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Call us for a free FastStart Consultation: (844) 686-5616

Call us for a free FastStart Consultation: (844) 686-5616

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by Gaby Loria,
Market Research Associate
Last Updated: June 15, 2016

What Is Ophthalmology Software?

In addition to generic features like E&M coding advice, e-prescribing, document scanning/imaging and clinical reminders, the top electronic medical record (EMR)/electronic health record (EHR) systems for ophthalmologists and optometrists will have specialized exam templates that automatically populate patient information and provide a reliable and efficient way to document patient encounters. These programs also integrate with diagnostics systems, and some include a point of sale (POS) system for the sale of glasses and contact lenses.

Common Features of Ophthalmology Software

Eye-care professional workflow management Workflows should be designed to meet the needs of the eye care specialties, taking patient and physician through booking the appointment, visual field examination and other testing, diagnosis, ordering of corrective lenses and follow-up visit reminders.
Ophthalmology and/or optometry templates Specialty EMRs have SOAP notes templates specifically designed for a particular kind of medical practice. An optometry EMR will include templates for eye examinations, blurred or lost vision, ectropion or entropion, lens evaluation, conjunctivitis, corrective laser procedures, ocular surgeries, corneal conditions and many more.
Detailed eye graphics Dozens of diagrams in the software allow the physician to graphically document ocular occlusions or other problems.
Vision testing device integration Integrate your practice’s autorefractor, keratometer, autorefractor and other devices, populating the workflow template instantly and supporting diagnosis.
Prescription & coding assistance By integrating the devices and the results into the software, the EMR can recommend prescriptions and ICD-9/CPT codes, reducing the chances of undercoding or underprescribing diagnoses, lenses or other treatments.
Point of sale system One of the things that separates optometrists and many ophthalmologists from other medical specialties is the associated retail sales. Most optometry and ophthalmology EMRs offer a point of sale (POS) system, expediting the sale and inventory management of glasses and contact lenses.


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