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For companies looking to streamline and automate time and attendance tracking, LaborVIEW by Acumen Data Systems is a cost-effective, customizable solution. With its versatile functionality, LaborVIEW offers automated workforce management, reducing company paperwork and costly administrative fees. LaborVIEW can be deployed either on-premise or in the cloud.

LaborVIEW suits companies of all sizes. Its ability to track employees in real-time can be utilized in any industry, including accounting, education, professional services organizations, PEOs, nonprofits and more.

The core of LaborVIEW is its ability to automate daily time and attendance processes, allowing administrators to build into the system an unlimited number of pay types, schedules, overtime rules and more. It can support complex pay rules, including union rules. It also offers supervisors a dashboard that updates in real time with employee status, time off requests and recent activity, providing a complete picture in a single glance.

ShiftVIEW, Acumen's intuitive employee scheduling module, allows users to create a default schedule and an unlimited number of standard schedules. From there, administrators can easily manage rotating schedules, preference-based scheduling, demand-based scheduling and more. All of this functionality can be integrated seamlessly with a number of systems: payroll, time clocks, ERP systems, databases and other applications.


LaborVIEW by Acumen - LaborVIEW Dashboard (Time & Attendance)
  • LaborVIEW by Acumen - LaborVIEW Dashboard (Time & Attendance)
    LaborVIEW Dashboard (Time & Attendance)
  • LaborVIEW by Acumen - LaborVIEW Calendar (Time & Attendance)
    LaborVIEW Calendar (Time & Attendance)
  • LaborVIEW by Acumen - LaborVIEW Email Alerts (Time & Attendance)
    LaborVIEW Email Alerts (Time & Attendance)
  • LaborVIEW by Acumen - ShiftVIEW Dashboard (Employee Scheduling)
    ShiftVIEW Dashboard (Employee Scheduling)
  • LaborVIEW by Acumen - ShiftVIEW Resource Utilization (Employee Scheduling)
    ShiftVIEW Resource Utilization (Employee Scheduling)
  • LaborVIEW by Acumen - ShiftVIEW Schedule Edit (Employee Scheduling)
    ShiftVIEW Schedule Edit (Employee Scheduling)
Supported Operating System(s):
Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Mac OS, Web browser (OS agnostic), Windows 2000

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Tom from County of Chemung
Specialty: Public Sector

January 2014

January 2014

Fully Customizable. Our Organization Demands It. Acumen Delivered.



Product Quality

Customer Support

Product Quality
Likes Best

With over 1000 employees in our organization with seven different bargaining units to deal with, we decided to go with Acumen because of their fully customizable software. Unlike most time and attendance systems, Acumen was able to provide us with the exact functionality that we required. Much of it was extremely intense programming such as One-Punch employees, Swap Pay, Show Pay, and Briefing Pay. Their support team is excellent and knows the product completely.

Likes Least

Nothing. Acumen has been more than willing to accommodate our needs.


If you require any code customization from most other time and attendance vendors (Kronos, ADP), good luck with that. Believe me, went down that road before finding Acumen.

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