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isolved is the most-trusted HCM technology leader, providing the best combination of software and services to meet the needs of today’s People Heroes – HR, payroll, and benefits professionals. From talent acquisition to workforce ...Read more about isolved

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TestGorilla is a human resource (HR) management software designed to help businesses improve hiring processes by conducting pre-employment tests for potential candidates. Professionals can create personalized assessments by adding...Read more about TestGorilla

4.2 (238 reviews)

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WizeHire is an award-winning top recruiting software for hiring agencies, growing businesses, and enterprises. Post job ads to 100+ job boards with one click. We offer an advanced applicant tracking system, a centralized dashboard...Read more about Wizehire

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Mitratech’s TalentReef platform enables hiring managers to focus on business operations and customers while decreasing time-to-hire. Today's candidates want a fast, intuitive way to find jobs and apply. We go beyond simple job bo...Read more about TalentReef

3.5 (85 reviews)

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Workwolf® is your ultimate hiring partner, dedicated to helping you build high-performing teams that drive profits and ensure peace of mind. Say goodbye to hiring headaches and wasted time on the wrong candidates. Workwolf's innov...Read more about Workwolf

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Prevue Assessments

Prevue HR is a leading publisher and supplier of software tools that help organizations make data-driven hiring decisions. For over 30 years, Prevue HR has been evolving the workforce with science-backed assessment that enable HR ...Read more about Prevue Assessments

4.4 (54 reviews)

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Canditech is a cloud-based assessment solution that helps human resources (HR) professionals manage online tests, video interviews, candidate review, cheating attempts, reporting and more. The platform offers various features such...Read more about Canditech

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Glider AI Talent Quality Platform, 2021 SIA winner for most innovative HR technology, provides hiring solutions including pre-hiring assessments, skill tests, coding/video interviews, one-way interviews, candidate screening chatbo...Read more about Glider

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From new startups to established enterprises, McQuaig helps companies searching for a comprehensive talent solution that improves hiring accuracy while also providing targeted development options. Using scientifically validated as...Read more about McQuaig

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The eSkill Talent Assessment Platform includes pre-employment tests and behavioral assessments that HR managers can use to evaluate JobFit in applicants so they can make hiring decisions with confidence and decrease attrition. eSk...Read more about eSkill

Wonderlic Select

Backed by extensive scientific I/O research, Wonderlic Select analyzes three crucial components of a candidate: cognitive ability, personality, and motivation. Using this data, the platform ensures that businesses are hiring the m...Read more about Wonderlic Select


Manatal is the next-generation recruitment software designed for recruiting agencies and in-house HR departments across industries. Cloud-based and built with the latest technologies, it is designed to streamline recruitment proce...Read more about Manatal


Hireology brings everything you need to recruit and hire quality talent fast into one intuitive platform that is designed with your unique industry in mind. The platform is built for small and midsize businesses in industries suc...Read more about Hireology


Better talent begins with better insights. Upgrade your workforce with a 360-degree platform focused on improving your talent acquisition outcomes. Access tools that empower you to identify best-fit talent through candidate asses...Read more about Criteria

The Hire Talent

Using too many apps and programs to manage candidates and job postings gets old fast. Rapid Recruit is a single hub for collecting and managing all candidates, managing job board presence, and networking with your hiring team. R...Read more about The Hire Talent


TestDome is a cloud-based automated skill testing solution designed to help businesses of all sizes screen candidates and manage the recruitment process for programmers and IT professionals. A pre-employment skill-testing platfor...Read more about TestDome


Did you know that bad hires can result in a 32% drop in employee morale and a 36% drop in productivity? They can also cost up to 25% of your employee's first-year salary. Don't risk your company's growth and integrity by making ba...Read more about EmployTest

Deluxe Payroll and HR

Deluxe's online payroll solution provides your business with comprehensive, full-service payroll and HR solutions with dedicated customer service. ...Read more about Deluxe Payroll and HR


CareerPlug provides recruiting and HR software solution that includes applicant tracking and paperless onboarding. With the tools to attract and evaluate candidates, hiring managers are able to make their process more consistent t...Read more about CareerPlug

HR Avatar

HR Avatar tests help busy managers hire people who perform better, get along with the team, and stay in the job. 200+ tests for the most popular jobs. Whole-person approach provides a detailed report of cognitive abilities, knowle...Read more about HR Avatar

Buyers Guide

Last Updated: March 16, 2023

Hiring is a vital part of every growing business, and companies need to hire the best people. Each bad hire results in a huge loss—as much as $15,000.

As we see in the report, "How to Hire The Right Person, Not the Best Person," finding someone who's a good fit requires looking beyond what's on the resume to assess the complete package. That includes learning about a candidate's communication style and finding out whether their values align with your own, as well as assessing their skills. It's a time-consuming process, but that's where technology can help out.

Pre-employment assessments, which eliminate unqualified candidates in the early stages, save businesses money, time and effort, letting them focus on fewer eligible candidates who closely fit the bill.

In this Buyer's Guide, we'll talk about the features and benefits of pre-employment assessment tools that could help you find the right candidates in the most efficient way.

