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With a focus on donor management and donor loyalty, Bloomerang offers growing nonprofits a sleek, user-friendly solution built on the latest technologies that will help improve donor retention rate and increase overall revenue....Read more

4.67 (1094 reviews)

13 recommendations


Simplify your work and maximize your impact with EveryAction. By combining fundraising, digital, and organizing tools in one powerful platform, you'll eliminate data silos and easily run automated omni-channel campaigns. With best...Read more

4.61 (98 reviews)

8 recommendations


Exceed Beyond is a cloud-based fundraising management solution that helps non-profit organizations manage operations like fundraising, donor and contact management, event planning, volunteer coordination and reporting. The Ex...Read more

4.28 (74 reviews)

8 recommendations


WizeHive is a flexible, cloud-based platform designed improve the collection, review, and management of applications for grants, scholarships and other mission-driven programs. The system offers tailored workflows, reporting dashb...Read more

4.78 (114 reviews)

6 recommendations



Submittable powers you with tools to launch, measure, and grow your social impact programs, locally and globally. From grants and scholarships to awards and CSR programs, we partner with you so you can start making a difference, f...Read more

4.82 (99 reviews)

6 recommendations



Optimy is a cloud-based project management solution specializing in sponsor and partner management for numerous industries such as corporations, corporate foundations, philanthropic advisors, and mission drive organizations. Some ...Read more

4.58 (24 reviews)

6 recommendations

Grant Lifecycle Manager

Grant Lifecycle Manager is a cloud-based grant management software solution that caters to the needs of various industries such as corporate foundations, public charities, philanthropic advisors and more. Key features include onli...Read more

4.86 (37 reviews)

5 recommendations


Fluxx Grantmaker

Fluxx Grantmaker is a cloud-based grant management solution. It caters to small, midsize, and large nonprofit agencies, government agencies, and corporations. Primary features include grant and application management, budget and f...Read more

4.47 (30 reviews)

4 recommendations


Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT

For nonprofits and government entities seeking a powerful, user-friendly financial system, industry leader Blackbaud offers Financial Edge NXT, a scalable, intuitive solution that manages funds, grants, HR, projects and more....Read more

4.25 (155 reviews)

3 recommendations

Sage Intacct

Sage Intacct is a provider of cloud-based financial management and accounting software. Sage Intacct's software solution is suitable for small to midsize accounting firms and can provide financial reporting and operational insight...Read more

4.16 (310 reviews)

2 recommendations



MemberClicks offers a configurable, cloud-based software solution to small associations and member-based organizations. The system can stand alone as a membership website and social community or integrate with an existing website...Read more

Little Green Light

For schools and small nonprofits seeking a powerful constituent relationship management system that's also flexible and very user-friendly, Little Green Light offers a web-based, streamlined solution that is really affordable....Read more


SurveyMonkey Apply

SurveyMonkey Apply is an online application management solution that helps non-profits and foundations, education and private sector organizations select candidates for grants, scholarships, sponsorships and other programs. A...Read more



Award More. Work Less. Smarter Select is an online application management system designed to help businesses build and share application forms with their respondents. It offers tools to create and share online forms and collect, ...Read more



eCivis is a cloud-based nonprofit software designed to help organizations centralize and manage grant management and fund activities of tribal, local, and state governments. The solution allows government entities to search for th...Read more


Fluxx Grantseeker

Fluxx Grantseeker is a cloud-based grant management tool for discovering, tracking, and organizing new funding opportunities. This solution is designed to help non-profit teams of all sizes gain insights and increase collaboration...Read more


Eleo is a cloud-based donor management solution designed to help nonprofits build donor databases, manage donor interactions, track fundings, plan events and more. The donor database and contact management features help users...Read more


Sumac is powerful, customizable software designed specifically for nonprofits. It offers a complete solution for Donor Management, Fundraising, Case Management, Membership Management, and Volunteers. Choose the Add-ons you need to...Read more



GrantHub is a cloud-based grant management solution designed for nonprofit organizations. Primary features include grant opportunity management, pipeline management, task and deadline management, proposal creation and reporting. ...Read more

4.71 (62 reviews)

PriceDemo is an online form and submission management solution that is designed for corporations, educational institutes, government agencies, TV productions and engineering businesses. It lets staff members track applications, a...Read more

4.76 (50 reviews)



OpenWater is a cloud-based solution that helps users manage the entire lifecycle of grant programs from registration to submission of various types of grants by reaching out to potential grantees. Key features include outcomes mea...Read more

4.73 (44 reviews)


Evalato helps you run effective awards programs and grow your community. It’s the go-to solution for award managers, event planners, grant makers and any professional who organizes awards, competitions and other programs. Evalato...Read more

5.00 (24 reviews)


SmartSimple Cloud for Grants Management

SmartSimple CLOUD is a cloud-based platform trusted by foundations of all sizes, Fortune 500 companies, and governments to create greater efficiencies in their funding processes and enrich their impact story. Key features include ...Read more

4.43 (23 reviews)


Good Done Great's Web-based platform offers corporations and philanthropic organizations a complete suite of tools to manage grant tracking and workplace giving and volunteering campaigns, including an online employee portal....Read more

3.68 (19 reviews)


Electronic Form Solutions

Electronic Form Solutions is a cloud-based scholarship management solution that helps organizations handle application processes for various scholarships and grants. The platform allows administrators to create custom forms and fi...Read more

4.79 (19 reviews)



Zealous offers you the ability to launch, analyse and grow the impact of your project with a few clicks, all from one visually striking platform. Whether you’re running awards, grants, residencies, exhibitions or any project that...Read more

4.89 (19 reviews)



