs, task progress, and billable/non-billable hours. The invoice module allows users to build custom invoices, examine pay...Read more

4.50 (434 reviews)

2 recommendations


Coda is a comprehensive solution that combines documents, spreadsheets, and building tools into a single platform. With this tool, project managers can track OKRs while also brainstorming with their teams. Coda includes built-in t...Read more

4.65 (72 reviews)

2 recommendations


One2Team platform to deliver onboards all populations into a single digital workplace so that everybody gets a end-to-end 360-degree view of portfolio, projects and process they need to work on. By avoiding duplicate work, raising...Read more

4.33 (24 reviews)

2 recommendations

Buyers Guide

Last Updated: June 24, 2022

Online project management software allows teams to collaborate on and manage projects from initial concept to completion. Online tools, which run on a Web-based user interface (UI), offer potential benefits over traditional systems that are installed on-premises. For example, most online tools can be licensed for a relatively low monthly fee, which reduces your upfront investment.

We wrote this buyer’s guide to help you better understand this market and research the solutions that can fit your needs.

Here's what we'll cover in this guide:

What Is Online Project Management Software?
A Comparison of Top Online Project Management Solutions
What Type of Buyer Are You?
Important Considerations

What Is Online Project Management Software?

Online project management systems track and manage the lifespan of a project, offering functionality for everything from planning to defining a budget to assigning individual tasks to team members. By giving each member an up-to-date view of the progress, teams can coordinate and collaborate better to see a project through to completion.

Screenshot of the team management feature in AtTask, an online solution

An online project management tool can be a cost-effective choice for self-employed individuals, small businesses and enterprises alike. And because users can access their platform from anywhere with an Internet connection, it can also be a great tool to connect teams that are located in different parts of the world.

Since online project management software is built to be delivered over the Web, it has a modern look and feel that can often provide a superior user experience (UX). And because it is built in the cloud, vendors are able to maintain, host and update it for you. This reduces the need for dedicated IT staff to manage your company’s software infrastructure. It also makes it easier to keep your company running on the most recent version, since vendors roll out updates to customers automatically.


A Comparison of Top Online Project Management Solutions

There are many popular Online Project Management solutions on the market, and it can be hard to understand what distinguishes one product from another and which is right for you. To help you better understand how the top Online Project Management systems stack up against one another, we created a series of side-by-side product comparison pages that break down the details of what each solution offers in terms of pricing, applications, ease of use, support and more:

Top Pivotal Tracker Comparisons Top Basecamp Comparisons Top Evernote Comparisons
Pivotal Tracker vs. Jjira
Pivotal Tracker vs. Trello
Evernote vs. Basecamp
Slack vs. Basecamp
Evernote vs. Basecamp
Slack vs. Evernote
Trello vs. Evernote
Top Trello Comparisons Top Slack Comparisons  
Pivotal Tracker vs. Trello
Trello vs. Evernote
Trello vs. Slack
Slack vs. Basecamp
Slack vs. Evernote
Trello vs. Slack

What Type of Buyer Are You?

There are many types of project management tools, and it’s important to select a system that fits your needs. Here are a few special scenarios that will require extra attention when selecting a new system:

Small businesses. Most small businesses we speak with are looking for collaboration features, task management, project scheduling and document-sharing capabilities. This allows small businesses to keep up-to-date with the current state of the project and with tasks that are assigned to team members.

Departmental buyers. Some companies purchase software to manage projects for a specific department. For instance, design teams may require a system that allows for easy collaboration on projects and lets team members share and comment on design mockups. Meanwhile, IT departments may require features that support a specific development methodology, such as agile development. If you are buying for an individual department, make sure your software supports that department’s workflow.

Screenshot of a burn down chart for agile software development in Clarizen

Industry-specific buyers. A few industries have very specific project management needs. Construction project managers, for instance, need to be able to review blueprints, track job costs and allocate inventory within a single system. As a result, they need highly specialized software. Other industries that have unique project needs include complex custom manufacturing and software development firms. If you fit into this buyer type, make sure to find a vendor that supports your industry-specific requirements.

Important Considerations

When evaluating these systems, you should keep the following considerations in mind:

Mobile applications. If your project managers spend a lot of time out in the field, you may want to consider vendors who support a mobile application. This will allow project managers to log issues, track project progress and access important documents while outside the office. Some vendors offer an app built to run natively on your iPhone, iPad or Android device, while others simply provide a mobile version of their Web application. Make sure you take your mobile needs into account before selecting a vendor.

Relatedly, if you're looking for a product designed to run optimally with a Mac operating system, we've profiled PM solutions for Mac here.

Social activity stream support. Several vendors now incorporate activity streams—which look similar to a Facebook news feed—into their software, so that team members can report on and discuss progress. Team members can quickly attach approval documents, expense sheets or any other document to a comment. If you think this type of social collaboration would help your team better execute projects, ask vendors if they support activity streams.

Integration options. Many companies will want to integrate their project management system with existing business applications. For instance, integrating your project management system with your accounting application will allow you to send project expense reports and other financial data directly to accounting to make billing, invoicing and financial management of the project more fluid. If you want to connect your project management system with existing applications, be sure to check with the vendor to see what integrations they currently support, as building your own integrations can be time-consuming and difficult.