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Recruiting over 2,000 active users in just three short years, ShopKeep POS is a comprehensive iPad Point of Sale solution that is flexible enough to meet the needs of a variety of retailers. ShopKeep POS combines a user-friendly iPad based 'register' with sales, inventory, customer tracking, and account management capabilities from a cloud-based BackOffice to be the smart small business solution.

ShopKeep POS can be up and running in minutes. Its intuitive interface lets users quickly complete cash and credit transactions, control inventory, track pricing, and easily review sales numbers. The iPad stores all transaction information so that business can continue uninterrupted if the Internet goes down. Any data collected  is stored in real-time and automatically syncs as soon as the connection is restored.

We like ShopKeep POS because it is affordable, even for smaller retailers. For a flat fee each month, with no hidden costs, ShopKeep POS offers unlimited support and access to a steady stream of updates and feature improvements. We also love the sleek, iPad-based UI. Retailers get to test the full service during the first month for free.

Winner of the 2011 Best of Best Award from the Retail Solutions Providers Association, ShopKeep POS is proving to be a fast - rising competitor in the point of sale market. Its simple, but well thought out design is a great option for everyone from specialty retailers and service providers to coffee shops, boutiques, and more.


Supported Operating System(s):
Web browser (OS agnostic), Mac OS

1 Review of ShopKeep POS


from Oneills pools
Specialty: Other specialty retailer
Size of portfolio: 6 to 10 users Portfolio size: 6 to 10 users

ShopKeep works well for our pool store


It works well and is intuitive. Just make sure you press and get updates when you make a change in back office; sometimes, I forget.


It meets all my needs. The time clock is so easy compared to others I have used.

Product Quality

It's an iPad with software that is always improving.

Customer Support

Winning support, because they answer my questions fast.

Likes Best

ShopKeep does customer questions and concerns really well. The initial setup is easy and very informative.

Likes Least

ShopKeep could have a little more detailed FAQ section. I ran into a problem where I could not access my keyboard on the iPad when the scanner was turned on. After one call and a transfer to tech support, I found out to turn off the scanner. With that being said, I did look in their FAQ for my issue, and it was not there.


Go for it. It has a very easy-to-use interface. Customers respond well to the design and look of the shopkeep system.

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