Here's what we'll cover:

What Are Pre-Employment Assessment Tools?

Common Features of Pre-Employment Assessment Tools

What Type of Buyer Are You?

Benefits and Potential Issues

What Are Pre-Employment Assessment Tools?

Pre-employment assessment tools can screen potential candidates for a number of factors—their current skills, ability to execute tasks, potential for growth, suitability to your work environment or office culture, willingness to collaborate with team members and more. In other words, these tools help HR staff determine whether an applicant would make a good candidate, or not.

These tools help human resources (HR) departments save a lot of money on hiring. According to SHRM, the average cost to hire one person is over $4,000. The ROI of that investment is higher the longer an employee stays in the company. But, if employees quit within the first year, you get low, or sometime, negative ROI. Limited time, staff and budget means that small businesses should turn to hiring tools to gain every advantage they can.

To target the most qualified candidates without spending a lot more time and money on hiring, small businesses need to seek out tools they can use to create accurate and job-appropriate tests that can accurately test candidate skills. The tools should also be compliant with current labor laws, offer real-time results and be easy to use and deploy.

Common Features of Pre-Employment Assessment Tools

Pre-employment assessment tools have features similar to those of applicant tracking software (ATS), recruiting and interviewing software. Below are some of this category's unique features:

Aptitude and skill testing

Conduct scenario-based tests to assess candidate knowledge and capabilities. Learn about their preferences, leadership abilities, willingness to collaborate, communication skills and other strengths. Use standard aptitude tests or customize tests based on the role, your industry etc. Tests can be subjective (e.g., essays) or objective (e.g., multiple choice questions).

Candidate assessment and comparison

Rank candidates based on their skills test results and factors such as communication skills and relevant experience to see who should progress to the next round. Interviewers can add notes and observations to help other stakeholders make the final decision.

Candidate management

Track a candidate's progress and view their profile. Categorize candidates based on open roles, skills (for current and future job openings), whether they were referred by employees and more.

Customizable tests/authoring

Adjust tests according to your company culture, specific roles and skill sets. (For example, aptitude tests for creative roles are different from those for engineering roles.) These tools also allow you to create your own tests if the existing templates don't meet your requirements.

Real-time reporting

Generate standardized reports for all stakeholders in the hiring process as soon as a candidate completes a test and is rated. Share these reports with relevant stakeholders to facilitate discussions on whether to hire a candidate or not.


Candidate assessment in Berke (Source)

What Type of Buyer Are You?

The most common users of pre-employment assessment tools are HR managers and recruiters, both in-house as well as third-party recruiters and consultants. Here's a more detailed look into each buyer type and the most important features for each category:

HR managers. These buyers will seek to add their own branding, as these tests are a way to showcase the company culture and values. Therefore, customized tests and authoring functionalities will be a must. These users also need candidate workflow management functionality that allows every stakeholder to rate and review candidates.

It's also advantageous to choose a platform that integrates with existing HR, ATS or recruiting software for easy pre- and post-hiring processes. These integrations allow users to import candidate data to their HR systems more easily after hiring. And, if they're not selected, their resumes and results can be saved for future consideration in an ATS.

Recruiters. Users in this category need pre-employment assessment tools that are candidate-centric. As they source candidates from various channels for various roles and even companies (in case of third-party recruiters), tests can be standardized, to an extent, for similar roles. The candidate comparison feature will help these users determine how closely a candidate fits with a particular company's culture.

In addition, real-time reporting will help them notify their clients about candidate performance and their progress in hiring for specific roles. The reports can include information such as profiles of candidates applying for a certain role, average years of experience, median age and other details.


eSkill's edit test capability (Source)

Benefits and Potential Issues

Here, we'll take a look at the benefits, as well as potential issues, of using pre-employment assessment tools in your hiring process.


  • More streamlined assessment of candidates: We recommend a three-stage solution to ease hiring woes, and using pre-employment assessment tools comes in the first stage. These tools make what can be a tedious process easier to handle for all stakeholders.

  • Faster hiring process: With the tool assessing and ranking candidates on their suitability to your company, you increase your chances of make the right hiring choice more often.

  • Quicker onboarding of candidates: Shortlisted candidates won't have to wait until their joining day to train or finish their paperwork. Pre-employment assessment tools that integrate with your onboarding software shorten the post-hiring period as well. Add new hires automatically to the onboarding or HR system after they pass the pre-employment assessment and recruiting processes.

Potential Issues

  • Additional costs. Adding another tool means additional expense for small businesses. It takes time and effort to search for and test software from different vendors to make sure you're finding the right one, which brings us to the second issue below.

  • Trials and demos: Some vendors require signing contracts, or they offer paid trials, which may not be feasible for small businesses. Be sure to ask vendors about free trials, which give you hands-on experience with a tool before you buy, and can lead to a more successful implementation, which will save money in the long run.

Despite these concerns, treat pre-employment assessment tools as an investment. Making pre-employment assessments an essential part of hiring is one way to drive growth. While this buyer's guide and the list of top tools in the market above should give you a good overview of the market, you can always call our advisers for a free consultation about your needs and concerns.