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InfoCentral’s point of sale solution, InfoPOS provides a server-based solution designed to help owners and employees of multiple stores take control of their omnichannel retail operations from a central location. InfoPOS integrates with Sage to offer an enterprise-level retail solution. The integration delivers a software system that allows retailers manage all facets of their operation including ERP, accounting, and inventory Control and the core retail requirements like stock control, customer management, promotions, marketing, and reporting.

InfoPOS delivers a touchscreen user interface that allows users to choose icons, fast keys, and groups. The program also allows companies to issue gift cards with real-time balance notifications and security PINs. The eCommerce product enables retailers to run an online store in tandem with their brick-and-mortar stores and utilizing all the features found in their POS, including promotions, account payments, customer-specific pricing, online customer registrations, and adjustable options for carts. The application allows Sage retailers to create and manage complex promotions and discounts.

Supported Operating System(s):
Web browser (OS agnostic) , Windows 8 , Windows 10

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  • Kenatu from TPDCo

    Specialty: Other specialty retailer

    Number of employees: 2-10 employees

    December 2016

    Great but Pricey

    Value for Money

    InfoPOS works great. It is easy to use and the hardware that it recommends for best use is awesome; ergonomic and user-friendly. The mobile units are a must have if you sell tours (tickets) or doing you own little restaurant or bistro. I love the functionality of the restaurant module. We have an attraction that sells tours and also has a restaurant. We are able to manage all our cost/profit centers easily and it plugs right into SAGE. We use the ERP300. Very intuitive to use and the menu is clean and clear. I just love the layout.


    Easy to use
    Cost/Profit centers are easily distinguished and managed.
    Plugs into SAGE directly
    Hardware partner has some boss devices


    Every module that you think would be standard is separately licensed - like the back office.

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