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Developed over 10 years in a live clinic using the direct input of a multi-specialty staff of physicians, PineBelt EHR is an on-premise Electronic Health Records solution that provides a variety of key features designed to improve the organization of a practice, with the ultimate goal of improving overall patient care.

PineBelt EHR supports multiple methods of note-taking, including directly typed notes, templates, auto-dictation, transcription, and remote scribes that enter notes and perform a limited set of actions in real-time with the physician working remotely.

The system has an extremely low learning curve, and most practices develop a basic understanding of the system's functionality within the first few hours, and show proficiency within a matter of weeks, not months. Because of the intuitive design, doctors are often able to see a full patient load within about a day of first implementing PineBelt EHR. To ensure that all members of a practice are working together, PineBelt EHR also provides a built-in internal messaging system, so that doctors and office staff alike can communicate privately and securely, without interrupting valuable time with patients.

The Face Sheet centralizes all critical patient information within a single space, including Problem List, Social History, Drug List and History, and Family History. The formatting of the notes is designed to mimic the look and feel of an original paper chart, providing an easy way for doctors to adjust to the new electronic note-taking methods. We recommend PineBelt EHR to practices of all sizes in a variety of specialties, including Podiatry, Dermatology, and Mental Health.


PineBelt EHR - Chart demographics and drug history
  • PineBelt EHR - Chart demographics and drug history
    Chart demographics and drug history
  • PineBelt EHR - Customizable chart views
    Customizable chart views
  • PineBelt EHR - Customizable schedule views
    Customizable schedule views
  • PineBelt EHR - Demo working encounter
    Demo working encounter
  • PineBelt EHR - Lab results and history view
    Lab results and history view
  • PineBelt EHR - PineBelt EHR on Windows 8 surface pro
    PineBelt EHR on Windows 8 surface pro
Supported Operating System(s):
Windows 8

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