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Applications Systems Corporation developed Craftsman to be a jeweler's complete software solution, providing the tools to cover all aspects of their business. They have been serving clients in the industry for over 30 years and boast a very active user group. Craftsman offers Point of Sale, inventory management, Customer Relationship Management and retail accounting.

Craftsman streamlines the sales process, starting with the Point of Sale transaction. Customer data is saved, reorders are automated and inventory is closely monitored. Retailers can use metrics to make better informed decisions about product inventory, price points, and vendors, with the ability to customize to a specific store. Craftsman is deployed on-premise and specializes in multi-store and high transaction volume, so it's are a great fit for larger independent jewelers or those with multiple locations.

You can customize information recorded at the Point of Sale, enabling you to better recognize a demand and utilize your sales floor tool. Craftsman operates on the Microsoft Windows server system and uses an SQL database, adding convenience and usability. Remote locations are still connected to the main server, ensuring access to information in real-time.

ASC’s Craftsman delivers robust functionality with over 500 different setup options to meet each jeweler’s unique needs. Craftsman is a user-friendly and all-encompassing solution that will grow with your jewelry business.

Supported Operating System(s):
Windows 8

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  • Richard from Wilson Diamonds Inc

    Specialty: Jewelry

    October 2014

    Not for those without a dedicated IT department


    It's a no-nonsense, comprehensive program for running a large jewelry store or several. They don't waste time looking pretty. Screens are consistent for searches and inputs. It uses a SQL data base, so the data in files is accessible outside of the program.


    It's very expensive to change anything. The team is unresponsive after the initial honeymoon period.

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