Reviewr is a cloud-based scholarship management solution, which helps businesses, associations and educational institutions review and collect submissions for grants, awards, contests and fellowships. The platform supports media ...Read more

4.82 (17 reviews)



ZoomGrants provides an online grant management system that simplifies the process of managing programs. The process of receiving and reviewing applications, collaboration, reporting, and receiving documents from applicants is both...Read more

4.21 (14 reviews)



ProposalCentral is a grant management solution designed to help funding organizations and research institutions process applications and allocate funds. Businesses can automatically schedule payments and generate performance repor...Read more

4.17 (12 reviews)


AmpliFund is a web-based grant management software designed to help education, healthcare, government and non-profit organizations handle recipients and subrecipients, streamline administrative tasks and maintain compliance with r...Read more

3.80 (10 reviews)



Selflessly helps HR leaders develop a purpose-driven culture through giving and volunteering programs. It can help increase employee engagement and retention by tracking, coordinating, and celebrating philanthropy. Selflessly is ...Read more

4.60 (10 reviews)

Grant Holster

Grant management solution that helps organizations manage deadlines, view clients and track funders on a unified portal. Use the Grant Vault to keep all the information you need like program needs, budgets, staff and more! Run a...Read more

4.50 (8 reviews)


Good Grants

Good Grants is a cloud-based grant management solution designed to help organizers handle corporate giving, funding and other scholarship programs. It enables businesses to streamline operations related to funding requests, budget...Read more

4.57 (7 reviews)


Grants United

CommunityForce, Inc. is a global technology company that offers a full range of service modules including scholarship management and grants management to manage the business operations of philanthropic organizations, educational i...Read more

4.43 (7 reviews)


Blackbaud Grantmaking

Blackbaud Grantmaking is a cloud-based solution designed to help organizations streamline the entire grant management lifecycle, from accepting and reviewing applications to processing payments after the final selection. Organizer...Read more

3.67 (6 reviews)


Untap Compete

Untap Compete is a submission management system used to streamline collecting and reviewing applications for competitions, grants, scholarship programs, online hackathons, innovation challenges and other calls for applications. It...Read more

5.00 (5 reviews)


RQ Awards

RQ Awards is a nonprofit software that helps businesses manage the collection of applications, nominations, or any type of form submission, followed by a review and post-awardee process. The platform helps teams grow awareness abo...Read more

4.80 (5 reviews)

GMS Accounting and Financial Management Reporting System

GMS Non-Profit Accounting provides an advanced and complete fund accounting package for non-profits and public organizations. Alongside core account applications, GMS offers add-ons to manage payroll, reporting, and inventory. ...Read more

5.00 (4 reviews)



CyberGrants is a cloud-based non-profit and grant management solution. It offers features such as automatically checking tax IDs, scanning data against watch lists, integrating with accounts payable systems, automating reporting t...Read more

5.00 (4 reviews)


Foundation Grant Management

Systems for Good offers a cloud-based grant management platform for non-profit organizations, built on Salesforce. It provides tools and functionalities for managing proposals and reports, keeping track of tasks and deadlines and ...Read more

4.25 (4 reviews)



AIMS is a grant-making solution that helps organizations award and monitor their grants more efficiently. Automate end-to-end processes to make them faster and more effective and capture greater evidence of the impact for reportin...Read more

4.25 (4 reviews)



NonProfit+ is a cloud-based accounting solution designed specifically for nonprofits of all sizes and offers modules and suites for fund and grant accounting, financial management, and procurement management. With its modular desi...Read more

5.00 (3 reviews)

OmniStar Grants

Reduce administrative overheads, boost impact and stay focused on your mission with OmniGrants (formerly OmniStar Grants). OmniGrants is a fully managed Software-as-a-Service grants management platform that provides end-to-en...Read more

5.00 (1 reviews)



WebGrants is a full lifecycle grants management system. It is a web-based system that allows grantmakers to post opportunities online. Prospective applicants can register with the system then view the posted opportunities. The app...Read more

0.00 (1 reviews)



Selecteev is a calls for applications management system to manage selections from a few candidates to several thousands. Any company or administration looking at selecting candidates for a specific program or even can quickly ge...Read more

5.00 (1 reviews)



GO Smart is a cloud-based grant management solution that helps nonprofit organizations manage grant submissions, panel adjudication, interim and final reporting, data reports and more. GO Smart allows users to move applicants...Read more

No reviews yet


Funding Plus

CM Inc.’s Funding Management Plus is a web-based and integrated application that simplifies and streamlines the administration of the funds and grants process. The software provides prioritization and ranking of fund distribution ...Read more

No reviews yet


Goodera Impact

Goodera Impact is a cloud-based grant management solution that enables government organizations and businesses to gauge the impact of corporate citizenship initiatives. Professionals can utilize the platform to set up custom workf...Read more

No reviews yet



Tactiv are the creators of the Enquire Grant, Contract and Impact Reporting Software solution. Enquire is purpose-built grant management software used by large and small organisations in government, NFP and philanthropic sectors. ...Read more

No reviews yet



With a focus on next generation IT solutions, REI believes that Government can better serve the public through innovative technology solutions and emerging delivery methodologies. That’s why we specialize in application modernizat...Read more

No reviews yet


Instrumentl is a web-based grant management solution that helps nonprofit organizations handle grants, projects and donors via a unified platform. The centralized dashboard enables employees to manage upcoming and historical grant...Read more

No reviews yet


Spectrum NXT

Spectrum NXT is a configurable cloud-based donor portal designed for non-profit organizations of all sizes. It allows users and external constituents to apply for and recommend grants and scholarships. Built-in capabilities enable...Read more

No reviews yet