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BALANCEtrak is a cloud-based application that provides solutions to HR professionals at small to mid-sized companies. The SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solution can be accessed from any location with a secure internet connection. The solution is an applicant tracking and candidate recruiting system with integrated onboarding and competency management. The platform was created around existing hiring processes and streamlines company workflow, saving users time and money.

BALANCEtrak creates automated postings on the top job boards, builds and edits applications, and score and pre-screen potential candidates. Applicants can keep track of job openings with auto-generated requisition numbers. The software manages the approval process and keeps track...

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Mac OS, Web browser (OS agnostic)

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February 2013

Susan from Perdue Farms

Time Used: Free Trial



Customer support




February 2013

We have used BalanceTrak since 2010. We were on a paper application system and manual applicant tracking. The web-based program made implementation quick and easy. We piloted in a few sites before rolling out to the whole company. Implemenation takes about 1 month per site. Most of this work is change management and communication of the new process. We do the training in 1 day. It is very easy to set up customized applications (we have seperate applications for internal and external candidates). It is easy to set up pre-screener forms to weed out job seekers who are not best qualified. HR can do this without involving our IT group or BalanceTrak support. Tech Support is great. They are very responsive and have practical solutions. They are receptive to enhancement suggestions and are constantly adding more functionality. BalanceTrak has increased our applicant flow while decrease the amount of work it takes for recruiters to find the right candidate. We have improved our data accuracy by shifting the data entry to the candidate (people rarely mispell their own names). The subscription based billing made it easy to get in the budget as a service. Many of the other providers would require capital budget approval. I would highly recommend for a cost-effective, simple, easy solution.

June 2018


Verified Reviewer

Industry: Automotive

Time Used: Free Trial

Review Source: GetApp

June 2018