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PatientTrac EMR is a comprehensive Electronic Medical Records and Practice Management system created for professionals in the mental health industry, particularly psychiatric practices, substance abuse facilities, nursing homes, psychiatric hospitals, or inpatient units and institutions.

The system is highly customizable, and can be programmed to include specific medical vocabulary and industry-specific terms. Notes in the EMR flow naturally, and psychiatric rating scales and tests can be easily added to a patient profile. Each patient profile can be viewed as a read-only document, and provides a patient picture within the software, making it easier for physicians and office staff to keep track of each individual patient.

As a hosted system, PatientTrac's mobile capabilities offer real-time data replication between computers. Data can be accessed from any desktop or tablet PC, and there is no need for an Internet connection to enter data into the system. PatientTrac can be used from anywhere, whether it's at the office, hospital, or nursing home.

The Practice Management modules are great for multi-provider practices and facilities with multiple locations. Billing is simplified, offering completely automated payment processing, as well as robust billing and invoicing. Vendors can be billed directly, making sure that a practice gets paid quickly and with minimal hassle.

PatientTrac's user-friendly interface and comprehensive database design, paired with its specialized psychiatry components and structured clinical note-taking capabilities, make this system a great choice for psychiatric practices of all sizes, and should be considered by those seeking a robust EMR and Practice Management solution.


Supported Operating System(s):
Windows 8

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