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Established in 2004, ReadySetTM by Axion Health provides a web-based occupational health solution for companies looking to improve their overall employee well-being. By ensuring that all employee health, safety, wellness, and engagement data is accessible in one place, ReadySet makes it easy for organizations to manage important employee data whenever necessary, including medical surveillance, Clinical Visits vaccination programs, drug and alcohol screening, and more.

ReadySet sets itself apart from other OHS solutions in that it was designed by a physician, so that it integrates smoothly with the workflow of each OHS practice. The EHR feature was designed to provide an intuitive interface, and the system integrates easily with existing HR software systems so that employee demographic information can be exchanged efficiently.

The system also comes fully equipped with an employee portal, so that employees can easily update their health information, print records, self-report incidents, and take an active role in the process. This saves administrators time spent collecting employee information, and reduces their overall workload. That way, managers can spend less time with administrative data management, and employees can work directly to update their own information.

Axion Health was named a 2014 winner of the Colorado Company to Watch award, and prides itself on providing web-based software solutions to improve overall employee well-being. They also recently launched their Ebola Exposure Management Module to ensure that all practices using the system will use up-to-date notification surveillance and compliance. We recommend this system to large industry, government, and healthcare Occupational Health organizations looking to streamline operations, reduce administrative work, and provide a better service to the company’s employees.


ReadySet - Employee Portal Log-in
  • ReadySet - Employee Portal Log-in
    Employee Portal Log-in
  • ReadySet - Data/Device Integration Capability
    Data/Device Integration Capability
  • ReadySet - Business Analytics and Reporting
    Business Analytics and Reporting
  • ReadySet - Rich, enterprise level reporting
    Rich, enterprise level reporting
Supported Operating System(s):
Mac OS, Web browser (OS agnostic), Windows 8

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