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KeyMedical Software offers electronic medical records (EMR), practice management, and e-prescribing software for ophthalmology practices with one to ten providers. KeyMedical supports over 1,000 users in 28 states. They recently received ONC-ATCB certification and 2011 CCHIT certification for version 4.0 of their KeyChart EMR. ONC-ATCB certification is required for any provider wanting to receive Medicare and Medicaid incentives outlined in the HITECH Act, part of the 2009 Stimulus Bill.

KeyChart EMR has capabilities developed specifically for ophthalomology practices. For example, KeyChart can recommend eye codes and E&M codes based on documentation taken during an exam. This helps offices reduce the chance of under-coding a patient visit. KeyChart EMR helps physicians speed-up and automate many of their routine clinical tasks such as prescription refills, referral letters, and medical coding. Meanwhile, KeyMed Practice Management Software helps physicians streamline many of their administrative office activities including electronic claims submission and insurance verification.

KeyChart offers both a Software as a Service (SaaS) or cloud system for practices that do not want a server in their offices as well as an on-premise system for those practices that prefer to have their server in their offices. Both systems can be accessed remotely. They use Microsoft SQL database, OLAP, Word, and Excel.


KeyChart EHR - All in one with glance items
  • KeyChart EHR - All in one with glance items
    All in one with glance items
  • KeyChart EHR - Appointments
  • KeyChart EHR - Retina and Periphery
    Retina and Periphery
  • KeyChart EHR - Retina Drawing
    Retina Drawing
  • KeyChart EHR - Insurance Collections by BCBS and Aging
    Insurance Collections by BCBS and Aging
  • KeyChart EHR - Glaucoma Report
    Glaucoma Report
Supported Operating System(s):
Windows XP, Windows Vista

1 Review of KeyChart EHR


from James S. Linder, MD, PC
Specialty: Ophthalmology
Size of portfolio: Single user Portfolio size: Single user

Key Medical Review


Moderate amount of clicking but generates a reasonable report.


We are a small practice, and this system meets our needs. Not as robust as others but functional and reasonably simple.

Product Quality

Good quality program and good tech/phone support. So far, no updates.

Customer Support

They answer the phone in the US. They will get back to you soon if they can't help you right away.

Likes Best

Billing module is user-friendly.

Likes Least

EMR is not as robust as others. Not so user-friendly with PQRS.


Need to spend time navigating around to see if fits needs.

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