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TimeBison is a cloud-based human resources solution specializing in time and attendance management. It tracks regular and overtime hours as well as paid holidays, sick and vacation days.

TimeBison offers a manager dashboard, where users can approve timesheets, add new employees and adjust other settings. The system also includes an employee self-service feature, allowing workers to request manager approval for sick and vacation days. Overtime hours are automatically tracked in the system.

The software also includes an option to record bonuses and commissions. It supports various payroll periods, so managers can automate when various team members receive checks.

This software solution is suitable for companies with five or more employees, and can be used at multiple office locations. Mobile apps for both Android and iOS are available. TimeBison also offers implementation assistance.


TimeBison - Multiple devices
  • TimeBison - Multiple devices
    Multiple devices
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    Manager dashboard
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    Request leave
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Supported Operating System(s):
Web browser (OS agnostic)

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